Chapter 6

Last Chapter.

Princess Bubblegum rounded up her friends, Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and Marceline.

They explained the whole deal to them and apologized for their intrusions.

Finn revealed that a week ago he and Jake stumbled upon Aaa, via an invisible landbridge that they uncovered. They also revealed that the Ice King had made up a story using their land to make it seem like a FanFiction based off of Ooo. Fionna proceeded to say that the Ice King was a "Filthy Jerk" who showed up there once before, but left due to the lack of princesses.

"Sorry we went through our stuff," Finn said to Fionna "we just wanted see what the difference was between your treehouse and our own."

"It's okay," Fionna said "at least you didn't take anything."

"So you play a musical instrument too?" Jake asked Cake

"Oh yeah," Cake said "I play the dulcimer."

"Neat," Jake said "I play the viola."

Marceline returned Marshall Lee's guitar.

"Sorry I took your bass guitar," she said "I got a little turned around in the dark."

"Oh well," Marshall Lee said "at least I have mine back."

Lady Rainicorn and Lord Monochromicorn were attempting to communicate with each other.

Lady said something in her language, trying to use her body language to show what she was saying.

Mo-Chro did the same, replying in his morse code and using his body language to explain it.

Princess Bubblegum was explaining the situation involving both lands to Prince Gumball.

"So basically the situation between our lands are that everyone in Ooo has a counterpart of the opposite gender here," the candy princess said "fascinating."

"Yep," Prince Gumball said, more focused on PB than her exlpanation "fascinating."

"Hey," Marshall Lee announced "unless you want to risk having your heart ripped out, or however they execute people nowadays, you might wanna get to the other royals before dawn, which is in thirty minutes."

"Let's go!" PB said

Princess Bubblegum whistled and Lady Rainicorn grabbed her and Prince Gumball.

"Whoa!" PG uttered

"Come on, Finn." Marceline said, wrapping her arms around him and lifting him into the air with her

"Hey," Finn said awkwardly "don't drop me now."

"I'm right behind you." Jake said

"Let's go, Marshall Lee!" Fionna yelled

She grabbed the Vampire King's hand and ran off after the others, dragging him behind her.

"He-ey," Marshall Lee uttered, worried his shoulder would dislocate "slow down!"

"Oh well," Cake said "I'll go with you Mo-Chro."

She grabbed onto the monochromicorn as he flew by, then they swept up Jake.

They all headed for the Mountain Kingdom, where the royals were meeting.

"So we all agree on the penalty?" Flame Queen asked

All the royals agreed.

"Alright then," Flame Queen called "all in favor of indefinite imprisonment?"

"Aye!" the royals in favor responded

"STOOOOOOP!" Princess Bubblegum shouted

"What now?" Flame Prince groaned

"Please wait," Princess Bubblegum implored "Prince Gumball didn't invade your castles, I did."

"Who are you?" Emerald Prince asked

"I'm Princess Bubblegum," PB said "and I have all your stuff right here." She held up the bag of samples she had collected and dumped them out

The royals looked on in shock.

"Wow," Prince Gumball said "you did get a lot."

"All in the name of science." PB said

Flame Prince attached a chain to Princess Bubblegum's wrist.

"All right," he said "let's get this over with."

"What now?" Bubblegum responded

"You are a royal who stole from other royals," FP explained "plus, a majority of the royals voted on indefinite imprisonment, so..."

"Wait," Prince Gumball interceded "you can't!"

"Why not?" Flame Prince responded

"Because..." Gumball uttered quickly "because...none of us have any jurisdiction over her."

Flame Prince looked at the rule book.

"It doesn't say anything about that situation in here." he said

"Of course it does," Prince Gumball said casually "right here." he pointed to a section on the page in the book

When Falme Prince looked closely at the book, Prince Gumball slammed it on the Fire Prince's face.

"OW!" Flame Prince growled

"There! see it now?" PG said outright

Flame Prince pulled away angrily.

"All right, all right," Wildberry Prince proclaimed "lat's just let her go, we got our stuff back."

"Fine." Flame Prince groaned, taking the chain off of Princess Bubblegum's wrist

"Princess Bubblegum," Flame Queen announced "we don't care if you steal from the Ice Queen..."

"Because we totally hate her." Lumpy Space Prince said

"But please," Flame Queen said "swear that you'll never steal from us again, and you'll be acquitted."

"You have my word, I will never steal from any of you again." PB said

"Okay," Flame Queen announced "all in favor of...

"Aye!" Prince Gumball answered before she finished

"Can I finish?" FQ responded

"Sorry." PG said meekly

"All in favor of pardoning Princess Bubblegum?" Flame Queen asked

"Aye!" the royals said

"Great," Flame Queen sighed "now let's get out of here."

"You're lucky," Flame Prince told Gumball "some of us wanted you executed, but the others thought that would be too harsh."

"Why are you so mean?" Prince Gumball asked Flame Prince

"I'm not mean," he said "I'm fiery."

"Thank you for letting me go." Princess Bubblegum said

"Sure..." Flame Prince responded, looking PB up and down "you single?"

"Flame Prince," Prince Gumball said flatly "go home."

"Fine." FP said, and walked away

He walked back once.

"Seriously, are you..." he tried to ask

"Get out of here!" PG ordered

"Okay, okay," the Fire Prince responded "my Grod, you used to be favorable."

The he left with Flame Queen.

"Can we go home now?" Marshall Lee asked

"Yes," Fionna sighed "let's get out of here."

After returning to the Candy Kingdom, Fionna and co. were seeing their new allies off.

"Will you guys be able to find your way back?" Fionna wondered

"Oh yeah," Finn said "PB memorized the way."

"Well we'll have to hang out sometime." Fionna said

"Yeah," Finn replied "you guys can come to Ooo."

"It's totally not boring." Jake said

"Yeah," Finn said "not boring at all."

Marceline wrapped her arms around Finn again.

"Ready to go?" she asked

"Uh...uh..." Finn responded meekly "yeah."

She lift him up into the air again.

Princess Bubblegum was saying goodbye to Prince Gumball.

"You should come see my lab sometime," PB said "it's where I spend most of my time."

"I spend lots of time in my lab too." Prince Gumball said

"VIRGIN!" Marshall Lee called out

"So!" Prince Gumball responded emotionally

"It's not big deal," PB said, writing something on Gumball's hand "I've never had sex least I don't think I have."

"She hasn't." Marceline whispered to Gumball

"Let's just go home." PB sighed

After one last farewell, Finn and his group left and headed back toward Ooo.

Gumball looked to see what Princess Bubblegum wrote on his hand.

He flinched when he saw a row of numbers.

Marshall Lee looked over his shoulder and saw the numbers.

"Oh my God," Marshall Lee said blatantly "you got her phone number!"

"Yep." PG said, staring at his hand

"This is a big deal for you isn't it?" Marshall Lee questioned

"Uh huh." Prince Gumball said

"Well what a night this was," Fionna said "we found our intruders, Prince Gumball has a chance at getting lucky, and most importantly...we got Marshall Lee's guitar back."

"Yeah," Marshall said, hugging his guitar "I love my guitar."

"It's a nice guitar." Fionna said, running her hand down its side

After realizing how little Fiolee moents I had in here, I decided to make it where the only thing Fionna actually cared about was getting back what belonged to Marshall Lee.

Sorry for the lack of Finnceline, I got side-tracked with PBxPG, but I'll try to write another story involving FinnxMarceline.