"Derek, what's wrong? Did those bullies mess with you again?"

"No, it's not that. I lost my favorite toy car again."

"Jeez… What's with you and that toy? I swear, you lose that thing more than you do during practice. But don't worry, I'll help you look for it."

"Thanks, Chance."

"Hey, it's what friends do. We are friends, right?"

Rain trickled lightly as the sky began to grey and block out the sun. Chance stood there panting after running. His eyes stared hard at the only object he wished was not left behind.


Chapter 8

Not far from behind him, Chance's coach arrived winded from trying to catch up with the tabby. He saw the young tom bend down to reach something. Nothing was said for a while and the coach worried about what was going on.

"They got him."


"They got him! Derek is gone!" Chance yelled. Inside he was panicking and had no idea what to do. All he did was hold on to the toy car in his paw firmly and sob to himself.

"It's all my fault… I made all of this happen… If I hadn't yelled at Jake, maybe...maybe none of this would be happening."

"Don't blame yourself, kid," Coach said, "Derek couldn't have gone far. You heard it yourself. Someone just recently got kidnapped."

Chance couldn't calm down, but he knew his coach was right. During their search for clue, they overheard a female telling an Enforcer that she just spotted a strange canine hefting a young tom. The tabby ran at that moment to look for his friend to make sure it was not Derek. But his fear became a reality.

"If we look around, we may be able to find something else."

"If we do that, the guy might get away! We have to leave! Now!"

"I know you're worried about your best friend, but you have to calm down. We can't go rushing into searching for him without any clues." Coach looked hard into the young tabby's eyes and didn't look away. Chance growled, turned around, and buried his face into his paw. His coach comfort him for a while before he started to rummage around the bench.

Chance stood there. The rain poured down on him, weighing him down and forcing him to go weak in his knees.

"Derek, I'm so sorry."

"Chance, don't talk like that."

"I'm not." Chance rubbed his eyes, "I need to find him. There's something I have to tell him. I'll never forgive myself if we are too late. I need your help, Coach."

"Sure," the older tom smiled without even understanding what his athlete meant. After some minutes of looking around the bench and the bush behind it, they managed to find a syringe buried in the mud.

"At least we know what was used to kidnap Derek." Coach said. "It's a sedative used to calm the body to the point where you can't even move. Powerful and quick. Usually used when someone wants to get their way."

"You sure do know a lot." Chance said amazed.

"Well, when...you use to be an Enforcer, that kind of knowledge is pretty much retained." Coach blushed lightly. He never had anyone become interested in his past job. Coach never talked about his life as Enforcer because the question never came up.

"So you quit being an Enforcer?" Chance asked. They walked along the path of the park toward the parking lot.

"I had to. I went through the academy, trained hard, and ranked top in my squad. But not everything went like I planned. I relapsed in my first mission when I took a blow to the head. Went through amnesia and lost some of my motor skills. I could still move but the doctor said I would not heal fast enough to return to the line of duty. So I quit and became a coach at a middle school."

"I had you all wrong," Coach looked at the young tom confused, "I always thought you were a boring, chubby coach. But you're actually pretty cool."

"Jeez, thanks for the compliment." The older tom tried to not sound ungrateful but he did enjoy talking about his past. He had to admit that he rarely shared anything with anyone yet he willingly told his own student what he used to be without hesitation. But something else bothered him. There was something about Chance he didn't notice before until just a moment ago.

"Tell me, why are you always so difficult? Derek tries really hard to cheer you up but you ignore him. But when he's in danger, you freak out."

"It's not that easy to explain." Chance said. He didn't want to explain himself and his feelings toward Derek. Just the thought of his coach knowing why he was eager to look for Derek mortified him and probably risked his chances in being in the team.

"I don't want anything to happen to Derek. He's...my best friend."

"Are you sure you left in here?" Chance peaked inside the empty classroom. The only time he had entered here was when he had to get his backpack fixed when it got caught into his locker.

"I lost it around after lunch and this class is after lunch. Don't worry, I'll just check near my station." Derek pushed the door wider and walked in. Chance stood by the door, looking back and forth for any sign of a faculty coming by.

"How can Derek come in this class without worrying about the guys seeing him here. It's no wonder why he gets picked on all the time. All I do is protect him from the others and try to help him to be tougher, but he still does this crap. But I have to admit," Chance pulled up his sleeve, "he is...pretty good."

The tabby admired the gift Derek made him in Sewing Class. It was a bracelet that was not like what most of the other students would create. Derek had brought his own materials and had woven a leather strap that fit perfectly around his wrist with his favorite lucky coin attached to it. Chance had always had that coin with him, though it had no actual currency.

