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It was an ordinary day at Yuuki residence, and one particular boy named Yuuki Rito sitting on the sofa while watching TV. While this might be normal for most of the boys around the world, it was a rare for his case because ever since Lala came to his place, his whole life was full of trouble and precious moment as well. Needless to say, this was his best chance to enjoy every second of his peace.

Speaking of the devil, Lala, the deviluke princess, came down from upstairs wearing what it looks like a casual one. She seemed to be in a rush though judging by the sound of her footsteps. It remained to be seen whether it was a good sign or bad sign. Needless to say, Rito decided to look at her.

"Hey Lala, what's on the rush?" Rito asked.

"Oh Rito, I have to go to the Theme Park with Haruna and the others," Lala replied happily.

'Haruna-chan…' Hearing Haruna's name makes Rito began to fantasize. For those who didn't know, Rito had been in loved with Haruna ever since middle school.

"Ano Rito, could you please do me a favor?" Lala asked, stopping Rito's fantasy in process. "Can you record Magical Girl Kyouko for me, please?" Rito nodded his head without a second. "Okay, thank you Rito! I love you,"

"Yeah yeah, I love you too," Rito simply answered.

Moments later, Rito realized what he just said before and Lala stop her movement after what she just heard from the boy. The princess turned around and the looks on her face became serious like princess does, not the usual ditzy and energetic Lala.

"Rito, you just said you loved me. Did you mean it?" Lala asked firmly.

Rito now began to turn his head down, facing the ground while making a blush on his face. He never knew that Lala would ask this kind of thing, although it shouldn't be much of surprise for him too. He didn't know if he truly love Lala or not, but each day they interact to each other, the answer become much clear that he loves Lala. He began to ask himself why he just realized just now. Perhaps it's because of his feelings towards Haruna ever since middle school that was stopping him.

He knows that he must take responsibility for what he said earlier, and he has to be honest with Lala about his feelings. With his head still facing the ground, he stood up from his sofa and facing Lala who is waiting for his answer about earlier.

"H-Hai, I love you Lala," Rito said with a firm tone and you can see his face became red in embarrassment, but it didn't matter now.

Lala let out her most bright smile, and she began to hugs Rito in gentle way. Her arms wrapping down his wrist and she began to whisper on his ears. "Rito, hearing you said that makes me happiest I've ever been. I love you Rito,"

Rito couldn't take it anymore. His hands began to wrap on Lala's neck and he began to kiss her in gentle and passionate way. Her lips were so beautiful that he can take it as much as he wants to. Lala surprised by this but at the same time she was happy that Rito kiss her. She closed her eyes and began to kiss back him. They began to deepen their kiss and they couldn't believe how happy they were now.

The couple didn't realize about the situation they were now as Lala began to forget her appointment with Haruna and the others. Their moment was finally broken when someone drops something on the floor very hard. Rito and Lala looked at the source and saw the angry face of Nana, the blushing Momo, and the shocking face of Mikan.


And Yuuki Rito's life just become more troublesome than before, but one thing for sure, he can share the joy together with his love Lala Satalin Deviluke.

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