"Students," Professor Dumbledore began, "Welcome back for the final term of Hogwarts," he said, looking around the hall.

James Potter sat not listening as he watched Lily Evans; she was listening intently to whatever their Headmaster was saying.

Beside James, Sirius Black's attention was also away from the headmaster. He, however, was watching their friend, Remus Lupin. Much like Lily, Remus' attention was fixated on their Headmaster.

"In celebration of Easter, this year," Dumbledore went on, "We have decided to introduce a spectacular thing, for all those wishing to participate." The headmaster stepped aside to reveal a curtain behind him, unnoticed by anyone in the room, except for Severus Snape who had spotted the curtain straight away.

The dark blue curtain was pulled aside, revealing one of the largest Easter Eggs Remus had ever seen.

"Imagine being able to eat that, Moony," Sirius said. He had heard Remus' gasp of excitement, and then looked up to see what was going on.

"Stop gawping at Evans and look what's going on," Sirius laughed, glancing at James beside him, "Poor Moony's going to go hard just imagining the things he could do with that egg," he taunted.

James laughed, looking up to the front. Flushing, Remus shook his head turning his attention back to their headmaster.

"This is not," the headmaster said, "real chocolate," he continued, "It would, therefore, be unwise to attempt to eat it," he finished.

After having heard Sirius' earlier comment to Remus, Severus laughed to himself as he watched Remus' face fall in disappointment.

Puzzled, almost every head in the hall was turned to the headmaster as they all wondered what was going to happen with the egg, if they couldn't eat it.

In answer to their puzzled looks, the headmaster chuckled and said, "Think of it as an Easter time valentines event," he explained, though he instantly reconsidered his words as the puzzled looks grew around the room.

Now, every single head was turned towards Professor Dumbledore.

James, in his mind, contemplated the possible ways in which the Egg could help him to get with Lily.

"Every one of you that would like to participate need only write their name on a slip of paper, with the preferred gender of their partner and post in the top of the egg."

This certainly had James' attention. Remus however, had sunk even lower in his chair, fearing what trouble the Egg was sure to bring him.

"In a week's time," Dumbledore continued, looking around at the interested faces in the hall, "Each of your names will come out of the Egg, with the person the Egg thinks will be the best suited to you. The idea is that you then spend the day getting to know your hopeful partner. I think it wise that, should you not wish to pursue anything with the person the egg has suggested, that you do have an Exploding Egg to give the person anyway, just to keep everyone's spirits high."

No one was listening to the last part, they were now all discussing animatedly with their friends who they hope to be put with.

"Evans can't say no this time," James declared proudly as both Sirius and Peter laughed.

Missing the soft chimes of Remus' laugh, Sirius turned to him, "Are you alright?" he asked.

Remus nodded.

"Yeah, fine," he replied absent minded. He was not, however, fine. He was dreading what his friends would do when they found out he was gay.

And well, not only that, but crushing on two of his best friends.