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Neville and Pansy created their own bubble over the next few days. They ate every meal together and studied in the library, ending each day with a makeout session in whatever classroom they came across. Pansy was keeping everything strictly above the waist, but Neville was used to it.

They were sucking face in the Charms classroom when Pansy broke out of the clinch. "There's a big party in Hufflepuff on Saturday,
have you heard?"

"Yeah, a big orgy sounds like, seems everyone is going." Neville ran his fingernails lightly down her back, causing her to squirm and giggle.
"You wanna go? The Creevy brothers are setting up a blindfold room."

"I think we can find something as interesting to do...just us. The party's going to leave a whole lot of empty rooms available in this big old castle."

"Oh yeah? And what does that evil little mind of yours think we should do in those rooms that's better then playing pin the tail on the donkey with dicks and pussy?"

Pansy draped her body along his, "You've been a very good boy and I think you deserve a reward. And if your with me, you better not ever go in that room."

Neville brought his mouth down to hers, snaking his tongue in past her moist lips. Biting her bottom lip then pulling back he laughed and said, "Those parties usually last until dawn, do you think that'll be enough time to thank me properly?"

"You bring the firewhiskey and I'll wear something pretty."

Neville could barely get the door to his dorm open, Pansy had opened his shirt and was licking his throat with vigor. She had met him outside the portrait hole wearing a slinky, blue halter dress and black high heeled boots. Fighting against the tide of people going to the party, he brought her to the common room couches to wait for the dorms to clear out. Pansy started drinking the Firewhiskey Neville had gotten from Aberforth. When the coast was clear, Pansy launched herself at his lips and he lead her to his room. On the second landing, Neville crushed Pansy against the wall and ran his hands down her body, grabbing her ass in two large handfuls grinding himself against her hip. Pansy broke away and ran up the stairs, he met her at the door, she yanked his face down by the collar and latched on while he worked the doorknob.

Stumbling into the room, Pansy looked around,"Oooo five beds to choose from, you wanna have sex on Harry Potter's bed? It could be fun, you can be Cho and I'll be Harry." giggling she flung herself on the nearest bed, which happened to be Dean's.

"We could, but who would be Seamus?"

"What? You gotta tell me!"

"The 3 of them are together, don't ask me how it works, I'm not going to think about it." He joined her on the bed and snuggled into her neck.

"Argh." Neville got his feet back on the floor, wrapping Pansy's legs around his waist he lifted her up and carried her to his bed.
"You're a comfortable armful, sexy."

"That's just a nice way of saying I'm fat." Pansy slapped his arm and demanded, "Tell me, its the best peice of gossip I never heard."

Tickling her side he said, "From what I can tell Harry's in the middle with Seamus an obvious bottom, and Cho's calling the shots. I walked in on a romp, 3 naked Cho Changs twisting around each other, boobs and hair everywhere, but Harry and Seamus' voices added in.
Had nightmares for a week. Harry has a serious problem with Polyjuice potion, I've also seen 3 Harry Potters running around starkers. That kid got smacked something fierce by the ugly stick."

Pansy laughed herself out of his arms and bounced when she hit the mattress. He let her enjoy herself and went to add wood to the dorm fire. He found the firewhiskey and took a slug. He heard a giggle behind him. "Neville, do you want me to keep the boots on?" Getting up, she crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her blue dress off over her head, the dress got hung up on her hair but she pulled free. Pansy slinked over to him and grabbed the bottle. Taking a drink she watched Neville devouring her with his eyes. She cocked her hip out and flipped her hair behind her shoulders. The fire made glowing shadows flicker across her chest and legs.
Her pants were cherry red and the boots were still on. Neville eventually gasped, "Keep the boots."

"That's what I thought too, get on the bed. I'll be right there." Neville went to the bed, still dressed and laid on his back. Pansy twirled around the room and was humming to herself. "Don't you just love being buzzed?" She laughed and made her way tipsily back to him. In her hand was her wand which she waved and Neville's arms raised above his head.

