Bailey kicked wildly and a splash of warm water soaked Ziva's face and chest. She attempted to look at her three year old sternly but her lips trembled and eventually widened in a smile. She cupped her hands and picked up a handful of bubbles and placed them on her daughter's head, who giggled and returned the favour, wiping her bubbly hand across her mother's face.

Ziva turned to face the doorway when she heard footsteps.

"I thought Bailey was supposed to be getting a bath, not you," Tony said, with a grin. Ziva looked down at herself. She was soaked all over.

"Funny," she replied with a smirk, and lifted their daughter out of the tub and drying her off. "Grab me her PJs off the nightstand, will you?"

He happily obliged and Ziva hastily dressed her and placed her in bed, thankful that a bath was a sure-fire way to tire her out for some reason. They'd been over to Gibbs' for a barbeque and left Willow there for a sleepover, whilst they had come home far past Bailey's bed time.

Ziva pulled the door shut to Bailey's room after blowing a kiss in her direction. "I suppose we better mop up the bathroom floor now."

"I'm surprised there's anything left in the tub," Tony said, following her. He went to reach for a dry towel but slipped, and knocked Ziva straight over with him.

"All you had to do was ask, you know," Ziva said with a smile.

"I would, but - " He grunted. "I can't fall as gracefully as I once did."

"Well, they say a bath is a good cure for pain - which you are clearly in."

His grimace turned into a hopeful look and he sat up, taking his weight off her. "We could light a few candles, have a glass of wine or two?"

"It's a date," she said, with a wink.