Ziva David never dreamed she would have to go undercover as a model.

"Who wears shoes like that?" she asked, and Gibbs didn't answer. He dumped Abby's most elegant black stilettos onto her desk and walked away.

"Abby says she'll be up with the rest of the stuff in a minute," McGee said, placing his phone back on the receiver.

"Iftheseare the shows then God knows what clothes she's going to force me to wear," Ziva said, giving the shoes an expression a five year old would to broccoli.

"I think you should go with just the shoes," Tony said from his desk, his chin resting on his hand and a smile resting on his face.

Ziva scowled. "You are a pig," she snapped.

"You sound like Kate used to," he replied, his face not faltering.

"You sound like you need therapy," McGee said.

Ziva pulled off her boots behind her desk and slipped the heels on. She walked OK in the ridiculously high shoes, though she had a bit of a stumble in her step. Still, in a party full of girls who who shoes like this all the time, even the smallest stumble could jepoardise the mission.

"You can't walk like that," Tony said, getting up and leaning on the outside of his desk.

"You do it, then!"

"Come on, I've dated girls who wear these. They can do it and most of them weren't all that…" He tapped his temple. "It's just heel and toe, heel and toe."

She tried again but fell. Tony only just managed to catch her by the arm and pull her up.

"Can't I just wear shorter heels?" she begged.

"Not enough time," Gibbs replied, and she grunted in frustration. The elevator dinged at that moment and Abby came in with a box of clothes. She placed them on Ziva's desk and gave a simple, "Here are the clothes you guys wanted," before skipping back to the lab.

"What have we here?" Tony said with a grin, pulling out a very,veryshort black snakeskin dress - strapless, a leather jacket that cut off around the hips, a clutch purse and various items of jewellery.

"Well you better get practising or you're not gonna be a very convincing model," Tony told her.

"Watch it, Tony," she warned. "I am fairly sure these heels are sharp enough to stab you with."

He held his hands up. "OK, I'm just sayin'. I'm not gonna be there to catch you."

"Oh yes you are, DiNozzo," Gibbs said. "Need you on the inside. No model's gonna show without a date and I need McGee on the tech side of things."

If possible, Tony's smile grew wider.

"Fantastic," she said. "I am spending my night at a shady nightclub being googled by…" she gestured towards her partner, who was grinning like an idiot. He clearly couldn't be any happier about the situation.

"Take it as a compliment," McGee suggested.

"I'd rather take it as harassment," Ziva replied, carrying the box off to the ladies room to change.