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Full Summary: Ash, Brock, May and Max take a break from traveling to have a bit of fun when they run into none other than Misty! Meanwhile, Ash can't help but notice that he's started to act strange when he's around May. Never having felt this way before, he comes to realize that he must be in love with her! Romance isn't exactly his strong suit, though, so he turns to the one friend that's sure to come through for him: Misty. Now she has to cope with losing Ash while helping him win the heart of another girl. Meanwhile, May finds herself falling for a complete stranger! Boy, love stinks!

Far on the edge of Hoenn, Ash Ketchum strode into Lilycove city alongside Brock, May and Max. The ocean air was refreshing and the sun was warm, but not everybody was happy.

"What are we even doing here, Brock?" Ash whined, "There's no gym in this town."

"Maybe not," May said, "but there's an amazing department store I've been dying to visit! Great idea, Brock!"

"We can visit the department store later," Brock replied. He kept a hand against his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun as he panned the city in search of something. Grabbing onto his pack, he let loose a long sigh. "Maybe I got the dates wrong…"

"Huh? Whaddya mean, by 'dates'?" asked Ash. Before Brock could answer, a large fanfare began playing somewhere in the distance. The four of them squinted their eyes and could see flashing colors and fun-looking rides far off on the coastline. "Oh wow," Ash exclaimed, "what's all this?"

Brock crossed his arms and nodded his head. "We were invited to a very special event, courtesy of Professor Oak. Lady and gentlemen, welcome to the first annual PokePalooza Festival!"

"'PokePalooza'? What's that supposed to mean?" Max asked.

"All across the world," Brock started, "people and pokemon work together in all kinds of ways. From battling to contests, even magic acts and construction work, people work and live with pokemon in different ways. This festival was dreamed up by some of the top names of every industry with one goal in mind: to show our appreciation for pokemon and for each other in everything that we do. It's supposed to have a little bit of everything!"

"Everything?" Ash pondered, "Alright! A chance to get in some real battling and warm up for my next gym match!"

"Oh Ash, is battling all you ever think about?" May asked, "Come on, how about we go and find something to eat first!" She grabbed Ash by the hand and began racing for the boardwalk, nearly tossing Pikachu off of his shoulder. Ash kept one hand on his hat to keep it from blowing away while he tried to keep up with May. As they ran, he couldn't help but stare at her. It was something he caught himself doing a lot lately, even though he didn't really understand it. As usual he decided to pay it little mind as his thoughts turned to those of delicious food.

"Wait up, you two!" Brock yelled ahead. May and Ash came to a halt, still a short walk from the fun and excitement.

"What's wrong Brock?" Ash asked, "I'm starving, let's go!"

"Don't worry Ash; we'll get some food in a little bit." Brock checked his map and took a quick glance around. "Bingo! Follow me guys." He led them into a nearby building that was already jam-packed with festival-goers. The lobby they found themselves in was completely filled with people waving money around and filling the air with incoherent yelling.

"What's all the fuss about?" Max asked.

"This is the Cove Lily Motel," Brock answered, "I guess they're all looking for a place to stay. Don't worry, I already made reservations. Just wait here, I'll be right back." He began to squeeze his way through a couple of people and was lost amongst the crowd. The shoving grew worse as more and more people filled the lobby.

"Hey guys, I think we should wait outside," Ash suggested. The other two nodded in agreement and they managed to fight their way to the door, sighing in relief at having gained some personal space again. "Whew. I think I'm gonna go take a breather." Ash and Pikachu sat back in a nearby patch of grass.

"Sounds great, I'll join you!" May said. She took a seat near Ash and stared out at the festival grounds and all of the fun and exciting activities taking place. Ash tried to do the same but once again found his gaze resting upon May. He sighed audibly, not exactly sure of why he couldn't get his mind off of her. May heard and turned around. "Ash? What's wrong?"

"Pika?" Pikachu added.

"Oh, i-it's nothing!" Ash forced a smile and scratched his head. "I'm just tired from all the walking, it'll be good to sleep in a bed again."

"Tell me about it!" May chirped, having bought into the white lie. "This is like a well-earned vacation."

"Hey guys! Over here!" They heard Brock yelling the door of the motel.

"C'mon!" Ash said, jumping to his feet with Pikachu in tow. They raced for the motel ready for a day of fun and relaxation.

"You'll never guess who I ran into!" Brock said, opening the door a bit wider. Amongst the many shuffling figures in the lobby stood a girl slightly taller than Ash, her orange hair in a ponytail on the side of her head.

Ash could hardly believe his eyes. "Misty?"

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