"Some lucky coin you are...can't even find that stupid toy."

Derek listened closely to the tabby as he went on about his complaints. 'He's just like all the others. Always trying to make me feel different. How can he say we are really...?'

Strong heavy paws caressed his sides as he laid there shirtless before his predator. Derek tried really hard to distract himself from what was happening, but he could only recall his life and kept telling himself that Chance would come and save him. But the memories, he could only recall what he heard from how Chance truly felt about him. He had forgotten he had blocked out the memory from further pain of himself.

"That's a good boy… You are perfect. I had imagined this for a long time but you are more delicious in my grasp."

Derek couldn't fight back. The sedative that worked inside his body had passed away but he was already bound by his wrists and ankle. He couldn't speak with a cloth gagging his maw and wrapped tightly around with wide clear tape.

"Don't struggle so much kitten. You don't want to get hurt." The husky pulled out a box-cutter and ran the dull edge along the tom's chest. Watching the young tom shiver made the husky hotter and groan in pleasure.

"Sorry if I get a little careless, babe. But it's not fun without a little pain." Derek closed his eyes tightly as the sharp end threatened to penetrate his skin. The hard pressed tip subsided after a short while but he knew he wasn't cut. Yet.

"Now to get rid of these annoying shorts." The blade quickly dug into the young tom's shorts and cut it's way along the thread. Derek tensed as the tip lightly traveled over his fur and closed in on his skin. He relaxed for a second before the husky yanked off his shorts along with his boxers.

"Hehehe! You scared? Don't be, baby boy. I'll treat you nice and slow before I eat you up."

"Chance… Where are you? I need you! More than ever…"

Derek panted after running for a while from the same guys that bothered with him during lunch. After separating from Chance on the walk home, the three bullies waited on him to pass by. He knew he couldn't fight all three on his own. Derek was never much of a fighter and hated to inflict pain on someone regardless of the situation.

He heard them coming again. Derek had nowhere to run. The bullies crept closer on him, each one with a different blunt object in their hands. It happened far too quick for Derek to remember what happened but he had awoken with a heavy pain all over his body. That's when he realized that he was still alive.

He moved his head to see his favorite toy car on the small table next to him. It was the same exact car but it wasn't his. It was new. Brand new; still in its package. Derek felt upset but he couldn't help but wonder who could have gotten him that.

"Hey, can you hear me?" Chance's voice was soft but it felt a bit broken. "You had me really worried. I saw how upset you were when we couldn't find your car again so I went back to look for it on my own. And I still couldn't find it. After a while, I saw those assholes again." Derek realized that maybe Chance didn't know he was awake yet. "I wondered what they were doing but they seemed to be laughing and covered in blood. They all joked about you. Talked about how badly they beat you up. I lost it. I don't remember what I did to them. But I did find your car again. The smart mouthed one had it in his hand the whole time but it was too late for me to take it back. I remember him tossing it into the sewer. I just...what have you done to me, Derek? I cried when I found you. I didn't want to let you go when the paramedics came to take you. I couldn't go back to school. I couldn't stop thinking about you. Three days. Three painful days without answers. Then I heard you were alive but I had to wait even longer. Derek, I'm…"

"You're afraid it's going to happen again, aren't you?"

Chance tensed up. He knew after telling his story to his coach that THAT was exactly what he feared. "Yeah, I'm his friend and I promised him that I'll protect him and I couldn't. I wasn't there when he needed me. I got frustrated at him for losing his toy again but it wasn't actually lost."

"Then don't panic. We still have time. The sedative should have faded from Derek's body so we have a better chance of finding him."

The young tabby wished none of this would be happening and that their lives were back to normal. But if it was, he'd still be miserable; mistreating his friends and only father. Then he'd still be seeing that girl from the internet who he had no feelings for. His life was completely turned upside down. Nothing made sense. Everything he tried to do only made him feel useless.

"Why me, though? Why my life?"

"Chance, keep going." Chance gasped, "You look for Derek. I'll call for help just like I was supposed to."

"I don't even know where to look…"

"Don't give me that! Find Derek and come back. That's all you need to do. I'll see you soon." Coach then started to walk the other direction, leaving Chance alone.

"I am happy...you still...care."

Chance started to run. His mind was automatically set to hunt down his friend and protect him. He didn't care. He never cared for being thanked or whoever he helped. But it was Derek. Derek was the only one who made Chance feel alive for being exactly who he was.

"You need me to pour more water?"

"It's fine. I'm not that thirsty." Derek smiled. After his attack, he never felt happier to see Chance. It wasn't long ago when the three bullies were caught and arrested for nearly killing Derek over a stupid reason.

