Here we stand in this open space

All glittering like the night-time sky

Champagne bubbles, candles snap

The shining sparkles matching our glimmering teeth

But these smiles are false

There is no real mirth in this rictus grin

Our feelings are faked

Hiding behind a masque of delight

Shallow people with shallow thoughts

Talk about shallow things

Not a single word spoken is sincere

The bubbly muddies everything

Watch as we cavort and gallop

Prancing like mooncalves beneath the stars

No truth found in those sighs and glances-

They switch partners every few minutes

It might be better if this was a reunion

But no-this hall is stuffed with strangers

Introductions forgot as soon as they're made

Nobody here is anyone's friend

So sit back, my dear

Hold your bubbly tight

Behold this production of fools

Celebrating nothing all through the night