Authors Notes: This will be an on-going story of River and the Doctors journey from their wedding night all the way through to the end. Thanks so very much to my twin and awesome friend The-Doctors-Song because she is amazing and helped so much with this (title and everything) XD Each chapter of this will be named after a 'Chameleon Circuit' Song..this one is Travelling Man. Enjoy!

Travelling Man

The Doctor grinned as he skidded and slipped around the console, shrugging off the long Monks robes as he pulled at leavers and pushed buttons. He'd just returned Dorium to the catacombs-or his head at least- and despite the man's taunting, he couldn't find anything to be upset at; because he-The Doctor- had just been married.

Granted, they had been on top of a pyramid, known as Area 52, in a reality that never happened but it didn't take the edge off it…He was married! And to his best friend's daughter too. Oh, how complicated it was but the butterflies in his stomach told him that the feelings of excitement and nervousness were real and that the wedding, no matter how quick and improvisational it had been, was real as well. And what better to do on the night of his wedding…and 'death', he supposed, than go visit his new wife in her new cell in Stormcage?

He threw down another leaver and the TARDIS rattled a bit, the familiar whirring and groaning emanating from the engines, a noise apparently caused by the brakes that he left on when he landed but he loved that sound and it wasn't the same without it. He felt the TARDIS materialize and with a large grin on his face, he straightened his coat and threw himself out of the doors towards her cell.

She was waiting for him when he arrived, but of course she was. River Song stood with her hands curled around the bars, a small smile curling her lips and her hair was pulled back loosely.

"Hello sweetie," She said slyly as he unlocked her cell. "I knew you'd turn up, sooner or later. I mean you're only-" River was cut off when he crushed his lips against hers, her mouth opening in surprise and his tongue slipped in, pressing against the roof of her mouth. His fingers burnt paths up her thighs as he pushed her against the bars, his lips trailing a hot trail down to her collar bone and she gasped, throwing her head back as he bit down, easing her pain with his tongue.

"Oh you're very straight to the point today aren't you?" She managed to breathe out. The Doctor claimed her mouth again, one hand threading through her curls and they finally pulled back when their lungs burned. He rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes, taking deep steadying breaths.

"Sorry River…I got a bit carried away," he pulled back, dropping his hands from her sides, "Doesn't happen often, I know but there it is."

She giggled, a sound so rarely heard from the River he knew but he suddenly realised, this wasn't really the River he knew. It was her; with the same dazzling blue eyes, the same gorgeous blonde curls and that smile that admired so much, and yet, it wasn't the strong, confident, flirty River he was used to. She was so young and vulnerable and she had so much yet to experience in the universe.

"Oh River," he smiled softly, "how young and impressionable you are still." He pressed his palm to her cheek and she pressed her fingers to his hand, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Care to make your mark on me then, Doctor?" He shivered at her tone and when she opened her eyes, he leant forward, brushing his lips against hers again, gently this time.

"Well, we are married after all, aren't we? So you are mine, technically."

She nodded and grinned, grabbing the back of his neck to deepen the kiss. Her tongue swept across his, suddenly finding themselves caught in a battle for dominance and power. The Doctors hands skimmed over River's sides, his fingers massaging over the swell of her breasts and she caught herself before she moaned. Steadily, she wrapped her leg around his waist, grinding her hips onto his groin, a long, low growl emanating from deep within his chest. The Doctor took her lip between his teeth and pulled gently but footsteps in the corridor as River slipped a hand into his trousers, her hand slowly stoking his erection, stopped him from moaning.

"Not here sweetie, it's too dangerous."

The Doctor nodded, kissed her again softly and then dragged her into the TARDIS, kicking the door shut behind them just as he heard a guard outside. River giggled again, apparently giddy from the oxygen he deprived her of and from the thought of doing something so naughty, like stealing her away from a prison on their wedding night. And when he thought about it, it was pretty romantic and insane.

Without a word to his wife, The Doctor slid around the console, yanking leavers and activating the timey-wimey things, all very important in any good rescue mission. As soon as they had dematerialised, and were on their way, River's hands were around him again, pushing open the buttons of his shirt to touch his chest, her mouth placing kisses to his neck.

"You know, I haven't done anything this naughty since….well since I was Melody," She whispered, slipping her hand back into his tightening pants and she took hold of his cock tight, the Doctor moaning as he gripped the console.

"River," he said, spinning around quickly and he crushed his lips to hers, his fingers pulling her hands from his manhood. No matter how much he wanted her down there, he had this night planned and there was no way it would end this quickly. "Come on, we've landed." He grinned, pulling back from her and after fixing his pants, he pulled her outside of the TARDIS.

Bird song sounded overhead and the sky was a light pink and yellow, two moons already visible over the blue leaves of the tree tops. River gasped, her eyes widening and the sun bounced off her curls.

"It's beautiful," she breathed. The Doctor smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Well, it's nothing compared to you," he murmured against her ear and she shivered, feeling his lips brush against her neck. "But yes, I suppose it is. Because this, River…is the Gamma Forest."

He wasn't sure what he expected, and sometimes it pained him to say but he was slow to remember things….Like the fact that the Gamma Forest meant nothing to her…Not yet anyway. Her face creased up in confusion, as if she was trying to remember the name but she came up blank.

"I'm not sure I know this place yet," River admitted, almost coyly. "Am I supposed to?"

The Doctor shook his head and they began walking into the forest, their bodies pressed intimately together, the warm spring air swirling gently around them. River sighed in serenity, her hand resting on the small of his back, the other teasing at the buttons of his pants. He growled playfully, tightening his grip on her waist, pressing his nose into her curls, smelling vanilla and cinnamon and he took a deep breath.