He stuggled against the spell, Pansy kissed him while she mounted his torso. "You, Mr Longbottom, have too many clothes on, its hardly fair to me. I'm all...naked. Lets see if we can even things up a bit." With vicious smile she reached out with hands to finish unbottoning his shirt, pushing her breasts together and giving Neville a great view.

As she moved down the shirt Pansy wiggled her way further down Neville's long body. He blushed when her ass began rubbing against his erection. Pansy pretended not to notice his discomfort but it brought another smile to her pouty lips. She rocked her hips more vigorously as she slowly released the last few buttons. She then moved so she could work on his belt which brought her directly on top of his chubby. Unhooking the belt she ground down on the front of his trousers. She closed her eyes, and licked her lips, excited to feel the reaction she got from the man below her. Pulling the belt free, she flung it across the room, raised her arms above her head and began bouncing the bed. Through her panties Pansy spread her folds and lined up so the zipperpull on his trouserhit her clit. It felt great. She bit her hand, moaning her again, she was getting close to cumming already.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry!" Neville blurted out as a sticky pool filled his trousers. Her weight ontop of him, the friction and seeing her obviously enjoying herself was just too much for his cock to hold back. He found her spell had been lifted when he was able to raise his hands to cover his face in embarrassment. "I never had a girl do that to me before and I couldn't hold it any more."

"Shit!" His outburst broke her concentration, Pansy could feel the orgasm receeding. Breathing hard she hid her frustration, "We'll just try something different. We have all night."

While wallowing in shame, Pansy magiced Neville's clothes away, leaving both in just their underpants. She was extremely pretty, not just because she was naked and ontop of him. Her skin was pink and smooth, her straight hair had curled in places because of the heat and sweat. She had a naughty gleam in her eye.

Pansy grabbed one hand and then the other, placing them on her chest, "Instead of hiding your face, I would rather you play with my tits. And while you do that we can think about how you're going to make it up to me."

Pansy was on his stomach again, guiding his hands around the soft mounds. She left his hands plucking at her hard nipples so she could reach up to get her hair out of her face. Her breasts were small, high with nipples like diamonds. With his new freedom, Neville darted up and bit her left nip, Pansy moaned and grabbed the back of his head. Wanting to prove himself, Neville became agressive.
He flicked his tongue around in a circle barely touching skin, teasing with moist hot breath as he moved to the other side. He nibbled his way up to her collar bone, which made her hiss with pleasure, she brought his face up and kissed him, their salt mixing together, he got her tongue and sucked it into his mouth treating it like the finger that got this whole thing going so many days ago. Pansy gasped with pleasure. Neville released her and Pansy arched her back, giving him access to her neck and the hollow of her throat. She dug her nails into his hair when he gave her a lasting love bite on the under side of her breast. Then he did it again to her other one. She bucked her body smashing into his face. He back off for a second then swooped in, finding out he could fit her entire tit in his mouth. He sucked, pursing his lips against her flesh, flicking his tongue across the nipple in his mouth. The benefits of small titties.

His hands went down to her waist, he reached around Pansy until meeting the glimmer of sweat that ran down her back. Hesitating before moving again, his fingers met with the top edge of her lace pants, He put one finger of each hand under the fabric and ran them across her back. He moved his other fingers under, roaming to cover the lucious curve of her ass.

His right hand came round to the front and Pansy caught it.

"I guess you're ready to pay me back for earlier." She growled.

He smiled, "I thought I was already."

"Nope, I have plans for you. But for now..." She pushed him away and leaned back, she shimmied her panties off and spread her legs wide for Neville to see. His cock got hard just seeing her pussy for the first time. She walked her fingers down her body until they reached the moist pink folds, using her index and ring fingers she spread them open and used her middle finger to tap her clit. Both were breathing heavy as that middle finger moved up and down in rhythm. Neville was moving his hand in order to get a peice of the action when Pansy whispered, "Imobilus."

"Shit! Really Pansy! What the fuck!" Neville again found himself a voyeur to Pansy's masterbation.

"You're paying the forfeit from earlier. I want to get off and I want you to watch."

