Flashes of Euphoria

[500 Themes: 3]

In his dreams, Barnaby is already useless beneath Kotetsu's hand.

His face is pressed into the sheets – too rough, too overstimulating when Kotetsu's fingers are dragging over his flesh, when his mouth is pressing sloppy kisses to the back of his neck, to his shoulderblades. He's panting, shuddering, groaning and biting at the pillow, clawing his nails into the mattress as he arches, grinds his ass back and against the hard line of Kotetsu's cock, already slick with lube so that it slides so easily against the cleft of his ass.

And he wants.

He always wants so much in his dreams, as much as he always does in reality. He wants it so badly right now that he mewls when the first, hot, hard inch of Kotetsu's cock slides into him, a grunt exhaled against his ear as Kotetsu pushes himself inside. Barnaby moans, tilts his head back against the hot breath exhaled against his ear, against the slick writhe of a tongue dragging along behind it –

And he wakes up. With a start.

It's all the same, though – he's hot, he's flushed, he's sweating and trembling and Kotetsu is behind him, broad hands planted into the bed on either side of him. Barnaby feels himself quaking, feels himself twitching and tensing and squirming as Kotetsu slides into him, every inch of that hard, thick cock stretching him and filling him until Kotetsu's in to the hilt and Barnaby can't breathe, just lets his mouth fall open as his eyes roll into the back of his head.

"F-fuck… Kotetsu – " A hard shudder drags up his spine and Barnaby contemplates pushing himself to his knees, but oh, there's none of that happening, not when Kotetsu's hips jerk forward and grind, pushing that cock inside of him that much deeper. He gives up moving in favor of groaning. "I…"

"Guess you're entirely awake now?" Kotetsu pants, teases against his neck, and Barnaby just huffs and bites into that pillow again when Kotetsu slowly draws his hips out. "Wasn't sure before… but you were whining, mewling, pawing at me in your sleep, Bunny – you wanted me that much?"

Oh, well, that's embarrassing. Barnaby feels himself flush that much harder and contemplates protesting, but no sound comes out safe for another, hitching little whine as Kotetsu shoves himself in deep again, grabs him up by the hips and drags him back into each snap of his hips. Barnaby bites hard into the pillow, claws into it to the point he swears he's fraying the pillowcase, but doesn't care with how good it feels to wake up so damnably hot and bothered with Kotetsu inside of him already, fucking him like he owns him. His own cock is throbbing, and he wishes he had the bed to grind again, but there's no helping it – he doesn't even need it at this rate, not with Kotetsu fucking him so thoroughly, sliding in and out of him, no doubt leaning back to watch his cock disappear into Barnaby's ass again and again with each hard, relentless thrust -

Barnaby sobs as he comes, mussed, sweaty hair a pool around his face as he shudders and trembles and grinds his ass back even though he's so spent he just wants to collapse. He hears Kotetsu hiss through clenched teeth and shove past those too-tense muscles, savoring every twitch and every twinge of Barnaby's body as he lasts maybe two, three more thrusts before spilling himself deep inside of the younger man's ass.

"Good morning," Kotetsu pants out as he pulls out, collapses next to him, and Barnaby just groans, rolling partially to the side to bury his burning face into Kotetsu's neck. Good morning, indeed.