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Last Time:

"Jack I am really disappointed at you, I cant believe you would lie to me like that " she replied.

I saw hurt reflect in his eyes. "Ms. Anderson Kai is lieing, Jack wasn't drinking and he didn't start

first,Kai hit him first,he was just defending himself, juat like he said he did" I said trying to keep my temper.

First Kai kicks me and then act like he is drunk and when Jack's mother came he blamed it all on Jack.

"Shut up blondie" his mother hissed at me.

Kims POV:

Jacks mouth were wide open. I didnt know what to say, if she was my age I would probably slap her but I cant do that to an elder person can I ?

„Mum" Jack yelled fuming „ You cant talk to my friends like that and I cant believe that you would

belive Kai. You are MY mother not his but that doesnt mean anything to you does it?" he said the

last part quietly.

„Listen to me Jack" His mother hissed „ If you dont want me to call your father right now you are

going to send ALL of your friends home and you are going to do it now unless you do as I say you

will never ever talk to any one of the EVER again Am I clear?" She asked while Kai smirked.

Jacks father was in jail for robbery and once for murder, if Jack was afraid of anything besides clowns it would be his father. Once he got home drunk and „accidentlly" put him in a hospital for a week. So Jack didnt really have a choice.

„Fine" Jack muttered under breath.

„And if I ever see you attacking Kai again you will be in big trouble Mister" She add „Now go".

Jack was about to say something but I pulled him out of the room.

„Kim I am really sorry about this" he said sounding really sad and truly sorry, „and Iunderstand if

you dont want to be with me anymore and if" „Jack its not your fault" I interrupted, „I dont blame

you one bit because all you said was truth and if your mother doesnt want to see that its her loss,

why does she belive Kai anyways?" I asked.

„She knows everything I said was truth but she doesnt like being wrong and she loves threatining me, by the way I gotta find a way to get over my „father" problem or this is how I will live until Im 18...Thats 4 more years and I cant really stand this for four more years" he added depressed.

„Dont worry about guys, I will tell them that your mum needs to go on a bussines trip tommorow morning and that we all need to leave so that she could get some sleep...Yeah you heard me I can lie know" I added. He chuckled.

„Thanks Kim" he said „You are the best" he said. „Get used to it" I smiled.

„Bye" he said pecking me on the lips. „Bye" I replied.

I went downstairs, told guys whats up and we all left.

I just hope Jack will be and I almost forgot that we have school tomorrow. Great one more thing to look forward to.

Jacks POV:

After Kim and the guys left I went straight to bed not wanting to see or talk to anybody else in this house.


I woke up to my alarm another school wait. Atleast I get to see Kim.

I got up, brush my teeth got ready and went over to Kims house without saying a word to my mom or Kai.

I knocked on the door and Kim opened the looked stunning.

Kims POV:

I opened the door and Jack just stared at me. I waved in front of his . He didnt even blink.

This is strarting to creep me out.

I slaped him but nt too hard. H e became self-conscious and blushed deep red."Sorry" he

muttered.I just smiled. „Lest go, we dont wanna be late" I said dragging him off my porch and on to the street.

We walked to school talking about ordinary things, we finally arrived at school.

We seperated, he went over to his locker and I went to mine.

While I was taking my books out of the locker I heard someone lean over to the locker next to mine.

I thought it was Jack but when i turned around Kai was standing next to my locker.

„Hey Sweetthang" he screeched. „Move" I said flatly, trying to avoid him.

„Not so fast" He said. Then he leaned over and tried to kiss me, I kicked him in „the spot". H ebent

over in pain and I ran to Jacks locker.

„Whats wrong ?" he asked concerned. „Kai. He tried to kiss me but I kicked him where „it hurts# and ran here." I answered.

„He what" Jack yelled so loud that everyone in the hallway turned to look at us.

„Mind your own bussines" I said motionig for them to keep walking. They did.

„Dont worry about that." The bell rang and we ran to the Biology class.

When we arrived Kai was sitting at Jacks place (Kim and Jack sat in the same desk/bench/table).

Jack went over to Ms. Lawrences desk and asked why is Kai sitting in his place.

She answered since Kai is new he asked if he could sit next to me so that I could show him around the school.

„No way" I said „I am not going anywhere near him" I yelled. Great now whole class is looking at us.

„And why is that Kimberly" She asked. „ I have my own peronal reasons and I dont want to sit with him „ I answered trying to play cool.

„You are going to sit with him or you are going to principals office." She said.

„But Ms.-„ Jack tried to defend but Ms. Lawrence interupted him „You are going to sit with Donna and Kimberly will sit with Kai".

Jack and I looked over to Donna and she winked at him. He made disgusted face.

I chuckled. I went over and sat with Kai. He was about to say something but I interrupted him

„Dont talk to me" I said „One word and I will report you. Got that?"

He just smirked.

Jacks POV:

Well this sucks. I have to sit with Donna and Kim has to sit with Kai.

Donna is staring at me and I dont like really creepy. I looked over and heard Kim say

„Dont talk to me One word and I will report you. Got that?"

I I was still if he tries to hurt her. He already slapped her.

I think she could handle him 45 minutes. I mean she is a black belt and is really tough.

„So Jackie" Donna said interrupting my thoughts „What arre you doing this Friday".

Oh man. She wants me to take her fast Jack.

„Umm I am hanginh out with Kim" I said. Yeah we made a bet and I lost so i have to take her to

Circus Burger" I lied.

„You are taking that bitch to Circus Burger" She said standing up and pionting to Kim.

Kim looked at me and than at Donna. „ What did you just say" Kim snapped. „You heard me slut".

Kim walked over to her and slapped her so hard she fell on the floor.

„If anyone here is a bitch its you." She said. Donna stood up with a large red hand mark accros her cheek.

„You are gonna regret this" Donna sai trying to hold back tears. And she fail in that I tell ya.

The bell rang and I waited for Kim.

„Kim Im sorry" I said „She asked me if I was busy on Friday and I said I am taking you to Circus Burger".

„No problem" she said „She got what she deserves".

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