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"This is our window to freedom." Carlos exclaimed pointing out of the window. "It's easy to forget what it is."

The blonde boy eyes glazed over as he looked out of the window. Hesitantly, the boy stuck his hand out of the open window letting his hand be warmed by real sunlight. He had forgotten how it felt. A breeze blew and he took in a lung full of fresh air.

His friends watched him with worried stares, he noticed. He laughed lightly and scratched the back of his arm. "I haven't really seen light in a while."

"What happened?" Carlos dared to ask.

Kendall smiled but it looked strained. "Not much happened per say. I was alone in a dark hole for a while, but I'm fine." He told them.

Logan frowned at him. "Ar-"

"So what have you guys found out about what's going on…?" He interrupted Logan.

They all looked uncomfortable for a minute, neither of them speaking. Then finally Logan looked up and spoke. "We've learned that we are here because Mis- I mean the woman likes us for some reason. We're like her toys…" He took a shaky breath. "We also believe the woman is not human. It's weird but her gaze can suffocate you, and humans can't really do that."

Kendall had no problem believing that. "I completely believe that." He told them. "What is it you guys do around here for fun?"

They looked at each other. Fun was sort of a foreign concept. "Logan has some books, we read those." Carlos answered. "We talk too."

"You are reading Carlos?" Kendall asked playfully. The boy looked confused while he nodded. "Oh well, I think I'm going to try to sleep." He announced. They all smiled and bid him goodnight even though it was only early afternoon and he would have to wake up for dinner.

He waved one more time before leaving the room closing the rooms door only a crack. He lingered outside completely aware they were hiding something from him.

"We have to tell him about it." Carlos's voice whispered harshly.

"We really don't." Logan said defiantly.

"He's going to find out anyway." Carlos's voice cracked. "What are we going to just let it happen to him without any warning?"

"Maybe Mistress won't be interested in him like that." Logan said so softly Kendall almost missed it.

"Why not," James finally spoke up. "She's done it…" James's voice lowered so Kendall missed a little of what was said.

"She hasn't attempted yet. Maybe he's too willed for her. We're weak we let it happen." Logan voice was shaking. "Is it bad that I don't want him feeling dirty like us?"

Kendall frowned.


Kendall hated seeing his friends like this, completely afraid. Very different from how they were only a few minutes before when they were horsing around getting ready for dinner. Now they were all somber, and Kendall noticed right away they had all developed nervous habits of sorts.

Carlos was rubbing his hands together in a washing them motion, his eyes with a faraway glassy look.

James was tightly tugging at the back of his hair, possibly pulling out a few strands, his other hand shaking like crazy.

Logan was blinking crazily like his eyes were really dry, and his chest was rising and falling like crazy.

Kendall realized that maybe his time in the hole had actually been a blessing, the all were horrified.

The woman walked in a few seconds later and took a graceful seat. "You may all take a seat." He fallowed the others and sat but made no attempt at eating any of the meat and vegetables. His stomach growled, but he was use to not eating. He was only allowed a stale loaf of bread he had to make last for days. "You may eat." He copied Carlos who was beside him. "Kendall," he flinched when she called him not really expecting it. "You must eat at a slower pace than the others to not get ill."

He nodded and slowly began eating the cut up pieces of meat and too soon his plate was completely empty. "I will be absent for a few weeks." This drew all of their attentions to the woman. A smirk appeared on her face. "Try to hide your excitement until I'm gone at least. I'm only going to remind you once, I have eyes and ears all over this this place. Be good."


When they were back in their hallway Carlos collapsed on the floor throwing up everything he had just eaten. The way Logan and James simply patted his back and said comforting words to him, told Kendall that it wasn't a onetime occurrence. We have to get out of here.

They helped him to his bed. "Can you guys get, Calani?" He asked sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head.

"I'm on it." Logan raced from the room.

"You guys trust her?" Kendall asked hesitantly. He had troubles trusting anyone in this shitty place - besides his friends. He had noticed that his friends and the Calani girl had a close relationship, especially her and Carlos.

"She's nice." Carlos told him simply.

"She could be tricking you guys." Kendall said not really wanting to be mean, but wanting to be real.

Carlos gave him a worried glance, as he began to doubt Calani. He gaged again.

"No Carlos, we can trust her." James shot his blonde friend a look.

"I'm completely trust worthy."

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