Sensual Command

[500 Themes: 37]

To be honest, Kotetsu never expected to enjoy himself so much with things like this.

Barnaby's a demanding lover no matter the situation, but this? This is almost too much, when his fingers catch hold of his jaw, when he thumbs his lower lip and when one finger presses its way past his lips. Barnaby expects him to lick and nibble at it, to trace the length of soft, soft skin and hollow his cheeks for a proper suck. Still – Kotetsu's always thrown a little off-kilter, feeling a pair of those fingers against his tongue. He's always a little flushed, a little embarrassed – not for the act itself, but by the fact he likes it so much. He does the same thing to Barnaby all the time, but that's – well –

"Open up."

Barnaby is always so firm when he says it, when he grips Kotetsu's chin and coaxes his mouth open. Kotetsu shudders when the head of Barnaby's cock presses against his lips, and he flicks his tongue out, tasting him in spite of all hesitation. He's not good at this, but he wants it to be good for Barnaby all the same.

Those long, slender fingers fist into his hair, tugging him forward, and Kotetsu feels his skin flush hotter, feels a groan bubble up in the back of his throat regardless. The weight of Bunny's cock against his tongue is nice, enough to make his eyes shut as he tries to swallow more of him, gags a little when Barnaby bumps against the back of his throat and then pulls back, mercifully, to let him suck in a ragged breath, lips already slick with saliva and sticky pre-cum.

He's not good at this, but the look on Bunny's face could say otherwise – flushed as well, eager and licking his lips as he watches Kotetsu's head bob, watches his lips stretch around his cock and watches him suck and lick at him. At least, that's what Bunny does for awhile, but then Kotetsu feels his patience wear thin, feels those hands tighten further in his hair and yank him down, hold him down and fuck, that shouldn't make him so hard, for Bunny to just hold him in place and fuck his mouth with hard little snaps of his hips.

Kotetsu shudders, gives in to desire and reaches down into his boxers to stroke himself. He's so hard he hurts, and he really shouldn't be even more aroused when Barnaby pulls back – not entirely, just enough to have the head of his cock between Kotetsu's lips – and holds him there before coming, dripping over his lips and down his chin and over his tongue. A little strangled groan escapes Kotetsu's throat, and he's coming all over his own fist, flushed hot and shaking because fuck, he never comes this hard, only when he's with Barnaby.

"You're really… a lot better than you think."

"… Learned from the best," Kotetsu manages dryly, and Barnaby laughs at him, the brat.

"Don't give yourself that much credit."