Warning: Spoilers through 3x14 (On My Way); a couple of very mild, non-graphic mentions of attempted suicide.

Notes: This is being written as a fill for Glee's kink meme for the prompt - "Dave/Kurt, sweet!sex, 'I just want some serious affectionate lovemaking between the two. Karofsky's super gentle and attentive and takes care of his boy. And Kurt loves it, and loves Karofsky too.' "

So this is the result and it's sort of an introspective from Kurt's point of view. It's FaPWP - fluff and porn (eventually) without plot. :)

Kurt hates comparing Dave to Blaine, he really does. More often than not, the comparison casts Blaine in an unfavorable light and that seems dishonorable somehow, and petty; an insult to the memory of his first romantic relationship.

But at times, it's pretty much impossible not to compare.

Like when Glee club is considering a version of Mr. Hot Spanish Teacher Martinez's 'Sexy and I Know It' for the final school assembly of the year and they're trying out different moves for the choreography. Rehearsal is almost over and Dave is sitting in a chair near the door, waiting patiently for them to finish because he and Kurt are hitting the mall (Kurt insists he needs new PJs for their trip to Nationals) after practice, followed by dinner at Breadstix.

Kurt is cutting loose and having fun, letting his hips roll and thrust and swivel and shimmy in time with the music, laughing both at himself and at Finn's awkward, scarecrow-in-the-wind style of dancing, when he looks up and catches Dave's eye. The expression on Dave's face – awe and lust and hunger – hits Kurt with a visceral twist and throb, low in his gut, in his groin.

And then he notices that Dave's face and neck are red and he sees him pull his jacket around from the back of his chair – trying for casual nonchalance - to lay across his lap. Kurt knows what that means because the same thing is happening to him, but he doesn't have the luxury of hiding it behind a jacket and his pants are a lot more form-fitting than Dave's, so it's lucky that just at that moment Mr. Schue calls it a wrap for the day.

Kurt thinks that the whole exchange has gone unnoticed by anyone else and is giving himself a mental pat on the back for his amazing powers of discretion, when Puck walks by, leans in close, and whispers into Kurt's ear, 'Eww', then laughs and pokes Kurt in the side. As he passes Dave, Puck can't resist leaning over and whispering something to him, too, and Dave turns impossibly redder and scowls at Puck who just laughs again, loudly, and gives Dave a slap on the back.

Later, in Dave's truck, they kiss until they're both panting and breathless and when Dave tells Kurt, "Oh my god, you have no idea what watching you was doing to me," and then whispers, "You're so fucking sexy it hurts," Kurt can't help it, can't help thinking of Blaine. In a dark little corner of his mind he hears, 'Are you okay? You kept making those weird faces… it looked like you were having gas pains or something.' Kurt mentally sing-songs, 'La la la, not listening' and kisses Dave again.

Or, like when he and Dave are walking through the crowded halls of McKinley, hand-in-hand. Kurt can't help comparing then, either.

Coming out wasn't Dave's choice, but now that it's been forced, he's come out with a vengeance. He's bold and in-your-face with his affection for Kurt and he doesn't hesitate to turn his trademark Karofsky glare on anyone who has the nerve to so much as look at him and Kurt funny. And if a quelling look isn't enough to shut the gawkers and naysayers down, he's not above brandishing 'The Fury' while flexing his huge, powerful arms in a show of silent intimidation.

Kurt always rolls his eyes, squeezes Dave's hand, and says, "Okay, Mr. Badass, calm down," but he also smiles and leans in closer against Dave's side. He knows what this is about, knows that Dave now thinks of his suicide attempt as a moment of terrible weakness, a moment of total loss of control over himself and his life. Kurt also knows that Dave feels like he let Nick and the other guys at Thurston chase him away, tail between his legs, and that embarrasses him, makes him feel pathetic, so these little testosterone-fueled displays in the halls of McKinley are just a way to regain some of the pride and dignity Dave's lost.

When Kurt's letter comes – the letter, Kurt's holy grail, his notification that he's made that prestigious final cut and will be attending NYADA in the fall - Dave surprises Kurt at his locker the next day with flowers. He walks up to Kurt with one arm behind his back, grinning from ear to ear, and Kurt barely has time to wonder what he's up to before Dave whips out a huge bouquet of red roses mingled with pink carnations and delicate lily of the valley.

A die-hard romantic through and through, Kurt is instantly a puddle of warm goo. He takes the flowers with a beaming smile and without even thinking about it, leans forward and goes up on tiptoe, intending to kiss Dave's cheek, but before he can, he hears someone give a barking, humorless laugh and say, "Gross. It's bad enough you've gone gay, Karofsky, but flowers. Really? Could you be a bigger fag?" It's Scott Cooper, who still hasn't figured out that while there's no shame in being gay, it is a shame to sport a mullet in the year 2012.

Dave glances over at Cooper, and Kurt's mind flashes back to another time, another bouquet of flowers, and an image of Blaine nervously glancing around before giving Kurt's shoulder a manly squeeze along with a quick, 'Thank you'. Dave, however, glares at Cooper, flips him the bird, and then turns back to Kurt. His face gentles and he leans over, big as you please, and presses a warm kiss to Kurt's mouth.

Kurt knows better than anyone how far Dave's come, but still, he's shocked. He's smiling incredulously when Dave ends the kiss. There are groans from a few people in the hall, some malicious, some – like Finn's and Puck's – not, but it doesn't even seem to register with Dave who looks at Kurt with a glowing sort of pride and says, "Congratulations, Kurt, really. I'm so proud of you."

Kurt barely has time to compare, to remember how, with Blaine, his accomplishments always seemed to come in a distant second to whatever Blaine was doing, when it hits him. Going to NYADA means leaving Dave and though they've only been together officially a short time now, Kurt realizes he can't imagine his life without David.

Dave seems to read his mind because he gives Kurt another quick kiss and says, "This doesn't mean goodbye. I know New York is a long way from here, but even if I don't get into NYU, we can make this work. We will, I swear." Kurt takes a deep breath, releases a shuddering sigh, gives Dave a tremulous smile, and agrees.

A week and a half later, they celebrate Dave's acceptance to NYU and start making plans to find housing they can share, preferably somewhere that splits the short - very short – distance between NYADA and NYU, and Kurt realizes that this is the happiest he's ever been. Ever.