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Chapter 1

It was the end of fourth period and the beginning of lunch period. Jake waited patiently for today's meal consisting of chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with or without gravy, and green beans. Jake took plain milk because that was all he ever drank here at school. He paid for his lunch and was on his way to the table of two others; one looking uneasy and nervous while the other, well to Jake's description, a big cross armed Neanderthal.

"It's about time you showed up." He growled. "I was thinking of asking your little friend here to go get me some grub, but I see you have exactly what I want."

Jake stared at the school's starring quarterback with utter disgust. Jake waited for his lunch and no way was he going to give it up. "Well Chance, if it's lunch you want, go wait in line like everyone else!" The lean tom raised his voice to the one kat nobody dared to. He heard from others that Chance was stronger than most toms. A fragile freshman like Jake could easily be put in his place by this junior monster truck.

"Watch it fish, or do you wish to die right now?"

"Wish; I'm practically begging to kick your ass!"

The tabby made for a punch, but Jake evaded the wide swing and landed an uppercut. Chance groaned from the hit and went to tackle the kit. A crowd had formed a circle around them and chanting the obvious. The other jocks pushed their way in, heckling Chance to break the kit. But, Jake didn't give the tabby the chance to even land a punch. He may have looked small and scrawny, but Jake was fast and was currently mastering his martial art skills. It looked like Jake was having the upper paw, until Chance grabbed hold to Jake's kicks. This came as a surprise to Jake; the large tabby twists Jake's leg and fell with the lean tom. Chance pinned his prey, but out of a twinge of respect, he only slammed Jake's face to the floor one time. Not an "I'm letting you off easy" slam, it was a "you're lucky I didn't smash your skull in" slam.

"God damn it!" Jake yelled after instant impact; both paws on his face as he huddled into a ball on the ground. It didn't take long for the blood to seep through his grasp. Someone touched him again and quickly twisted that kat's arm. He let go when he realized one of the on duty lunch monitors was trying to get him up. Embarrassed and red all over, literally, Jake was sent to the office along with Chance.

"You can't suspend my lead quarterback! Without him, we can't win on Friday Night's game against Canton's Eagles!" A burly, tan furred, six foot three irate coach complained to the assistant principle. "What Furlong did was a huge favor to the kit! That little punk needed to be taught some manners!"

"With all do respect Coach Harold," A slim, sexy like gray she-kat spoke out with a slight hint of poison. "But it was your 'star' quarterback that started the fight. Mr. Furlong pushed the captain of my debate team to the edge!"

"Please, settle down!" The assistant principle pinched the space between her eyebrows. "Mrs. Rainwater, I'm going to let Jake off since his was considered self-defense." Her stare turned to a cold glare upon the football coach. "I'm giving Chance in-school suspension." The coach huffed at her response. "That tom will also be sitting out the game on Friday. You have one other quarterback. Give him a chance to have the spotlight."

"But Coach Brawly, you can't –"

"I can; that's why I'm in charge in punishment and regulation of the rules." Coach Harold growled and stormed out; his anger could be heard no matter how far he has walked down the hall. Mrs. Rainwater thanked the assistant principle for a fair trial. Surely, Coach Brawly thought she was being a kiss ass, but she let it slide.

Outside, Jake waited for his teacher to exit. Chance was taken by his coach the second he stormed out. With a gentle touch to his shoulder, Jake looked up to Rainwater with a contrite apologetic look. "Don't worry Jake, you're not in trouble. You're let off since your actions were considered self-defense." Jake eased up a bit, but he knew he was the one who provoked him.

"The nurse said I should head home. With the throbbing pain I'm having, I don't think I can stay focused for the rest of the day."

"I understand. I'll take you home since I don't have a class until sixth period." Mrs. Rainwater took the lean tom and started to head towards the teacher parking lot. There had been a rumor going around school about Mrs. Rainwater. That she took advantage of some of her male students, but Jake didn't believe in that messed up crap. He's known Mrs. Rainwater for more than six years because she and his mother are close friends and neighbors. He liked her as a second mother when she would take care of him whenever his mom was out working at the hospital in town.

