You Raise Me Up

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Does it feel good to be alive again?

Barnaby asks himself this often, when it strikes a chord so clearly in his mind that yes, he is alive again, he's back from the dead. A figurative death, of course, but oh, he might as well have been dead and gone and buried, buried underneath the weight of 'life' and everything that went with it.

It's not like that anymore, though.

Now, there's Kotetsu – who is just alive now as he, not living just for others now but for himself. He's a damned beacon, too bright sometimes that it still hurts Barnaby's eyes, but he wants that sort of light all the same. Wants to reach for it – wants to touch it – wants to curl up in it and bask.

If there's a cliche gravitational pull towards anything, he is certain he and Kotetsu have something like it – strong and circling and reaching even when they aren't so near one another at all.

(And they don't need a single day to be reminded of that, but, ah, it's sort of nice all the same – this Valentine thing…)