Hi all! My school is performing Seussical the Musical so as many others are doing I'd like to write up some hysterically funny bloopers! Thanks to InnocentSmile97 who inspired me and encouraged me to write this!

Disclaimer: If I owned Seussical, well then it wouldn't be called Seussical now, would it?

Seussical! No, Its Soosical, right?

"OK, Its Possible! Everyone!" Calls the director from the front of the long gymnasium the drama crew uses as their rehearsal room.
We all run over to the center of the gymnasium.
"In your positions!" he calls out again.
Once we're in our positions, JoJo begins to sing. "This might be a pool-"

(goes on till bowl full of schloop)
"Bowl full of schloop!" the cat exclaims jubilantly.
"With a cherry on top!" JoJo cries out before pausing abruptly as the director waved his hand, signaling a cut.
"CUT! OK, cat and JoJo, I have an idea. If JoJo could slide in between cats legs when he says his line..." the director calls, motioning toward cat and JoJo.
We start from the top.
"Bowl full of schloop!" the cat sings, straddling on the ground.
"With a cherry on top!" JoJo exclaims, sliding under his legs but stopping halfway through and skidding on the rock-hard gymnasium floor.
"Ahhh! sliding-under-cats-legs-Gymnasium-floor-burn!" JoJo exclaims before getting up and saying excitedly "Lets do it again!"

It will be 1 or 2 bloopers a chapter depending on their size. This one is one of the bigger ones.

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QOTD: If a pink bunny ran into my school and started twitching it's nose next to Kurt, wat would Kurt do?

A thing you need to know to answer QOTD: Kurt is a kid in my class. He doesn't believe in pink bunnies ( I do!) and he says to me, that one day, he will get a white bunny, spray paint it pink, chop off its head and bring it to school to show me... OH! And hes really smart too! Hes in my honors math class and language arts! And always serious! So go on and make up what you think would happen in a situation as of the QOTD!