"What are we doing here, anyway? Of course, I appreciate the jail break and everything but sweetie, I thought we'd be doing something..." She indicated towards his tented pants with a sly grin, "Well, I'm sure you know."

The Doctor chuckled as they weaved through another bunch of trees, a peach coloured bird flying low past them. He was finding it so hard to concentrate and not push his wife against a tree right now and take her as hard as he could, but he found the less he said, the easier it was to focus on keeping himself in control until they reached their destination.

"We'll be there soon," was all he said, cheekily slipping his hand over her soft thigh, beneath her dress. She purred- there was simply no other word for it- as his fingers brushed against her panties, applying the slightest amount of pressure to her clit.

"You tease," She gasped and then shrieked as he swept her into his arms, carrying her bridal-like through the last few trees to a large green field. A picnic blanket was placed under a tree, a basket of what River assumed to be food beside it and several bottles of wine were being chilled in ice buckets nearby. The field glowed lilac as several alien flowers in blossom swayed gently and the Doctor kissed River softly, so gently and tenderly that her heart felt as if it would burst from her chest at any moment as he laid her carefully onto the blanket. His tongue slipped between her lips and he wasted no time as he ran his hands over her calves and thighs, helping her kick off her shoes before he lay down beside her. The ground was soft beneath them, the gentle song of insects and birds around them lulling their erratic heart rates to a steady thrum. He grinned goofily, reaching over for a bottle of wine when River undid his bowtie. He worked the cork out, pouring the wine into a tall glass that she held as she sat up on her elbows.

River sipped it, letting the bitter and yet delicious liquid slide over her tongue and down her throat, her eyes locked to his as tipped his onto a nearby plant. She giggled, shaking her head at him. He grinned, pressing his lips to her nose sweetly.

No words were spoken as River abandoned her wine, the hunger in her lust darkened eyes making the Doctors cock harden further and his smile was one of lust and want. River could feel herself moistening and she involuntarily let out a moan, shifting so the Doctor could shimmy her out of her prison dress. The thought that he was her reason for wearing it tore at his hearts but he willed himself not to think about it; he knew everything turned out for them and all of the fun in that was discovering how. She was forgiven-she knew that because he had told her as much and it was in their past…well, as much as something can be when one travels through time and space. He trusted her with his life, that much was obvious, but they weren't here to apologise for the mistakes they made, or the problems they caused. That could wait for another day…this was the day of their wedding, whether it had been real or not and there was no real need for words. Their gentle caresses and soft murmurs and moans were all that was needed to tell each other the words that River had cried to him on top of the pyramid; I love you.

He couldn't remember the last time he had told someone that and frankly, at this very moment, it didn't matter. Nothing mattered, except for them in a clearing of the Gamma Forests, stripped of their clothes and walls that locked everyone out. There was only them, wrapped in each other and she was all around him, moaning his name; her scent, the feel of her soft skin under his hands, the look of pure desire and love flushing her features, invaded his senses. The Doctor bit her neck, marring her perfect skin and making his mark on her as he rode her. River arched up, so perfectly filled and content at going slow. They had all of the time in the world to go fast and hot later, and no doubt they would, but for now, she wanted to learn his body, every line and scar, every freckle and hair. Her fingers swept over his muscles as he moved within her, tracing the contours and blemishes of him. His hands held her breasts, revelling in the perfect feel of them, as if they had been moulded for him alone. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, River's breath hitching when he squeezed and caressed them lovingly, like an archaeologist might treat a rare ancient relic.

The coil in River's stomach was tightening when the Doctor's teeth latched around her nipple, his tongue exploring and soothing the pain his teeth caused. She gasped and bucked up against him, her hands gripping his buttocks to push him deeper into her and she pulled her knees up around him, feeling the tip of his cock brush that wonderful spot inside of her; the spot that had her writhing and begging to come. He trailed kisses from her chest, along her neck and jaw to her lips, one hand abandoning her breast to move between them to her silky, wet folds. He pressed against her clit and without warning, she was falling over the edge of orgasm, her body quivering and her eyes screwed shut at the hot pleasure that flooded her body and tingled to the fingertips. The Doctor sped up a bit, his hips moving in jerky movements as River's internal walls fluttered and contracted around his cock, his seed pouring into her quickly after.

The sun disappeared slowly behind the hills, the sky growing dark as the couple lay under the twin moons, their hearts racing in an even timing. The Doctor didn't move from inside of his wife, instead rolling her on top of him, her legs secured around his waist and her head resting on his chest. He groaned in desire as she clenched her walls with another after shock, his hands brushing sweaty strands from her face.

"You're the most beautiful thing, you know that right?" He whispered, once again trailing soft kisses along her jaw.

"You're not too bad yourself, sweetie," River smirked, purposely rolling her hips in circles over his cock which twitched again. "But thank you."

The Doctor groaned, gripping her hips to still her movements for a moment. "I swear, wifey," she slapped him playfully; "you'll be the death of me."

"And you me, hubby." She kissed him hard, her tongue sweeping across his lips with passion and desire, their bodies moving together again. Their pace this time around was hard and fast, and yet all of the love they had shared still remained, sparking through their fingertips, each touch like electricity.

Afterwards, the pair lay spent, the night folding over them and the warm air was growing chilly. The Doctor pulled a spare blanket over their naked bodies, snuggling in close to his wife who sighed happily.

"So tell me sweetie," River yawned, nuzzling his neck, "why did you choose this planet? Besides its beautiful sunsets, of course."

He smiled, kissing her forehead sleepily. "I met a girl when I was here last time; her name was Lorna. She is so incredibly brave and…" he took a deep breath, "Spoilers, hm?"

They chuckled and exchanged soft declarations of love before sleep claimed them, their bodies wrapped together; The Travelling Man and his wife.