Max is mine



Part One

It was a nice normal night for the girls.

"I can't wait to go home my feet are killing me" Caroline complain and Max responded, "Why do you think I wear these boots?" "So it could be easy for you to kick someone's ass." Caroline said and max smiled because that's so true. "Yes and because I'm under contract by fetish feet dot com not to show my feet in public." Max told Caroline and she didn't know that web sites like that could put people under contract.

"Max if your under contract; why haven't you made any money from that?" Caroline asked and Max responded, "The site went under and I have several more months left on said contract." Caroline shook her head like she understood that. Max then slapped her ass and Caroline realized her girlfriend feels rather spunky which she will witness tonight.

The door swung open and as Max had her back turn someone stood in back of her then whispered, "So what does a girl need to do to get lick by you?" The girl asked and Max widened then she turned around to see a brown creamed woman with raven hair stand in back of her. Max then punch her right in the face. "Bitch!" Max yelled and storm off. "Damn now that girl hit the ground hard!" Earl yelled.