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Silence and the End of All Things

"Okay… So maybe that wasn't such a good idea."

The Doctor scratched the side of his face as he stuck his head out of the TARDIS' doors. He glanced around the area, wincing at the damage he'd caused to the Pond's yard.

"You don't say."

Turning, he ducked his head at the stern look his wife was throwing his way. Roman was sitting in her arms, resting on her hip and playing with a loose curl.

"Roman thought it would be fun!" He exclaimed, pointing at his oblivious son as he stuck the curl into his mouth.

Reaching up, River carefully pulled her hair from Roman's mouth, tapping him on the nose.

"Oh, don't pin this on the baby Sweetie. You just wanted to fly her blindfolded. Honestly…"

She crinkled her nose at her son, ignoring the pouting from the Doctor. Walking forward, she passed him, shifting Roman higher up her hip.

"Let's go see if Nanny and Poppy are home, huh?"

Roman gurgled, eyes wide as he attempted to speak to his mother. The Doctor scoffed, shaking his head as he shut the door behind him.

"Of course you'd be a mummy's boy." He muttered, pouting as he followed his wife up the path.

River shot him a look over her shoulder. A sort of half-scolding, half-amused kind of look. She rolled her eyes at him, reaching forward with her free hand to rap her knuckles on the door. The Doctor bounced on his feet behind her as they waited. Roman looked over River's shoulder, staring right at him. He grinned, pulling faces at his son, who began to slowly giggle. River looked down, seeing Roman laughing as he looked over her shoulder. Sighing, she didn't even bother turning around. The Doctor had made it a habit of pulling faces and making funny noises just to make Roman laugh. Granted, she found sweet, and adorable. But it began to get annoying when he did it while she was giving him a bath. More water had ended up on River than on the baby himself!

After a minute, there was still no answer at the door and River turned, handing the giggling baby to the Doctor, rolling her eyes as his hands dropped quickly from his face. She pulled out her key, as the Doctor bounced, grinning as Roman squealed with joy. She smiled to herself, the key sliding in to the lock. He was so great with kids. Pushing the door open, her smile slid from her face. The table in the hallway had been knocked over, and the photos that were on the wall were smashed, some lying in shattered pieces on the floor. She pulled the blaster from her hip, quickly turning the safety off.

"Mum? Dad?" She called in, taking a tentative step inside.

The Doctor stopped bouncing, quickly sobering up as he too called out.

"Amy! Rory!"

She held up her hand, turning her head with her gun raised.

"Stay outside. I don't want Roman in here."

The Doctor frowned, shifting Roman around.

"But… River." He attempted to argue, but River shot him a stern, no-nonsense look.

He relented, stepping back further in to the garden. He watched as River slowly entered the house, her blaster raised before her. She disappeared from view, and the Doctor stood with his remarkably quiet son. He looked around, assessing the garden. Maybe it hadn't been entirely his fault. All the damage. He tightened his hold on Roman, looking back at the house. Looking up, he saw River standing at the window of her parent's room. She was biting her lip, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. She caught his eyes, and she nodded her head, gesturing for them to come in.

Entering the house, he swallowed at the obvious signs of a struggle. River trotted down the stairs, stopping to stand in front of the Doctor and Roman. Her gun was still in her hand, and she glanced around.

"No one's here. But they're breakfast is still on the table, and the bathroom is completely flooded. I think mum was running a bath."

The Doctor nodded as River lifted her hand to trace along Roman's cheek.

"So then where are they?"

They stared around the hall, River caressing her son's cheek.

"Dad's sword was embedded in the bathroom door." She said quietly, looking up at the Doctor with concerned eyes.

He looked down at her, his jaw tight as he thought. Who would want the Ponds? He lifted Roman, passing him on to River as he walked forward. Entering the kitchen, he saw the mess that was there. Food was strewn across the floor, a bottle of milk had been tipped over, pooling on the table. A cupboard door hung half-attached to the rest of the cabinet, and the paper was thrown across the room, pieces scattered everywhere.

He was about to turn, to leave the room, when the sunlight glinted on something sitting on the counter. Placed there, on top of a photograph, was an eye-drive. His mouth suddenly dry, he looked over his shoulder, at River with Roman in her arms. Picking up the drive, he froze at the photo. It was of him, River and Roman, sitting in a kitchen. Looking closer, he could just make out the robotic tail at his leg. This was at Sarah Jane's house! Not even three months ago!

Turning, the two objects in his grip, he approached River. She looked up, a worried look in her eyes.


Licking his lips, he wordlessly handed her the drive and photo.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

She looked from his face, down to his hand. She picked up the drive, staring at it without emotion. Her eyes flickered down to the photo, quickly widening. She glanced up at him, before looking down at Roman.

"Kovarian." She whispered, the name bitter in her mouth.

The Doctor nodded, knowing how difficult this would be for her.

"She must want Roman."

