This is a really intense tale of friendship and sticking together. Full of angst. It hints at a supernatural aspect but really it isn't a big part. Not really sure if I'll continue you this but I hope you guys want me too. This could be maybe be consider M rated in later chapters.

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A beautiful woman, with waist length dark hair, black eyes and pale toned skin, sat in a large lightly dimmed dining room in front of a long table, alone. Her right hand moved and brought a clear glass with red liquid to her lips, her left hand picked up one of the four photos stacked neatly on the glossy wooden table. The woman took a light measured sip of her wine, her eyes scanning the crisp photo of a smiling blond male. A spark entered her unusually dark eyes, and a smile reached her red lips. After many years she had found an interest again. It made her cold soul hum.

She had become interested in Big Time Rush, which was bad news for them. She wanted them, and she would have them, she always got what it was she wanted.

The wooden doors behind her opened, and a tall dark haired male in a silk black shirt and black slacks entered the room. He fell to the ground as soon as he was in the room, his green eyes glued to the floor, his body tensed.

"Speak," the woman spoke without even looking away from her photo.

"Madam," his gruff voice filled the room. "Preparations are going as planned." He announced simply.

The woman's smile grew to show pure white teeth. "Very well, Maslow. Call Calani in here, I need to give her instructions on how to handle our guests."

"Yes Madam," he announced. He was on his feet in a few mechanical movements and out of the room.


"Goal," Kendall and James high fived each other as they scored another goal. "I think that's game?" Kendall laughed collapsing on the couch. They had just finished a game of living room hockey, completely destroying the apartment.

"No fair, James cheated." Carlos yelled pointing an accusing finger towards the taller boy.

"Stop being a sore loser, Carlitos." James defended smirking taking a seat beside his friend on the couch. "It's not my fault you suck."

Carlos pouted mocking James who tossed a cushion at him.

"Anyone else want water?" Logan called.

"I do."

"No thanks, Logan."

"James cheated!"

Logan rolled his eyes and looked for some bottled water. Finding some he returned to the living room, pausing upon the threshold, his moth falling open. "Uh guys, why is there a humongous hole in the wall?" Near the TV was a hole bigger than a bowling ball.

"Oh man," Kendall stood up staring at it bug eyed. "We're finished!" He yelled thinking about what his mom would do when she found out.

"James did it." Carlos shouted still not over his grudge.

"Shut up, Carlos." James glared. "You did it, I saw you."

"You're a cheater and a liar." The Latino accused. James looked offended.

"Will you guys can it? We're all finished if mom sees that, as in all of us." Kendall hushed their quarreling. "What are we going to do?" He whined beginning to freak out.

James and Carlos finally catching on, on how serious it was also began to freak out. All three members of Big Time Rush started pacing the room. Logan thoughtfully stood not moving tapping his chin. "It can be fixed." He announced suddenly getting everyone's attention.

"Really?" The others asked in union.

He nodded. "All we need is a trip to a hardware type warehouse."

The other three grinned at him.

"We're happy you're really smart, Logan." Carlos yelled excitedly. "Let's go."

The four members of the band filed out of the apartment and out of Palm woods happily. That was the last anyone had seen of them.


Kendall noticed that he had a splitting headache first and the crick in his neck, which leads to him noticing the awkward position his body was in. His arms were on both of his sides of him spread apart, and being pressed to something rough and cold by objects that were hurtfully digging into his wrists. He tried to straighten his legs to relive a little of the agony on his wrists, his legs were also being held back by something around his ankles. He wiggled his toes taking notice of his missing shoes.

His stomach churned and slowly he opened his eyes. They adjusted slowly to the very dim light of the room, but he quickly noticed the familiar person across from him. Logan, was slumped forward still unconscious. His arms were far apart on either side of him by metal cuffs on the concrete wall. His friend was also shoeless. Beside him was Carlos in a similar position.

A moan from his side made him snap his head to his left. Beside him was a very slowly waking James who moaned again before opening his hazel eyes. His head began to frantically look around, and Kendall noticed the horror growing in them until they landed on him.

"Wa-"His friend began but his voice came out in a strangled croak. The tall boy licked his lips before opening his mouth again. "Tell me this is a joke."

The blond frowned and began tugging at his restraints. "I don't believe it is."

James also began tugging at his restraints as the Logan began to wake up.

"What's going on?" Logan asked panic clear in his voice.

"No idea," Kendall answered huffing as he fruitlessly tugged on his restraints. "We have to get out of here though." His voice was surprisingly calm. All three boys were trying to get out of their restraints now.

A whimper drew their attentions to the awaking Latino. "Guys…" He asked hesitantly quickly waking up. "What's going on?" He began tugging on his restraints.

"We're fine, Carlos. This is probably Gustavo teaching us a lesson." Kendall assured his words sounding really lame to him. "We have to all stay calm and figure a way out of this."

It felt like hours later when a door down the hall scrapped open, making a horrible grating sound fill the area. Heavy foot falls followed at a steady slow pace. The members of BTR quieted and stilled each on filling with dread.

A minute later a tall slim male appeared, his long dark hair hung limply around an expressionless face. He came to a stop before them his hands firmly behind his back as he blankly stared forward.

"What's going on?" Kendall hissed angrily feeling as if he was the one that needed to be brave. "Who are you?"

The man's blue irises darted toward Kendall, followed by the rest of him. Kendall leaned back, his head bumping into the wall behind him, a taken back by his sudden movements.

"It isn't me you need to be aware of." The man spoke his voice a dull monotone. "I am simply a messenger to tell you the rules."

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