I decided to try my hand at a drabble fic. This is been floating around for a while in my head. It is inspired by another song. Congratulations by Blue October. They are my fav band. Check them out if you haven't yet.

Thanks to my Penguin for being awesome and sweet ;) Shout out to my Boo (xquisiteprodigy) without you my life would be normal.

AN: As always I don't own anything.

There she is looking more beautiful than I can ever imagine.

She looks just as nervous as I do and I wish I could go to her and reassure her, but I can't.

She hates being the center of attention, but today she can't avoid it.

As the music cues, I see her take a deep breath and count to 3.

Everyone turns their attention towards her and she takes her first step.

Let me know what ya think ;) Much love.