River shook her head, dropping the drive as she tugged Roman closer.

"She's not getting anywhere near him."

He nodded again, wrapping his arms around the two.

"We won't let her. But we need to find the Ponds."

"And how are we supposed to do that Doctor? We don't even know where they are. They could be anywhere!"

He sighed, pulling back from her. Roman gurgled, holding up his tiny fist as he babbled. The Doctor nodded, humming as his son spoke to him.

"Maybe we could buddy boy."

River raised her eyebrow at the term of endearment, but was too worried to comment on it.

"Could what?"

The Doctor looked at her, nodding as he thought.

"We may not know where they are, but we'll still go after them. And I know you're just as against taking Roman anywhere near that woman as much as I am. Our little genius here, decided he would like to see the 'funny, talking doggy' again. We'll ask Sarah Jane to watch him, while we go save the Ponds."

River thought, looking down at her son as he giggled up at her. She nodded slowly, looking back up at the Doctor.

"Okay… We'll take him to Sarah Ja… Doctor. What's that on your arm?"

The Doctor lifted his hand to scratch his face again, allowing River to view the mark on his forearm. Looking down, dread filled him as he saw the straight, black line. Looking up, he pointed at River's own arms. Looking down, River frantically looked her arm over.

Dozens, and dozens of straight, black lines covered her arms. Her heart rate increased, and she pulled Roman closer, resting his head under her chin.

"How did we not notice that before?" She harshly whispered to the Doctor, her eyes trained on his.

He shook his head, opening his mouth to speak when someone else did it for him.

"Children tend to take your attention from more, pressing, matters my dear."

Closing her eyes, River mentally cursed. Turning, her eyes slowly opened. There, standing in the doorway, was the source of the majority of her nightmares herself.

Madam Kovarian…

The Doctor stepped forward, holding his arm out to push River and Roman behind him.

"Where's Amy and Rory?" He demanded, jaw tight and fire in his eyes.

Kovarian tsked, shaking her head.

"Now, now Doctor. Let's not get ahead of ourselves."

She smirked at them, turning on her heel as two military dressed guards stepped forward. Their guns were trained on the three of them, and Roman once again gurgled, a small, baby-like glare directed at the two men. The Doctor nodded, still staring at Kovarian.

"Yes, she is isn't she."

The guards ushered them forward, pushing them in to the back of a truck. As they drove, Roman wailing at the bumpy roads, the Doctor thought of Amy and Rory. If it had been Kovarian herself who had taken them, the two would not have been particularly pleased to see her. Perhaps that was the cause for the bandage he'd spotted half-hidden under the sleeve of her top. Rory and his sword… Or Amy and her… Amy-ness.

The truck came to a stop, jolting them as they surged sideways. Roman wailed once again, and River began to bounce him up and down. The followed her wordlessly, not wanting to provoke anything that could cause harm to Roman. Though, River was reciting quite a few nasty words she associated with the woman, some of which weren't even legal in the 51st century. Entering a large hanger, the Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Can't you ever find different places to have your base? I mean honestly, a hanger? It's been done."

Kovarian shot him an annoyed look over her shoulder.

"Must you always be talking?"

He shrugged, his hand coming up to rest against the small of River's back. Her tense posture slowly relaxed, and she smiled at him softly. They turned a corner, when shouts suddenly echoed through the large space.


Amy and Rory were strapped to a set of chairs, directly in the middle of the room.

"Hello Ponds!" He called back, opening his arms widely. "Miss me?"

He ignored Kovarian's eye roll, instead dragging River forward, until they were directly in front of Amy and Rory.

"Looks like you've found yourself in a spot of trouble." He stated, eyes flickering quickly to River, who had remained silent the whole time.

"You'll find yourself in even more if you don't shut, up."

He turned, shrugging at the woman as she stood, her arms folded over her chest and her lips pursed.

"Good, now. Melody, Melody, Melody." She chanted, smirking at River as she circled them. "My dear, dear Melody. You've been quite the busy girl haven't you."

She stopped at River's side, smirking down at Roman. River shifted him to her other side, glaring at Kovarian.

"What do you want?" She all but growled out.

Kovarian continued to smirk, raising her eyebrow.

"Oh now my dear. That would be telling." Her hand came up to trace down her cheek, the way River's had down Roman's. Only hers held no warmth, it wasn't soft or resembled a mother's love. It was cold, and hard, pressing into her face as one nail scratched her lower cheek. She flinched back, jerking her head from Kovarian's touch.

"Don't you dare touch my daughter, you cold-hearted bitch!"

Kovarian turned from looking at River, to stare at the red head glaring at her. The baby babbled, and the Doctor coughed. Leaning down, he spoke somewhat, yet not fully, quietly to his son.

"It's a very bad word, that you shouldn't use. Ever. Nanny was very bad."

Amy glared at the Doctor, her breathing ragged.

"It's the bloody truth though. Besides, I thought I'd killed you." She said, turning her glare back at Kovarian.