Derek heard Chance's story of how he found him and he never knew how much Chance appreciated him. Chance would visit him everyday from after school to the end of the day. The weekends were usually the longest visits. Their friendship had gotten tighter and they relied on each other ever since that day.

Slowly, along with time, Chance had secluded himself but he never wavered his friendship from Derek. Only his treatment. Derek would usually scold him for drinking under age and for staying up too late but Derek understood why all of this was happening.

"Your dad isn't the problem, Chance. It's you."

"Me? Are you saying it's my fault? That it was because of me my mom left us?"

"That's not what I-Chance, I'm saying you are just shutting yourself away."

"From what? I don't run away from anything! I face my problems head on and kick their ass! If he wasn't my dad, I'd surely have him lying in a hospital bed."

"And you'd be lying in a prison cell bed." Derek sighed, "Just don't do anything stupid. Please, for me, okay?"

"Don't talk like that. It's gay."

Derek bit his lip and tried not to get offended. Those words hurt and he knew if he started yelling at him, he'd be the one getting more than just heartbroken.

"I'm telling you as your friend, don't do anything stupid."

"Fine, but you owe me. My dad asks you where I am, you never saw me."

"I never saw you...Chance."

Derek breathed heavily through his nose. His wrists were now tied with rope and barely able to stand with his legs weakened from the many whippings to his ass. His back felt cold and wet. It stung from his sweat entering the wide gashes caused from the sharp cracks of his predator. He didn't know how long it was since the husky took a break for a smoke. Derek could smell the putrid air wafting around him and the slow, heavy stride circling around him.

"You are a very good boy to stay awake. If you passed out on me, that wouldn't be fun at all. I love your groaning and whimpering. The way you are breathing, it excites me. The pain in your eyes just urges me to do more."

Derek shook as the knife poked his belly again. The icy sting slowly bore a cut for the longest second he could possibly imagine. He didn't want to pass out because he was afraid what would happen. Staying alive was the only thing Derek kept his focus on until the sick bastard was done with him. That is if he would ever be free or alive.

"I think I played long enough with you, boy. I want what I came for."

The husky started to remove his blood stained long-sleeved shirt and tie. His upper body exposed the hard trained muscles from years of possible kidnappings and rapes. His trousers were quickly removed, almost ripped off. He wore nothing under and his hardened member throbbed with pre leaking from the long wait.

"I want to hear you scream, boy. Take my cock dry and writhe in pain."

Derek shut his eyes tightly to avoid looking at the monster that would soon penetrate him. He trembled and couldn't get the image of what he saw out of his mind. It was huge. The size and girth was enough to make him shudder.

Derek breathed in when he felt the tip touch over his hole. He always thought his first time would be with Chance but now it seemed that he would never get that opportunity. The husky growled with anticipation as his cock threatened to break in. A hard push made Derek tighten up and muffle a scream.


Chance was out there calling for him. The husky had stopped and this time his growl turned into anger. The tabby continued to call out his name for a while and it was getting closer. His predator didn't budge or move from his position. All he did was quietly growl for being interrupted. Derek was beginning to panic as there was a silence for about five minutes after his name was called.

"I'm sorry, baby boy, but your friend left."

"That can't be… Chance, come back!"

"Where was I… Oh, right, breaking into your boy ass."

"Get away from him."

The all too familiar growl brought hope into Derek. Chance hadn't left. But how? Everything was so quiet and Chance couldn't even move that silent at all.

"Another boy comes and tells me to stop? How naive are you, boy?" The husky pulled out what little of himself he had inside Derek without care. Derek couldn't see what was happening and even the smallest movement made his back hurt.

"I'm not as naive as you think I am. Did you honestly think I would call out for someone who has been kidnapped? No, that was just a cover up for the real guys surrounding the place."

"That's the worst bluff I ever heard." The husky branded his knife again. Chance stood there locking his hard angry stare at the bastard who took his friend. "If you really think I can be scared that easily, think again."

"I wasn't trying to scare you. I am telling you the truth." At that moment, weapons were cocked all around them. "Get away from him. You're lucky Enforcers were here to begin with. If I was here alone, I'd have killed you by now."

Chance watched his friend yet again sleep away the pain in the hospital bed. This was the second time he had to go through this but this time he got to him in time. He didn't think about the "ifs." Chance was just happy to see his best friend in peace again.

"Derek, when you wake up, I promise I will stop running away. You were right. You were right all along. I can't believe it has taken me all this time to piece together all the hints you were giving me. I really am naive. But there was one thing you were wrong about."