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Down by the beach, May and Max faced disappointment after disappointment as they walked the boardwalk only to find none of the rides had opened yet.

"This is just stupid," Max said, "nothing's open but these lousy shops."

"And they don't even have anything good for sale," May added. The two of them hung their heads and pressed on, hoping to find something to quench their thirst for excitement. It was only one night to wait, but it seemed like weeks with something so fun in store for them tomorrow.

As they walked Max noticed a small crowd forming by some benches. "Hey May, check it out," he said, pointing to the commotion. "Wanna go see what's going on?"

"It's bound to be better than another one of these cheesy souvenir shops," she replied. The two of them worked their way through the crowd and saw a young man standing center-stage, juggling an insane amount of apples.


"That's amazing!"

"How does he do that?" The crowd murmured excitedly at the boy's act. Much to everyone's surprise, he lifted one of his hands to check the time on his watch. Miraculously none of the apples fell as he managed to keep them all circling with just one hand.


"I don't believe it!" More comments floated around as the crowd began to grow. The boy looked at the one hand that was juggling and then to the apples in the air. "Oh no!" he exclaimed, grabbing his cheeks in surprise as the apples came falling to the ground. "I forgot I need two hands to juggle!" The crowd erupted in laughter as the boy took a bow.

"He's great," Max said to May, "how did he do that?"

May, however, was far too busy admiring the young man to even hear her brother's question. He's cute and funny, she thought to herself.

"Uh, hello, Earth to May?" Max nudged her.

"Huh? Did you say something, Max?" She asked.

"Oh brother, don't tell me you like him," Max said while rolling his eyes. May slammed her fist into his head giving him an early view of the stars. "That would be a yes," Max continued, apparently a glutton for punishment.

"For my next act, I'll need a lovely lady from the audience to volunteer to aid me." May completely ignored Max's earlier statement and shot her hand into the air, followed very shortly by many others around her. The boy looked her way and paused for a moment. He let out a nervous chuckle before continuing. "Why yes, I think you'll do just fine," he said pointing to May, "Come on up here and tell everyone your name."

May did as she was told and stepped into the circle the crowd had created. "My name is May."

"May? That's a beautiful name," the boy said. May's cheeks burned bright red as the blood rushed into her face. "My name is Mason, it's a pleasure to meet you. I wonder, do you know how to dance?"

"Dance?" she replied, "Well, a little bit."

"That's all you need. See, really, I just love to dance, and I figured I'd take a break from all that juggling and have a nice, slow, relaxing dance. Would you care to join me?" Quiet laughter arose from the audience as May's cheeks grew brighter. She knew it was all part of the act but she couldn't help but feel flattered by the request. "You don't have to, you know, I suppose I could dance by myself…"

"No!" she blurted out, prompting more chuckling from the audience. "I mean, yes, I'd love to join you."

"Great!" Mason knelt down by one of the benches and pulled a boombox from underneath it, pressing the play button. A classic song began to play at a very steady beat while Mason kept count by waving one of his hands. "And…here we go…"

He took May's hand in his and placed the other around her side and the two of them took off. It was a simple dance, consisting of little more than stepping in time with the music. Still, the audience was completely focused on the two of them, ready for the next part of the act to spice things up. Before long, Mason began to look concerned as he tried to stay in step with the song.

"I-I'm so sorry, May," he said, "I'm not usually this bad, I promise. I've just never had the pleasure of dancing with someone as pretty as yourself." May couldn't help but to giggle, growing more and more fond of the compliments being thrown her way. "Excuse me, my hands are beginning to sweat, I just need to…" As he spoke, he pulled his hands away to wipe them on his shirt. To her surprise, May could still feel his hand holding hers up and a hand hooked under her arm. Even more of a surprise was that Mason was still in step with the music.

"What's happening?"

"That's crazy! How's he doing that?"

May felt the need to ask the same questions she could hear coming from the audience. However, she knew it was all simply part of the act and kept her composure. Mason returned his hands to their positions as if nothing had happened. The crowd gave a round of applause as the two of them continued their dance.

"I must say you're an exceptional dance partner," Mason said, "And I pride myself on knowing these things about people. The way you move is so smooth, so elegant, it's almost as if you're just floating along."

Without warning, May actually felt herself being lifted off the ground. She hovered a few inches above the pavement but was still moving with the music. The crowds astonished gasps overpowered the nervous chuckle that escaped May's lips as she wondered just what was going on.

"She's really floating!"

"It's magic!"

"Hm? Is something the matter?" Mason asked the audience. Most of them pointed towards May's feet which were no longer in contact with the ground. "Oh no!" he said, "I guess I must have swept her off her feet!" Once again the crowd burst into laughter. May was lowered to the ground as Mason bowed to the crowd. May gave a curtsey, still baffled as to how Mason managed to do all of that.

"Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen! I'll be here for the whole festival, come and find me if you ever need a laugh! And let's get a big round of applause for the lovely May!" The audience's applause continued as the two of them bowed and curtsied until the last of them had left.

"May, how did you do that?" Max asked excitedly, "It was so cool! You were really flying!"

"Did you like the show?" Mason asked Max.

"Yeah, it was awesome!" he replied, "You were really funny!"

Mason couldn't help but laugh at Max's excitement. "That's good! I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

"It really was fun," May said, "but how did you do all that stuff?"

"Oh, it's actually really simple." Mason held a hand up, pointing to the nearby benches. One of the shadows began moving, making its way over to where the three of them stood before purple ears came floating out of the ground. A gengar floated up in front of them, a big smile plastered on its face. "Meet Poof, the real star of the show!"

"A gengar!" Max cried, "That's one of the ghost pokemon! Now it all makes sense!"

"Poof loves to play jokes on people," Mason said, "so I decided to put it a more constructive use and perform tricks for crowds. We have a blast, and the people usually love it."

May leaned forward and inspected Poof. He responded with a big lick across the face, paralyzing her.

"Eh-hey!" Mason pulled a pokeball off of his belt and recalled Poof. May still stood frozen in place while Max burst into laughter beside her.

"Don't worry," he managed through the laughter, "she was asking for it!"

Mason pulled a bottle of paralyze heal from his pack and gave May a spray. "I'm really sorry, he's a little too playful sometimes. If it's any consolation he only licks people he really likes."

May shook off the stinging feeling and giggled. "It wasn't all that bad," she said, "just a little tingly."

The three of them laughed as a ninetails made its way into their midst, nudging Mason's leg. "Oh, I guess that means it's lunchtime. Do you guys wanna join us?"

"Sure!" Max said.

"Do you mind if we bring some friends?" May asked.

"Not at all," Mason replied, "the more the merrier. Let's meet outside the department store in an hour."

May and Max nodded their heads and Mason took off with his ninetails. May watched as he left, letting out a sigh.

"He wasn't kidding," Max commented, "he really did sweep you off of your feet." Once again Max was seeing stars as May's fist collided with his forehead.

"You are so immature!" May sighed again, this time in exasperation.

But not wrong, she thought to herself. This is going to be an exciting weekend!

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