"What is the matter Jake? You seem very pensive today. You're still not worried about what happened in school are you?" Jake laughed nervously as his teacher caught on to his behavior. She had been eyeing him throughout the entire drive to the apartments. The way he stared into deep space scared her a bit, but she knew that Jake was always lost in his thoughts. If only he would tell her what bothered him so much.

"It's nothing."

"You're a worthless piece of shit!" Coach Harold yelled at Chance the second he pushed the tabby in the locker room. He was huffing and fuming with anger. Chance only stood silent since he knew talking back would give him the backside of his Coach's paw. He had too many through his time as a quarterback. "Don't you think about the team Furlong? Coach Brawly said you can't play Friday Night's game! You have given us a bad start for the season! We always win against the Eagles! Always! I don't want to see your sorry ass at practice tonight! Go on, get!"

"Yes sir." Chance said in a low hateful voice. Being yelled at made his day worse. He swore he would get that tom for ruining his chance to play Friday Night's game. But first, he needed to find out where this Jake kit lived. He had seen him hanging around with the band geeks, some of the debate students, and track members. His hunt would have to wait. Instead of having to deal with the rest of the day, he decided to skip school and head home.

The ride to his home was used to help him calm down. Lately, Chance had been feeling quick tempered. No matter how calm he may be in school something blew his temper. This isn't the first time he had hurt someone. After football practice, Chance did his usual routine of showering and getting changed quickly to hang out with his friends. But, Chance found some of the varsity team members were trying to temper with his shampoo. The tom holding the bottle froze and his friends ditched him as if he was dead weight. The tabby pushed the tom to the locker and snatched his bottle and poured it all over the tom, turning his fur dark green. It was a harmless punishment, but he never left the tom alone from that day on.

Once Chance parked his truck at the apartments he lived at, his eyes widened when he found Mrs. Rainwater with Jake. 'Oh shit! The rumors are true! But, why with the runt?' The tabby watched a little longer before realizing that Rainwater just dropped Jake off and was heading down the stairs back towards her car. Chance smirked a little when he learned where Jake lived. The interesting thing was he lived just a floor above him. He wondered how he even missed knowing that. He only moved here a month ago and he has never noticed him. Once Mrs. Rainwater pulled out and left, he stepped out of his truck and started his climb to the third floor where his home is.

"Hello, I'm home!" Chance called out but knew nobody was home. His father is out working at a new place he didn't bother to listen to. Chance's father was more concerned about his son's future than football. His father would tell him to stop skipping school and work on his school work so he didn't end up in the same situation they are in now. Chance blew a fuse. He said he wouldn't be in the same situation because he would find someone that won't leave him with their new born. That didn't end well when Chance got arrested for assaulting and breaking his father's arm.

He moved those bad memories to the back of his mind and went to his laptop. The first thing he did was going to YouTube and watched some videos to calm him down and help him relax. Then, he went to the one website he kept to himself. He signed in and found his Inbox with one message unread. He opened it to read his message and then learned that his usual chat is still online. After reading his message, he entered Chat Room.

Goldengod- Hey there love

Wet&tight- Hey ;)

Goldengod- I need help relaxing. Do you think we can meet up tonight?

Wet&tight- That would be lovely big boy. I can't wait to feel that cock again.

Goldengod- You know me babe, I aim to please. And a good fuck is just what I need.

Jake turned off his computer after hours of going through research for his debate team. He never would have guessed trying to find out the pros and cons of immigrants coming over to find work and a better life would effect the government and economy would be so tedious. He rubbed his eyes and got up when the front door opened. He smiled at the sight of his very own mother's smile.

"Well, someone had a great day today."

"Oh yes, I had the best day ever!" Jake's mother practically squealed her excitement. "I just met a handsome tom at work and he asked me out to dinner on Friday. He's a well built guy with the sexiest butt and cutest smile I've ever seen."

