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Chapter Nine

Shuichi swung his chair around a smile playing on his lips as he stared at the ceiling. He'd spent the night in Yuki's arms. Nothing else compared to that feeling. He brought a hand up to touch his lips, closing his eyes at the memory of Yuki kissing him, Yuki making love to him. He let a moan escape at the heat of the memory. Tsunade's tea house was going to be a place he was going to cherish forever.

"Why are you smiling?" Teresa asked him.

Shuichi straightened up in his chair and stared at her with a grin. She wasn't so useless. She had great ideas although she loved meddling into his life. He gave a shrug and picked up the book he used for his lyrics.

"I wrote another song." He hadn't been able to stop the flow of words. The moment Yuki had driven them back to the house he'd gotten a pen and got to work. The song he'd written in the past two hours since he'd returned was definitely going into the album.

Teresa took the book and read the first couple of words. Her brow rose in surprise and she nodded in approval. "The rumor is true."

"What rumor?" Shuichi asked with a frown.

"Eiri Yuki is the source of your music," she said quietly.

Shuichi shrugged and swung his chair from side to side. His lyric writing skills were starting to depend on his happiness. Of late, his happiness meant his relationship with Yuki being well. He stopped swinging his chair and looked at Teresa.

"Do you think something is wrong with me?" he asked.

"Why?" Teresa asked her attention focused on the lyrics he'd written.

"I can't write without him."

"There is nothing wrong with you." Teresa glanced up and gave him a small smile. "Other song writers have weird inspirations that would make you cringe."

"Weird?" Shuichi narrowed his gaze. Was she trying to make fun of him because he couldn't write without Yuki?

"For example, I know a guy who won't write in a clean environment. It has to be a messy, wild room for him to get an ounce of inspiration. People are different. Yuki just happens to be the source of your inspiration."

"It never used to be this way." Shuichi frowned with worry. If he and Yuki ended, would his music just stop? He shuddered.

"Don't panic." Teresa pulled up a chair to sit in front of him. "Shuichi, with or without Yuki, you'll always be able to write your music. It's just that-"

"I write better when he's with me." Shuichi completed her thought. He ran a hand through his hair a frown creasing his forehead. His music was important to him. He needed to be great at music, which meant he had to surpass Ryuichi and Nittle Grasper. He couldn't have Yuki interfering with his music.

"Shu-chan," Teresa said taking his right hand and giving it a small squeeze. "Stop worrying. How about we work on laying down this song so we can send it to Hiro and Suguru?"

They had lunch together hours later. Ryuichi, Teresa, Yuki and him. Yuki cooked stir-fry rice, grilled chicken and made a fresh fruit salad.

Shuichi sat beside his lover chewing on his food lazily. Yuki added a piece of chicken to his plate and he beamed. A chuckle brought his head up to find Teresa laughing and Ryuichi scowling at them.

"What?" he demanded of Teresa.

"You two are so cute. Yuki-san, the food is very delicious." Teresa took a healthy bite of her rice. "I'm going to miss being this spoilt."

"He's a good cook." Shuichi couldn't help boasting. He chewed on his chicken and looked at Ryuichi. He choked on his food at the anger in Ryuichi's eyes. Yuki patted his back negligently. He took a sip from his glass of water. Where was all the anger coming from he wondered. What had he done to Ryuichi? They hadn't had a fight.

"Are you alright?" Yuki asked quietly.

"I'm fine." He lied staring into his food. He risked another glance at Ryuichi. The older man smiled at him and he returned it shyly. Had he imagined that look?

"Are you heading back to the studio this afternoon?" Yuki asked.

Shuichi glanced at Terry and when she shook her head, he smiled. "I'm free. We already sent the song we were working on to Suguru and Hiro."

"Maybe we can do something together?" Yuki suggested sipping his coffee. "We can go see a movie."

"Do you mean a date?" Shuichi gaped. He couldn't remember the last time they'd gone out on a date. His heart skipped into overdrive and he resisted the urge to cling to Yuki. "I would love to go out with you."

Yuki directed a frown at him for his enthusiastic response. It felt good to see that familiar scowl on Yuki's face. He'd missed seeing this side of Yuki. He welcomed the scowl in place of the dark anger he'd witnessed with drunken Yuki.

He shuddered slightly from his memories. The days he'd lived in that hotel room still haunted him. He stood up ready to clear the table. Yuki grabbed at his right arm. He turned to look at him. "What is it?"

"Finish your food first. You've barely touched it."

Shuichi glanced at his plate and stared at his plate full of rice. He wasn't very hungry. He put his plate back down on the table and stared at the food. "I'm not hungry."

"Well, then we'll be here all afternoon until you eat." Yuki responded with a matter of fact tone.

Yep, Yuki was back. Shuichi rolled his eyes at him and picked up his chopsticks. He took a bite of his food and glanced up to find Ryuichi watching him with that intense look again.

He caught up with Ryuichi later that evening. The rock star sat in the studio listening to the music he'd written earlier. A frown danced on Ryuichi's forehead as the song ended. He slid into the chair beside Ryuichi and picked up the earphones on the carpet.

"Don't you like it?" Shuichi asked. It was sickening how much he wanted Ryuichi's approval. "Does it need work?"

"It's very good. Better than the song we wrote together." Ryuichi put his earphones down on the carpet and turned to look at him. "What does he have that I don't? I've wanted to ask you that question for a while now. You know I care about you right?"

"What are you saying Ryu?" Shuichi's eyes widened in surprise, he certainly hadn't been expecting this.

"I'm saying I want to take Yuki's place." Ryuichi took his hand and squeezed gently. "I want to be with you."

Shuichi wasn't sure what to say. Before he'd met Yuki, he'd thought about being with Ryuichi. Who wouldn't? He clung to the fingers tangled in his; he stared down at their clasped hands. "Ryu-

"Shuichi," Yuki said from the doorway.

He glanced up guiltily afraid of what Yuki might have heard. It didn't help that Ryuichi refused to let go of his hand. Shuichi stood up his legs a bit shaky. He pulled his hand away from Ryuichi and hurried to Yuki. He took Yuki's arm and pulled him away from the studio.

"What were you talking about with Ryuichi?" Yuki asked.

"Oh, nothing, music," Shuichi said waving his hand. "Did you take your medicine?"

Yuki paused, turning to look back to the studio. "Ryuichi looked upset."

"He's fine." Shuichi urged. "Come on, I think you need to take your medicine. You've forgotten about it."

"You're turning into Mika." Yuki complained as they went up the stairs. "I came down here to see if you're ready for bed."

Shuichi nodded his head spinning with Ryuichi's words. His heart clenched in fear. He pressed a hand to his chest at the thought of losing Ryuichi as a friend. He didn't know if he could bear that.

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