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Hero and Maid

"So this is the elusive book?" Blaze questioned Silver, taking it from his offering hands and plopping down on the bench next to him. "The one that Tails gave you?"

"Yeah," the white hedgehog replied, kicking his feet. "It's really interesting. It's about this outlaw called Robin Hood and how he fights for the people."

"Guess that explains why you haven't stopped reading it," the lilac cat said, flipping through some of the pages and skimming through them. "But you go on adventures like this all the time, so I fail to see why you have been obsessed with reading through this."

"Not exactly."

"Close enough," Blaze corrected herself. "And on a grander scale, considering what Nega usually creates. What makes this so different? Is it because you act out and imagine yourself as Robin Hood at times?"

Silver turned away, his eyes drawn to the spot in the garden where he usually acted out the stories as he read them. It was surrounded by tall hedges, perfect to shield him from view when he became really caught up in the stories. So he could not fathom how Blaze had discovered his secret, especially when he had been so careful to choose that part of the castle gardens.

As if she could read his very thoughts, Blaze revealed where her inside knowledge came from. "You are so eager to rush here during your time off from guard duty and read this, that you forgot one thing." She pointed up the stone castle, directing his eyes to a small balcony on one side that overlooked the entire grounds and allowed anyone on it a clear view of the gardens. "My room is just up there."

"Oh," Silver gulped, embarrassed to a paralyzing degree as he realized that Blaze had probably seen him every time he came down there.

"There is only one thing I have not been able to figure out," Blaze said, stopping on one particular page of the book. "You picture yourself as the hero Robin Hood," she mocked good-humoredly, although Silver only blushed more than he was as she did, "and Nega as Prince John. Sometimes even the Sheriff. But in your mind, who is this Maid Marion?"

He felt like he had swallowed his tongue. In his mind, he told himself that there was no chance he could ever reveal that to her. He reminded himself that it was Blaze and that the answer could very well offend her, even drive her away from him as a friend, given her character. She may even believe him to be a chauvinistic swine or some other label he dared not be branded with. Not to mention he found himself tongue-tied whenever a situation to reveal what he felt for her reared its head. But when she prodded him once more, Silver forgot his inhibitions and blurted out, "You."

"Me?" Blaze asked,receiving a nod from Silver before he faced anywhere else, but at her. She did not know if the answer surprised her or not, but as she read over the page she had stopped on that detailed a rather romantic scene between the titular character and Marion, she found that she liked his answer as her mind briefly replaced the two people with Silver's inserts.

"Well," she chuckled, "I suppose it would be an interesting change of pace to be put into the damsel in distress role once in a while."

Silver whipped his head back around. He had not expected that. She handed the book back to him, practically forcing it into his stunned, limp hands as he gawked at her, and stood up from the bench. "We should probably get back to the castle. Let's go," she paused and then, with a smirk, added, "Robin Hood."

"Right behind you," Silver nodded, following her and muttering under his breath, "Maid Marion."

Blaze glanced at him and grinned, deciding that she might come down to the gardens to read it with him. Perhaps, she thought, they could act out one of the scenes from it as well.

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