Feigning surprise, she pulled back.

"Killed me? Oh, my dear Amy. What ever could you mean?"

River swallowed, speaking up as she too glared at Kovarian.

"That was in the universe that never was. When the Doctor and I restarted time, everything that happened there, no longer happened." Her voice was cold, her glare intensifying as Kovarian glanced down at the boy in her arms.

"Well… I think that's enough chit chat, don't you?" She laughed, turning on her heel. "Take the boy." She said to the guards surrounding them.

River gripped Roman, the Doctor standing protectively in front of them.

"Over my dead body." He growled out.

"That can be arranged Doctor." Kovarian said, standing by the exit as she waited.

"Oh please. That was so cliché."

River was breathing hard, glaring at the men that approached her. Rory and Amy were struggling against the restraints.

"Doctor!" Rory shouted, attempting to rid himself of the thick, metallic rope.

He lifted his arm, the Sonic Screwdriver shooting in to his arm from his sleeve.

"You didn't search him!" Kovarian shouted, glaring at her guards.

Waving the sonic over Amy and Rory, their restraints fell to the floor with a clang. Rory surged forward, pulling River and Roman behind him and lifting his arms to make fists. He stared at them, eyes narrowed, challenging them to 'just try it'. River passed Roman over to Amy, who gripped him so tightly to her chest he let out a small, strangled yelp.

"Get the boy!"

They rushed forward, pushing through Rory towards Amy and Roman. River surged forward, taking down the first four with little to no sweat. They stopped, staring at their fallen comrades. They looked up at River, as she glared at them.

"I'm a mother, boys. You're attempting to take my child. What did you expect?"

They glanced back at Kovarian, straightening up. She rolled her eyes, walking forward.

"Must I do everything myself?" She muttered, ducking under Rory's arm. "Oh come now. Are you really going to hit a woman?"

He growled softly, sneering at her.

"You're not a woman. You're a monster, who took my daughter away from me, and my wife. And now you want to do the same to her. I'll hit you if I please."

She rolled her eyes again, once again ducking from Rory's fist. She lifted her arm rapidly, her open palm connecting with his nose. Blood spurted, disorientating Rory for a moment. A moment Kovarian used to slip passed him. She narrowed her eyes, stopping. Where was the Doctor? Turning on her heel, she was just in time to see something swing at her, before her vision went black.

The soldiers watched as River hit their leader with a steel pipe. She glared down at her, breathing deeply. She turned to them, raising her eyebrow. Pointing to the metal ropes, she smirked as they wordlessly walked towards them. They sat in a circle, wrapping the rope around them.

There really was nothing more dangerous than a mother protecting her child. Or scary, for that matter.

Amy loosened her grip on Roman, the boy wailing at the level of noise that had occurred during the rather quick fight.

"Pathetic." River scoffed, leaning down to pull Kovarian up by the collar of her shirt.

Before she could do anything, a loud, blaring klaxon echoed through the building. Looking around, she sighed.

"Where's the Doctor?"

Amy and Rory glanced around as well.

"Oh no."

As Amy cringed, the Doctor appeared from the other end of the hanger. He ran, full pelt towards the Ponds.


He passed them, gripping River's hand in the process and quickly picking up Roman as he passed Amy. He dragged them, Rory and Amy following just a few steps behind them.

"What have you done?" River yelled over the loud siren.

"I was just looking. I swear. But there was this button, and it said not to press it, but I thought, why have a button, that says not to press it. Wouldn't they just not have the button? So I thought, maybe it was a trick button. And it revealed some massive underground room full of… stuff."

"So let me guess. You pressed the button." Rory yelled out, glancing over his shoulder as he ran.

"Idiot!" Amy shouted.

River shook her head, as they burst through the doors. Still running, they headed toward the open area across from the hanger. Stopping a fair distance away, the loud klaxon quickly speeding up, the Doctor stared back.

"What happened to Kovarian?"

Their eyes widened, and they turned to look back. Then, the klaxon suddenly stopped, and an explosion rocked the ground. The building crumbled, smoke filling the air. Eyes still wide, they watched as the hanger exploded.

"There were others in there." The Doctor whispered, thinking of the soldiers.

River placed her hand on his shoulder, Roman screaming in his arms at the noise.

"Do you think she was still in there?" Rory asked, moving to stand beside his daughter.

Amy appeared at his side, the four… Five… Staring at the rubble.

"We never got a chance to tie her up. It's possible she escaped. But she was unconscious wasn't she?"

Shaking her head at her mother, River lifted Roman from the Doctor's arms.

"I'm not sure. As long as Roman's safe." She kissed his head, one hand still on the Doctor's shoulder.

He looked down at her, face solemn and eyes somewhat haunted.

"He will be. Always."

They turned back again, watching as the smoke rose in to the sky, Roman once again babbling happily, despite the chaos in front of him.