next one! hope you guys realize this is a pairing fic, too! Godric/Rowena, Helga/Salazar!


Preparations went underway immediately. They decided to have, one week before their first day of school, a day for the parents to come in and ask any questions. Salazar protested this, and came up with a better idea.

"Perhaps we should let them meet us at Hogsmeade? I don't think it's safe to let them know where the castle is. There might be parents who are not happy to let their children be taught magic by a bunch of strangers." Salazar said. Godric shrugged it off. Surely they wanted their children to be safe?

But he was wrong.

When Salazar spotted a mob of people in carriages at the front gate of the school, he waved his wand to open it and let them in. As they came to the front door, the four founders stood together, all taking deep breaths.

"Ready?" Godric asked.

"Let's change the world." Rowena whispered. Salazar opened the doors with his wand and raised his arms in welcome.

"Hello, my fellow witches and-"

But he was cut off.

A red jet of sparks blasted him off his feet, where he slammed to the floor on his back.

"SALAZAR!" Helga screamed.

"Protego!" Godric roared, raising his wand and waving it. Another jet of red sparks sped toward them, aimed at Rowena this time, but it bounced off an invisible barrier and slammed into the wall. Some of the parents gasped, astounded by this use of magic.

"STOP!" Godric roared angrily. The mob of angry parents glared at him.

"Who do you think you are? Sending a letter to us telling us you want to teach our children how to use magic when magic is being condemned all over England!" One woman yelled angrily. A couple of people shouted in agreement with her.

"We can teach them how to control their magic! Please, just hear us out!" Rowena cried.

"Enough! Let us here what they have to say!" One man said, stepping forward and facing the mob. A couple of people joined him and Rowena saw that the mob of parents were divided: some were angry, but some where hopeful.

Hopeful that this place could provide a safe haven for their children.

"Why should we? They make it sound as if we have no choice!"

"We don't have a choice! Our children are being rounded up and killed! This place is secret and secure! The muggles will never find them here!"

"Of course they won't." Salazar growled, finally standing up. The parents looked at him, waiting for an explanation.

"We cast protective spells all over the castle. To muggles, this would just be an abandoned building...a haunted one. No one would dare enter it." Salazar gasped, wincing.

"Our children...they could live here...use magic?" One man asked. Rowena nodded, her face glowing with excitement.

"Your children...they are young! Magic comes to them, to all of us, at age ten, does it not?" She asked. Some of the parents nodded reluctantly.

"And they cannot control it! When they get angry, or just happens! Correct?"

Again, they nodded.

"We can teach them to control their magic! We can teach them how to use it, when to use it! And, we can also teach them how to defend themselves! What do they ever learn? How to shoot a couple of sparks from the ends of their wands? You saw what we can do! We can teach them so much more!" Helga said, stepping forward and standing beside Rowena.

"How do we know we can trust you? You're asking us to send our children to live with you for almost an entire year! We do not know you at all!"

"Then get to know us. That's why you're here, is it not?" Godric said. The parents looked at each other hesitantly.

"Tell us how you plan to teach our children. How you plan to look after them. And show us every nook and cranny of this place. I'm not sending my child anywhere if it's dangerous." The woman from before said. Some parents nodded along with her.

"Very well."

And with that, the four friends began to lead the parents around the entire castle, each of them taking a couple of parents and taking them to different places and answering any question they had. They also showed them to the different areas the children would sleep if they were sorted into different houses. If they were chosen to be in Ravenclaw, they would sleep in Ravenclaw Tower, located in the West of the Castle. If they were chosen to be in Gryffindor, they would sleep in Gryffindor Tower, located on the Seventh Floor of the Grand Staircase. If they were chosen to be in Slytherin, they would sleep in the dungeons where Salazar's headquarters were. If they were sorted in Hufflepuff, they would sleep in the basement near the kitchens (Helga wanted to be near the house-elves, since she'd grown attached to them since finding Harpy).

By late afternoon, every single parent left the castle with a smile on their face.

"I trust you, Rowena. I trust all of you. Please...teach my son to control his magic...he was almost caught the other day...the thought of him burning on that stake..."
The woman who had protested before, whose name was Elena, said with tears in her eyes. Rowena clasped her hand in hers.

"I promise're children will be safe here. All of your children will be. We would rather die than let harm come to any of them."

"Thank you shall see them here next week on the first day of the September month." Elena said, grinning. The parents shouted in agreement. Helga clapped her hands in excitement.

"Oh, we would be so happy to meet them! It shall truly be a day to remember!"

One man walked up to Godric, his face grim.

"Two children were hanged last week. Three the week before that." Godric sighed, tears in his eyes. The man shook his head.

"One of them was a muggle, too. They're getting more paranoid, the lot of them. There's no hope for us...but if you do this...if you provide a safe home for our children...we have a future." He said, a tear falling down his cheek. Godric grasped the mans hand, nodding.

"You have nothing to fear. They will be safe here."

"I know they will. The four of you...the magic you is unlike any I have ever seen." he said, chuckling. Godric chuckled with him.

"We invented them ourselves. It's boring here in a castle with only the four of us. Oh, and the house elves. But truly, all they do is clean the castle and cook! They prefer to be left alone and hidden...they practically collapsed with excitement when we told them children from all over England would be joining us."

