Chapter One: Life Has To Start Somewhere. Let's Take A Look;

*Mike At The Age Of 4*

A couple dressed in poor clothes stood outside the Toronto orphanage with their young, 4 year old son; Mike. They had to give their son away, because their life had many troubles.

'Mummy, why do you have to go?' the young Mike asked looking up at his mother with an upset expression. Mike's mum let out a heavy sigh and answered with eye-level 'Life can be complicated. I'm sorry honey, but remember you'll always be in our heart,' Mike giggled with a cute tone and said 'I love you mummy!'

'I love you too,' Mike's mum replied, tears flowing into her eyes as Mike jumped into her arms. His mum's hair was messy and wore poorly made clothes, barely keeping her warm in the winter cold. The wind slashed against their bodies, but still wouldn't let go. Mike's dad stood there smiling at the two and messed up his son's hair, making Mike laugh.

'We will come back to get you soon,' his mum continued releasing from the warm hug. Mike nodded in return and like a flash, they left their son at the Toronto Orphanage.

Mike got used to living in the orphanage. He shared a room with different people and every so often, Mike would get an interview with a person that wanted him as their son. Sadly, he still never got taken. At the age of 8, Mike was then diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. It happened at the cafeteria in the orphanage.

*Mike, 8 Years Old*

'Here's your dinner,' the orphanage cafeteria lady said in a grumpy tone and dropped a disgusting, brown slop of meat on his plate along with vegetables that almost looked rotten. Mike shivered at the sight of his dinner and replied with a quiet 'Thank-you,' He then scooted off, carrying his plate to one of the nearby tables. He had become friends with many kids in the orphanage, especially another 8 year old; Zack. Mike sat down next to his friend and said 'Don't you think it's annoying how they give us the same food everyday? And I've been here for...' Mike stopped to look at his fingers and tried to count.

'... 4 years! Or is it 3?' Mike wondered aloud.

'Yeah, the food here is very gross!' Zack replied, pushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. Mike prodded at his disgusting food, still not wanting to eat the slop and sat there, staring. Mike just stood up and begun walking over to the bin to place his left-overs that were never eaten. Zack followed behind, yapping on about the food when Mike tripped over Zack's foot. His body fell forward and slammed against the hard floor, making everyone stop talking and run over, to see what happened to the loved boy.

Mike turned over onto his back and gasped.

'Dang kids these days! Always leaving stuff everywhere,' Mike yelled in a grumpy old voice. This caused the whole group of kids to crack up laughing, thinking that Mike was pretending to be an old man. Mike gasped again and turned back to noemal.

'Huh? What just happened?' Mike asked rubbing his head while standing up.

'Remember? You fell and then started to act like an old man!' Zack laughed.

'Uh, no. I don't,' Mike replied. Zack just shrugged in return and they both left the cafeteria. After a few months, everyone started to think Mike was weird but he had no idea what was going on. The teachers noticed that something strange was going on with him. They did some tests on the young boy and then got diagnosed with MPD. After being explained what it meant, Mike was shocked. He told many people in the orphanage but they just thought he was weird and insane.

Whenever he had an interview with a person wanting him as their son, his personalities would come out and ruin the whole thing. Mike stayed at that orphanage until his was 16.

*16 Year Old Mike*

'Come on, give it back!' Mike yelled in the cafeteria. It was just a typical day at the orphanage. The other teens bullied Mike, just like they do every lunch. This time, they stole Mike's most valuable possession; the Teddy bear got given from his mum when he got taken to the orphanage. Mike stepped up to the seats and stepped onto the table standing right next to the other teen holding the bear.

'What a loser! He still has a Teddy-bear,' the teen laughed, causing the rest of the teens to laugh along with him.

'Shut-up! I need it back!' Mike angered up jumping up and down on the table, reaching up to get the bear. The teen just lifted his arm up higher.

'Why? So you can sleep with it every night?' the teen asked still laughing. Mike's face turned red and jumped up towards him, but his left foot missed the table when he tried the land. Mike slipped, his left foot sliding off the table and banged his head on the chair. The pain rushed through his forehead, as he slipped further onto the floor; his whole body slammed against the ground. Everyone continued to laugh at Mike, not caring about the pain he was in. Mike's whole body ached with soreness and couldn't get up. He weakly turned his head to look up at the evil teen, dropping the teddy bear on his face. Mike just lied there, until the pain tried to ware off.

'I frickin' hate being here!' Mike yelled in his bedroom. Mike recently got up from the cafeteria and headed straight to his room, which he shared with another boy. Mike stomped around the room, his face full of rage while his room-mate watched in a scared expression. His room-mate was named Static, with brown hair shaggy hair and loose clothing. Static just stared at Mike, still scared from his yelling and rant.

'I've been here for 12 years now and I need to get out of this hell hole! But I can't because of my stupid disorder!' Mike screamed and kicked the side of his bed in the small room. Mike gasped and turned into one of his personalities; Chester. Chester jumped up and down yelling 'Dang kids! Leaving stuff everywhere,' Static just stayed silent and kept staring at the teen.

'I'm just gonna... Go,' Static said quickly and ran out of his room in a flash. Mike turned back to normal and sighed, flopping onto his bed. The pain ran back through his body as he landed on the hard, cheap mattress. Mike turned over slowly, looking out the window seeing the city while the sun began to set. The area where the orphanage was in, was quite run-down. Outside he could see people sitting against walls and sometimes Mike caught somebody grafiting, which was enjoyable to Mike because he actually had something to watch; art.

The sky became dark and the stars shot out above the darkness. Mike stared up at the beautiful night sky and whispered quietly 'You promised you'd come back for me. But why did you lie?' A tiny tear sprung to his eye, which ran down his cold tan cheeks and landed on his bed. Mike then fell asleep.

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