Hello again.

So, one of my reviewers on 'Coerced' made a comment about how they would like to see the continued attempts of Slade to procure Wally as his apprentice. And, me being me, my mind just went 'WRITE NOW!'...so I did.

This fic is far more lighthearted than Coerced. The subject matter decreed it should be.

Have fun reading, and don't forget to review!

The beautiful cover is a gorgeous picture done by Scarlet-Frost over at DA, manipulated by me with their permission.

Disclaimer (for the whole story): I hold no rights to Young Justice or any of it's characters, no matter how much I wish I do. The characters and show belong to Greg Weisman, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and anyone else I forgot to name.

EDIT JULY 2013: I have now gone back and reworked parts of this fic, adding in things and changing quite a bit. Note that this is supposed to be a happy, sort of lighthearted fic, and is not meant to be reflective of my best writing.

1. The Normal Way

Slade Wilson was frustrated. He was in need of an apprentice, and he believed he had found the one he wanted. He had chosen wisely, he felt. The boy held great potential; smart, curious, and athletic, there were few things that Slade felt were undesirable. One was that he had a smart mouth (but Slade would beat that out of him very quickly).

The other was that Kid Flash was undeniably a hero.

And Slade was not quite sure how to rectify that.


First Slade tried the normal ways of manipulation and coercion. He simply kidnapped the Team and left Kid Flash to decide whether or not to be his apprentice or watch him kill his friends one by one.

But Slade, genius mastermind though he was, forgot one crucial thing.

Wally could travel at the speed of sound, far faster than any mere bullet.

Slade couldn't even touch him before he managed to pull Robin from his grasp, shut off the security systems (which Robin had been instructing him via mind-link on how to hack since he had been brought in) and escape with the rest of his friends.