Chapter 1

I've been wanting to do one of these stories for a while.

It was nighttime, and Fionna and Cake were inside their treehouse sleeping.

Fionna was cozy inside her sleeping bag, and Cake was sleeping in her drawer bed.

It was a clear, quiet night, with no strong weather to disturb them.

When the quietness was disturbed, Cake's ears twitched. She sat up in bed.

"Fi," the cat called "Fi!, wake up!"

Fionna woke up.

"What?" she yawned

"I heard something," Cake said quietly "upstairs."

Soon Fionna could here it too.

"Shh." the human girl hushed

She wrestled out of her sleeping bag.

"Let's go investigate." Fionna whispered

They went upstairs, and as they did they heard hushed voices.

"Wierd," a young male voice said "it's all girl stuff in here."

"And cat stuff." another, older, male voice said

Fionna and Cake saw too figures, hidden in the dark, going through their stuff.

"Hey, who's up here!" Fionna yelled

"Let's get out of here, man!" the older male creature said

In the darkness, Fionna and Cake saw one figure grab the other with a stretched apendage and then saw it stretch itself out the window.

Fionna ran to the window, but saw nothing outside.

"Ugh," she groaned "they got away."

She looked back at Cake who was looking through their stuff.

"Is anything missing?" Fionna asked

"No," Cake said "just rearranged."

"Why would someone break into a house just to go through someone's stuff?" Fionna wondered

I think you can all guess who the intruders here were, there will be more in the next chapters.