"Mom," Jake groaned at all the stuff he was being told. "I'm glad you found someone, but you don't have to tell me like I'm one of your girlfriends. It's bad enough that I'm trying to focus on staying alive for the rest of the school year until the end of my sophomore year."

"Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me; what in blazes were you thinking getting into a fight in school?" Jake's mother yelled at the top of her lungs. Jake should have seen this was coming. When ever Jake got in trouble, his mom would sandwich the approach and end. She would start off by saying something good and then get to the point at paw. The following would top it off with closure of something that would benefit him to learn from this mistake or take the punishment. "You're not hurt are you? That tom did a real number on you. How did the nurse stop the bleeding? More importantly, how did you not get a broken nose?"

"Geez, thanks for the lode of confidence mom." Jake sarcastically said and laughed. His mother blushed at how she doubted the fact that her son defended himself against a quarterback. She continued to check Jake's face for any other sign of damage but she saw that he was better than okay.

"How about I get dinner started while you shower up."

"Yes ma'am." Jake headed to his room, took out a plain red shirt with the school's mascot on it and white basketball shorts. Next he picked out his boxers and started for the shower. He hasn't seen his mom this happy and calm in a long time. The last he saw her like this was when his father was still alive. He was killed in an accident by a drunk driver and that kat was never caught. He promised himself he would find that tom and avenge his father's death. The way to do that has always crossed his mind. At first, he just thought he would turn him in. Then, as time progressed, he planned on actually killing the tom for not taking responsibility. He'd been in the shower for too long that the water had started to get cold.

A knock on the door startled him from the deep thoughts he was still in. "Jake, dinner is ready." He could hear her steps go back to the kitchen and setting what he thinks had to be the silverware. He dried quickly, not thinking about making his mom wait any longer, and put on his clothes. Jake gave one last look in the mirror. He saw a kit with his life ahead of him. He just wished he could be more like that kit.

Chance checked the time and began to head out. He was still feeling a little on edge, but if everything went alright, he didn't give a damn. He knew his father would be working late tonight, as always, and didn't even bother to let his old man know he would be out. He took a little bit of money from his stash and locked the door behind him. He saw Jake's door on the way down and that made him a little angry. He'd forgotten about him until now. Now he really wanted to hurry up and meet up with his date.

"Chance…?" He turned around to the voice he didn't think he would hear until morning. "Do you mind telling me where you're going?"

"Look dad, I'm going to be late." Chance opened the truck but his father shut it. The tabby glared down at the brown tiger like tom. He didn't get his fur color from him, only the stripes. His father returned an even stronger glare. The tabby was getting angry fast and lied his way to get out of here quickly.

"I'm going to go see a movie with some of the guys. Can I please go now?"

His father heavily sighed and rubbed his temple to ease the growing headache his son was giving him. This was the third time Chance had gone out in the night to hang out with his friends and was getting suspicious of what Chance might really be doing. "Alright, I want you back before midnight." He let go of the door and let his son in his truck. He stood there as he watched Chance turn on the truck and start to pull in reverse. He tapped the window and the tabby lowered it with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Just be careful and don't get into trouble. I love you son."

Chance huffed and began to pull out again. Not even looking at his father in the eye, he left without any hint of remorse. He was glad to finally be out of sight of his old man. Chance felt smothered by him and always ends up arguing his way out of doing something his dad wants him to do. He just wished that his father could find someone his own age to hang around with.

A half hour later, Chance pulled up to a seemingly nice house. He pulled out his phone and texted his special kat to know he was here. The front door opened and out came a slim she-kat in a white ladies blazer, a hot pink spaghetti strap top, white skinny jeans, and white strap heels. Her hair was long and jet black, but her fur was a creamy light brown. She carried a small black purse and was applying her pink lipstick on as she walked towards the tabby's truck. She entered on the passenger seat and she leaned in to get an awaited kiss from the tabby.

"So, where are we going first?" She whispered as they part from their kiss. Chance didn't answer right away and just savored the moment. She knew he would be like this.