Pansy moved her ring finger inside and picked up the pace. Moving up and down, in circles, back and forth. Her free hand grabbed her tit and squeezed then trailed her fingers over the bites Neville had given her earlier. Her body started jerking involuntrily and she buried her hand in her hair, pulling roughly. Slowing down the pace, she tried to ride the wave as long as possible. Biting her lip, not wanting to scream, knowing that the scream would end the euphoria. She moved her fingers off her clit and pushed them into her center, one finger then another. Pansy flicked her thumb across her clit and her fingers pressed deeper.

Pansy shifted her weight and brought her booted foot up by Neville's head, giving depper access for her hand. Neville turned his head and licked the boot, it was the only part of Pansy he could get to. Seeing his desire through slit eyes, pushed her over the edge. Pulling her hair again she moaned his name and her body wickered like a horse. She removed her hand and with glassy eyes offered the juice covered fingers to Neville's yearning mouth.

Getting her fingers he sucked her essense, replaying the scene in his head, quickly subplanting all the scenerios he had thought up himself. Pansy's tongue began tickling his nipples lazily, relishing the waves pulsing through her. She stopped her spell and closed her eyes.

Neville relingushed her fingers he let his trace her spine and tangle her hair. The Firewhiskey was in his hand and he chugged again before offering to Pansy. Not opening her eyes, she drank and giggled, "I can't feel my lips." she smushed them against his chest, then his lips. "Lets see what else I can do with them." She turned herself to the foot of the bed, grabbed his boxers and pulled them off. She started at the base of the shaft and dragged her lips up to the tip. Pansy moved to the side, giving a good view of her work to the boy. Neville relaxed his initial tension at her touch and proped up on his elbow, running his hand on her ass. She started swaying her ass back and forth, she opened her mouth swallowing his member halfway, pausing then ensnaring the rest. Her head bobbed up and down, stretching his muscle to its full size. She brought herself to the tip, swiveling her tongue, lapping up the precum.

Neville threw his head back, the nubby and slick sides of her tongue driving him close to release. He needed something to do or he would blow his wad in seconds. He spanked Pansy's ass, his body bucked up into her mouth. Pansy smiled around his cock, dived deeper, humming in the back of her throat. The vibrations made him explode. His hips pumped up, she rode the pumps sucking the salty cum up, swallowing every drop she could get. When he finally hung limp, Pansy licked his length with her broad tongue. She fingered his sack, squeezing, trying to raise the beast again.

"I hope your not done for the night, we still have hours before I let you out of this bed." She kissed his lower belly, ran her hands down his legs and flipped her hair so it tickeled his pecker, all the time giggling from the alcohol.

Neville fell back on the bed and enjoyed the grazing motions below his belt. He looked up saw Pansy's ass still in the air. He spanked her once, thenhe caught her inner thigh and the heel of her boot in his hands. He dragged Pansy, who gave a surprised gasp, so her knees were on either side of his chest and her pussy in his face. He ran his hands up the back of her boots, thighs, beautiful ass and down her back util he got to her arms. He gripped her forearms and pulled until they were between their bodies. Her breasts were pressed against his waist with her face on his pelvic bone.

"What are you doing," Pansy moved to bring her arms free but Neville locked her in place by wrapping his arm over her back. "If you want to 69 you need to loosen up, I can't reach your interesting bits." Neville responded by licking the length of her slit and tightening his hold. Pansy shreiked and bit into his skin.

Starting just above the boot, Neville ran his tongue slowly up her thigh, holding her chub rub between his teeth he shook his head, then scraped his teeth off her thigh. Neville rubbed the wet hair in front of him with his palm. With each stroke he pressed harder, opening the folds, enjoying the slick pinkness, embedding the her musky scent into his skin. He couldn't see her face, only feel her breathing: quick intakes, slow exhales. Her body tense and slack in turns.

He pressed one finger into her center, feeling the tensing muscles made him push further. His groan was echoed further down his body. Removing the finger, he dabbled the gooey liquid on the back of her thigh like sexy fingerpaint, he then licked it off. He repeated the process, going faster in and out. Pansy starting licking his skin, straining to get to his cock, growling in frustration that she couldn't.

"Uh, oh, I found something you like." Neville teased, he pulled his finger out, and slapped her ass.