The man laughed, then nodded.

"Thank you. All four of you. It was very brave of you to begin this."

"We simply want the best for our children."

"And I'm sure you'll provide."

And with that, he walked away, following the mob of parents back to the carriages at the front gate.

"That went perfectly!" Rowena said, smiling proudly.

"Are you forgetting the part where I was blasted off my feet?" Salazar said angrily. Rowena shrugged.

"Nothing you can't handle."

He grunted.

"Other than went well."

"Well, I believe this calls for a feast." Godric said, grinning. Salazar grinned.

"Good! I'm starving!"

"As am I!" Helga groaned.

"Then you will be happy to know we prepared a great meal, sir!" A voice squeaked. They looked down in surprise and saw Harpy the house elf smiling at them.

"I is so proud of youse! So is the rest of the elves, sirs and madams!"

"Oh, thank you Harpy!" Rowena said, smiling.

"So, that meal you prepared?" Salazar asked.

"Salazar!" Rowena exclaimed.

"Ready for you as we speak!"

Helga and Salazar exchanged glances.

"GO!" They ran toward the Great Hall, Helga jinxing the door to slam shut before Salazar could enter. It slammed into his nose and he groaned. Godric and Rowena roared in laughter.

"I'm glad you find pleasure in my pain." He said, scowling at them as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He opened the door.

"You'll pay for that, Helga!" He roared, though there was a hint of amusement in his voice. Godric and Rowena looked at each other.

"Amazing...we are about to make history, teaching children magic...and we're here smashing doors in each others faces and acting like children." He said, shaking his head. Rowena chuckled.

"I don't remember there being a rule in the book of Hogwarts that says the founders can't have some fun." She said, raising her eyebrows. He cocked one eyebrow and grinned.

"I see..."

He drew his wand and Rowena glanced at it.

"You wouldn't..." She whispered, narrowing her eyes, but smiling.

"Of course not." She breathed a sigh of relief.

"After dinner." She groaned as he went to the Great Hall, laughing.

They ate dinner in silence, glancing at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. Baldor was watching them in suspicion.

"How's that uh, sketch coming, Baldor?" Godric asked, watching Rowena's wand hand twitching.

"Well, it's going good. I think I might go work on it n-"



The table was blasted forward and Godric and Rowena fell from their chairs. Rowena gasped for air as Godric roared with laughter on the floor.

"Come on Rowena!" Helga giggled, helping her friend up.

Salazar sent sparks their way, which Helga deflected.

"Looks like it's us versus them, brother!" Salazar said, helping Godric up. Godric grinned.

"This is going to be fun!"

Godric and Salazar raised after Rowena and Helga-

And barely raised their wands in time to deflect a curse Rowena sent their way.

The entire night they spent chasing each other around the castle, casting curses at each other.

Both teams eventually separated, with Rowena facing off against Godric and Salazar facing off against Helga.

Godric heard Helga's shrieks of laughter from somewhere to the west of the castle, and Salazar's deep laughter. He was silent though.

Rowena was here somewhere.

"Ro, come on! I know you're here!"

Her reply was a jinx which knocked him off his feet. He groaned at the pain in his stomach and heard Rowena gasp in shock.

"Oh god! I didn't mean to cast it so strongly! Are you okay, Godric!" She asked. He grinned wickedly and gripped her wrist, pulling her down to him. She squealed in shock, then laughed as he tickled her, both their wands on the floor.

"Okay! Okay! Truce!" She gasped out, tears in her eyes. Godric roared with laughter. He was laying on top of her, lifting his body above her, but his legs were pinning hers. He gazed into her green eyes for a moment, his laughter fading.

Rowena looked at him, blue reflecting against green.

"Godric..." She whispered.

"Shh..." He said, shaking his head. She gulped loudly and he chuckled, still pinning her down.

"Why so nervous?" He asked.

"You're pinning me down..." She said. He laughed and she laughed breathlessly with him.

"That's not why you're nervous..." He said, smirking. She sighed.

"Godric...we have a lot to prepare for and-"

He silenced her with a kiss.

His lips were soft against hers, warm and gentle. She was in complete shock, but kissed him back nevertheless.

They broke apart when they heard laughter coming down the hallway where they were located.

Godric ruffled his hair, chuckling, then stood and held his hand out to Rowena. She took it, standing up with his help and smiling.


"As am I." She said. He cocked an eyebrow.

"I don't think we're sorry for the same thing. I'm sorry for tickling you and pinning you to the ground, but I'm definitely not sorry for kissing you." He said, chuckling. Rowena bit her lip, hiding a smile.

"Godric, I-"

"There you two are! We were-." Salazar turned around the corner, saw Godric and Rowena, looked behind them and froze, his face pale. Godric sighed, but looked at his friend, confused.


"Look what you has done to the castle!"

Godric froze and turned, staring guiltily at Harpy, who had her arms crossed angrily with a few other house elves, all with their arms crossed. Godric looked around and saw suits of armors knocked to the floor, glass windows broken...

He didn't realize their mini duel had caused so much damage. He exchanged glances with his four friends, all of who were biting back laughter.