"I was thinking we could go get some dinner first and then head over to the lake." Chance purred as he rubbed her thigh with his paw. She responded with a needy mew and begging to be taken by him, but she wanted to take this slow regardless of how fast they started the relationship. "What do you say we get on to that dinner Chelsey?"

The house had never felt so quiet in his life. He sat on the couch and stared into empty space as he reminisced of the days when he and Chance had the best days of their lives. It was hard raising that tabby as a single father, but he loved him with unconditional love. Then one day, his little kitten became too busy for him. Chance would find excuses to get away from the house and avoid doing anything with him.

"What happened? Did I do something to upset him? Where did I go wrong? Why does he hate me so much? How do I get him to talk to me?" Chance's father asked and got no respond. He released a shuddering sigh and took a swig of the bottle of scotch in his paw. He hadn't had a strong drink since the day his wife left him one month after Chance was born. He stopped keeping alcohol in the house since Chance was starting to have a habit of drinking himself. But this bottle was in his possession for more than two years since his brother's wedding.

There was a knock on his door. He staggered to get up and slowly walked to the door. He opened it without checking who it could be. "Whoa, you really need to get some sleep." The tom gave him a warm laugh and leaned on the railing.

"What do you want Alex?"

"Calm down Zack, I came to check up on you." Alex said in a nice way. He frowned at the sight of his friend taking a swing of the alcohol. "Chance been giving you trouble again, huh?"

"Yeah; I don't know what his deal is, but I wanted to tell him something." The brown tabby slurred a bit. It was then he noticed that he was getting drunk and handed the bottle to Alex. "Here, take it. If I hold on to it, it'll be empty in a heartbeat."

"I'm worried about you. You could still be working in City Hall if you didn't decide to quit just so you could be a little more closer with your son. Taking up low income jobs won't benefit your living conditions."

"Just keep to your business and I'll keep to mine. The world will be a lot better that way."

"Then why do you keep getting into Chance's case when he wants to be left alone too." Alex gave Zack a slight glare. The brown tabby was getting frustrated of his friend's meddling.

"Fuck off." Zack slammed the door shut regardless of the time being almost eleven. He leaned on the door and slid down to the floor as heard Alex's steps going down the stairs. He rubbed a paw down his face at the realization that he was alone. The brown tabby got up and made for the shower.

"That was an amazing dinner Chance." Chelsey said as she leaned on the tabby's strong body. Chance had an arm around her and held her close. He was ready for the next part of the date. They both got into the truck and Chance made his way to the lake. The place wasn't far from the suburbs of where they lived. It was the get away spot for families and hook up spots for couples. Especially to those who wanted to have some fun under the stares. Here, the lake was surrounded by tall pine trees and lush green grass.

Once Chance parked and turned of the truck, the two didn't waist time getting started. Chance was already removing her top. He licked her nipples and Chelsey moaned with pleasure. The tabby worked on unzipping his pants and pulled out his hard huge tool. He stopped a moment to put on a condom and Chelsey didn't like to be waited on. Wasting no time, he swiftly pulled off her pants and placed her on top of him. Chelsey gasped as the hard pole entered her warm channel. Chance placed his paws on her hips and caressed her thighs as she moved up and down to experience the ecstasy she got from this tom. They kiss and moan into each others mouths. Chance was growling with pleasure as she picked up speed and welcomed his cock deeper. He groaned when she tightened and they were starting to reach their climax. Chelsey dug her fangs into the tabby's neck. Chance roared when he reached his climax. Chelsey moaned loudly from the orgasm and slowed down. They continue to kiss and bask in the glow. Chance was fully sated and was glad to have finally relaxed. He pulled her off once his cock has softened a bit. She moaned softly and licked him on his nose. After twenty minutes of rest, they decided to head home.

"Here we are." Chance said soothingly to his date. He leaned in to kiss her and was granted the welcome.

"Thanks Chance. We should do this again soon." She winked and headed out of the tabby's truck. He watched her head into her house after she blew one last kiss. Chance smiled and began to head back to the apartment of his waiting, and hopefully sleeping, father.

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