When was it that I last saw you? When was it that I last held you close to me? And when was it last that we expressed our affection for each other? When was it? Where was it? Where are you?

A tall man is walking through the stormy dessert alone. Dressed in a rugged cloak to shelter from the sandy wind of Sunagakure, the man centures the vast sea of sand. He has long red hair that is styled into a loose ponytail and under the cloak is the standard ANBU gear of Konohagakure, tight black shirt and pants covered by silver plates.

The pain is everlasting. I cannot endure the scar I willingly inflicted on my person. Why can't everything be like a fairy tale? Where we can live a "happily ever after". Isn't it enough that I have suffered all these years of blame that isn't my own? Do I also have to separate myself from my happiness?

The man doesn't stop walking. He keeps on walking until he reaches the edge of the dessert and enters a forest. A forest unknown to humanity. The forest of the Bijuu.

Here I hide without the company. The deafening silence makes me feel both at peace and miserable. How do I continue this empty life? A life without my heart?

"Naruto," the man utters and emits a mirthless laugh, "this might be our only ending. I am the Kurama, the Kyuubi no Youko. My very essence taints you. What else can I do but leave you? What else can I do but leave and ensure your survival? The survival of my heart?"

I let a tear drop to say goodbye. Goodbye to my heart.