"Damn it Nev, get back in there! I want you in my hole now!"

"When I get around to it," he traced the edge, stroking the shiny shoot but didn't enter. Pansy screamed in frustration, she tried kicking out. Neville pinned her legs with his arms. Above the yowling,"Stop fighting, you already have me right were you want me." he pressed his thumb on her clit and wiggled the trobing nub. A flood erupted from her body, his face was splashed and the rest covered his shoulders, some pooling in the hollow of his throat.

Neville laughed, "I have a happy girl again don't I?" wiping his face he watched her walls convulse with pleasure. As the last wave passed through her, Pansy's knees buckled dropping her pussy on his face. Neville happily lapped up his handy work working his tongue overtime.

Thinking through his next move and giving Pansy a minute to recover, he put the fingers of his hand in his mouth getting them dripping. He started a finger at her clit and slid down into her center, a second joined, stretching the tightness. He heard Pansy gurgle with pleasure and he risked a third. Breath hissed pass her teeth but she didn't complain. He curled his fingers slightly searhing for the sweet spot. He had to release Pansy so he could place his palm on her ass pressing her belly to his chest. The added pressure would make it easier to find her g-spot.

"Let me now when I hit gold," he grunted as his fingers explored deeper, left and right. It took a few minutes but her body suddenly cramped, her opening locked down on his hand and he could see the muscles in her back legs and ass seize up. Pansy's head snapped back, eye's rolling she began gulping air but unable to vocalize. Neville pumped his hand, pressing down with his fingers, as fast as he could, her body rocking back to meet him. Learning from earlier, he reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair pulling back firmly.

"Oh shit!" Pansy came against his hand. He let go of her hair and reveled in her twitchy orgasm. She was still quivering when he lifted and rolled her off of him. He was tired and very sticky but happy. He looked down his body surveying the bruises and bites. He looked to Pansy since his cock was ready for another round.

Pansy had brought her legs up to her chest, slipped a hand between her thighs and had one on her chest.

Concerned, "Did I hurt you?" he looked at her face for signs of pain.

"No." she stared at the ceiling and rocked a bit, "That's never happened and I'm holding on...its like little explosions." she whispered in wonder.

Something changed between them, then and there. Neville became shy, wanting to be gentle after he had pinned her down and forced the situation.
Neville laid next to her, let his fingers trace the veins he could see on her pale skin, then added soft kisses down her arm and side. It dawned on him that Pansy had never had someone want to make her feel good during sex. He, the King Loser, had. He had just given the big O to the meanest girl he had ever met. Between the alcohol and that realization Neville got very dizzy and laid his head down.

Pansy touched his shoulder bringing him out of his thoughts.

Her brown eyes boored through him, she shifted herself so she could open her legs, and beconned him over. He moved to kneel in front of her on the mattress. Leaning forward, he guided his member into her . Once the tip was inside, Neville hesitated. He looked into Pansy's eyes asking for permission. She sucked her upper lip and nodded. He pushed in slowly, looking for resistance on her side. To keep some of his weight off her he propped himself with his arms. Pansy stretched up to kiss him, he could taste a mixture of fluids on her tongue, each making him harder and want her more. He kept the pace slow thinking it would be more comfortable for her. He was surprised when her impatient hands snaked down to cup his ass, pulling him toward her. Taking the cue, Neville hitched her leg over his hip. His motions caused her tits to bounce in time with the thrusts. Nipples dancing, Pansy stretched her arms over her head, grabbing the footboard. She wrapped her other leg around his waist. Her hips tilted up, giving Neville more leverage, his cock burrowed in to the base.

"I'm coming, Nev." she raked her nails on his shoulder then pulled him close by the back of the neck so she could lick his face. Her hungry tongue covered his cheeks and lips then a shuddering moan made her go limp. The juicy swamp between their bodies was expanded when Neville came seconds later.

"I think that might be it." He groaned as he collapsed at Pansy's side. He moved his hand to rest on her stomach glancing over, she was fast asleep. Neville sat up slowly, grabbed his pillows, lifting Pansy to place one under her. He closed the draperies on the bed and cast a locking spell before giving in to exhaustion.