Suffer the Agony

[500 Themes: 25]

It must be bad if Kotetsu is acting like this.

He hasn't even done much today to rile him. A smile, a smirk, a tilt of his head and a lidding of his eyes – no proverbial crook of his finger yet, but Kotetsu's nerves are so highly strung that he interprets all of that as that very thing. Want you. Need you. It's palpable in the air, and Barnaby can't help but shudder at calloused fingertips on his skin, at rough lips and beard against his throat and oh, he can't help but grab hold of the man's tie and tug when he's close, close enough to kiss and be kissed and that's exactly what happens.

Kotetsu's hungry, and damned if Barnaby isn't now, too. To hell with being in the public eye, to hell with those lingering close to them, because Kotetsu's prowling over him like his namesake, like he wants to eat him alive -

"I," Kotetsu breathes against his throat, hot, husky, more a growl than words, "am gonna tear you to pieces."

As if Barnaby needs any more fuel to his fire.

Yes, Barnaby thinks, twisting that tie harder, tighter, lurching upward to feel the delicious burn of Kotetsu's fingers pulling at his hair and scalp, tear me to pieces. Rip me to shreds. Leave marks so everyone knows, everyone sees, everyone thinks about what you do to me behind a closed door -

The flash of cameras is blinding, obnoxious, and Barnaby exhales a ragged little snarl of his own through clenched teeth, eyes frightfully sharp as they settle upon the owner of said camera.

Interruptions or not, there's nothing that abates that need, that desire, and oh how Barnaby knows he's going to love being bedridden for a good portion of their afternoon and into the night.