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It was another daily life at Yuuki Residence, and Yuuki Rito seem enjoying himself watching TV. For him to be able enjoy this must be a rare sight ever since Lala came to his life. Luckily for today, Lala and her twin sisters alongside Celine had come to their planet to meet their parents for some family business, leaving him and his sister, Yuuki Mikan alone in this house.

While Rito was enjoying himself, all of a sudden he heard something falling from upstairs. Fearing that it could involve his sister, he hurriedly leaves the sofa and went to the scene. Once he got there, he saw Mikan sitting on the ground while rubbing her ankle. Beside her were some clothes that had been washed and a basket.

"Mikan! Are you alright there?" Rito asked worried. He positioned himself to check his sister's condition.

"Umm…I'm alright, but," Mikan replied with low voice. She holds her ankle and judging by her looks, it must be painful for the girl. "I think…I just sprained my ankle here."

"Let me see," Rito check his sister's ankle. "Hmm…it wasn't bad, but I think you shouldn't move for a while."

He began to lift Mikan in bride way and carry her to the living room. Mikan then began to blush lightly by her brother's act. Once they got into living room, he put her into a sofa in gentle way as he don't want to make Mikan's ankle worsen. "Wait here Mikan, I'll get a first-aid kit."

While Rito was searching for the first-aid kit, Mikan couldn't help but smile and blush at the same time. Why? Because she was never been treated like this, well, it was a rare time for her actually. Most of Rito's time fills with Lala's crazy experiment or other girl, namely Haruna. Since then, she always loved to tease him saying that he such a playboy, but deep inside her heart she knows that she missed her interaction with Rito. She clutches her chest and began to wonder whether she should give thanks or not.

Minutes later, Rito came in carrying a first-aid kit. He took out a bandages and antiseptic from the box and began to heal Mikan's ankle. During this moment, Mikan cannot hold herself as she had a blush on her face. Minutes later, Rito finish his first-aid treatment.

"There, this should do the trick," Rito said while wiping his sweat on his forehead.

"A..arigatou, Rito…" Mikan replied in shy mode.

"Nah, it's no big deal. I'm you brother after all, right?" Rito smiled at her. Mikan seeing this and she turned her face around as she don't want to show her blushing face towards his brother. Rito himself began to stand up from his feet and was about to leave the room, when his shirt suddenly being grabbed by Mikan's hand.

"Mikan? What's wrong?" Rito asked concerned.

"Please…don't leave me, onii-chan," Mikan replied in weak tone. Her act makes Rito blushed and surprised as well. His sister was never be this cute before or called him 'onii-chan' like that, unless some circumstances occurred. He try to calm himself down before he approached his sister and hold her shoulders gently.

"D-do you want me to stay here?" Rito asked with a blush on his face. Mikan nodded her head, a sign of yes. "A-alright, if that's what you want, then let's watch TV together."

On this day forward, the brother and sister enjoying themselves watching TV called 'Magical Girl Kyouko'. Of course, Rito is not forgetting about making dinner or clean the house in place of Mikan, but only after he asked his sister first. On the other hand, Mikan couldn't help but smiled seeing his brother treated her nicely like it was a rare sight for her. When the night approaches, Rito began to carry Mikan to upstairs and laying her on her room. He was about to leave the room when Mikan asked him not to, wanting to sleep with her brother. Rito smiled at her and nodded his head saying that he want to get a change first before leaving the room.

And so, Rito and Mikan can be seen sleep together for the first time...umm, sorry, I mean, since childhood. When Rito enjoying his peaceful sleep, Mikan took this opportunity as she began to leaned at him and kissed him on the cheek. It was a simple kiss but for her, it was a caring one. She then whispered something on her brother's ear.

"Onii-chan…thanks you for the medicine. I love you," Mikan said with a smile and began to hug her brother's arm. Unknown to her, Rito was fully awake the entire time as he watched Mikan's act towards him. In reply, he hugged her in gentle way while muttering something on his mouth.

"No problem Mikan. I'm always cared about you," Rito said with a smile. The brother and sister enjoy their sleep hugging each other with a happy face. Who never knew that one simple incident can make this far.

A/N: I enjoy writing this one because for me, they make a good brother and sister.