Don't ask me how I came up with this idea because to be honest I don't know; although I believe it had something to do with me listening to the Vocaloid versions of the background music from Ocarina of Time. I was listening to Len & Rin dueting in the Lost Woods when this idea came to me so... yeah. lol. This is my first time writing a fanfiction and for a first attempt I think it's ok. You can happily leave reviews on this story about the good things in it and the things I could improve on. I'm always trying to find ways to improve. So that's enough from me now! Please enjoy the story! :-)

Chapter 1: Len becomes Link

"Len, Meiko said it's time to turn your 3DS off and go to bed!" Rin called from upstairs.

Ugh… There goes Rin again telling me what Meiko wants me to do. I'm not quitting just yet though! I'm so close to defeating Ganondorf's transformation, Ganon! No way am I backing down now!

"Tell Meiko I'm nearly finished! I just need to defeat the last boss!" I shouted back to her.

I was sitting in the living room curled up in one of the armchairs. I had been there nearly all day glued to this game. I got the 3DS for Christmas along with the 3DS game, Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. I am a huge fan of the Zelda games. I yawned loudly and glanced at the time. Ha! It's only half past ten! I haven't been on it that long! Well I don't think I have anyway. Seriously Ganon is such an annoying boss! I've had to make Link do quite a lot of forward rolls and backflips to dodge his attacks. Luckily I've finally managed to get hold of the master sword again so I'll be able to defeat him once and for all! Well I hope so anyway… I kept on making Link dodge and attack Ganon right up to the point where Zelda finally told him to strike the final blow. At last! I am about to defeat Ganon once and for all! Just as I was about to attack him, my 3DS was snatched from hands swiftly. I looked up slightly dazed to find Rin standing in front of me with the 3DS held between her index finger and thumb of her left hand.

"Meiko said you need to come off it now" She stated with a smirk.

"Rin, I'm close to defeating Ganon! Give it me back! Let me strike the final blow!"

Rin stuck out her tongue and dashed off towards the kitchen. I quickly leapt up out the chair and gave chase to her. I chased her through the kitchen, the dining room and then back into the living room again. We were literally running around in circles for who knows how long! It eventually reached the point where I was so dizzy, I fell face first onto the carpet in the living room. My arms were outstretched in front of me. My body was aching really badly and my mind was spinning so much that it was making me feel sick. I closed my eyes until eventually the spinning in my head stopped completely. As I was about to get up, I felt my back gain a little bit of weight which stopped me. My suspicions suspected a certain someone had decided to sit on my back and I knew who that "certain someone" was… I slowly glanced up and turned my head to find Rin sitting on my back. She was giving me a very cheeky smile.

"I'm surprised you actually put some effort into chasing me, Len!" she stated sarcastically. "This game must really mean a lot to you!"

"Rin please give me the 3DS back!" I moaned. "I'm so close to defeating the final boss! I'm literally close to finishing!"

Rin sighed.

"All right, I'll let you have it back"

Rin tossed my 3DS so that it landed just within arm's length of me. I noticed the lid had been closed. Oh well! At least my progress hasn't been disrupted! I reached out weakly with my left hand and managed to grab hold of it. At last! I can finally defeat Ganon once and for all! I flipped open the lid only to get a horrid surprise. Both screens on the 3DS were black. The only thing I could see was my own disheartened expression and my widened blue eyes staring back at me. I turned to face Rin with my eyes still widened.

"What did you do to my game?" I questioned calmly; however inside of me I wasn't calm at all. In fact I was ready to kill Rin with my bare hands, if that was possible for me…

Rin smirked evilly.

"I just switched it off. I'm sure you saved it before you went into the battle anyway so I turned it off. I just basically did what Meiko asked you to do!"

I carefully put the 3DS back on the carpet and gently pushed it to one side. I dragged myself forward by scraping my hands across the carpet. This caused Rin to fall right off my back and land flat on her back on the carpet. I could feel the anger inside of me starting to build up. I quickly got back up onto my feet and leapt on Rin while screeching angrily. The two of us began to attack each other violently. During the scramble I felt a foot smack into my side. I punched Rin rigorously in the nose. She replied with a nasty punch to the side of my face. My leg lashed out and kicked her in the back. Then suddenly I felt a strong punch hit me right in the stomach. I was soon sent flying backwards and I smacked my head off something hard. I looked behind me to find that it was the arm chair that had stopped me. My vision began to go blurry and my head started to spin. I could hear Rin's voice; although it sounded quite far away.

"Len stop playing around! Are you giving up?"

Her voice was echoing. All I could see of Rin was a blurry mixture of white and yellow. I fell flat onto my side and my vision turned black just as Rin came dashing up to me…


Why does that voice sound so familiar?

"Link, wake up! This is isn't the time to be lying down!"

I swear I'm hearing things… That voice sounds so familiar, except the fact that it's slightly high pitched…

"Link, get up now before I kick your backside into gear!"

Ok? Maybe I should try and open my eyes now… Eventually I managed to blink my eyes open; however I spotted a small green light flying around in front of my face. I leapt back in fright and fell flat on my back. Ouch! Have I fallen on something hard and metallic? I carefully sat up and glanced behind me to find I had fallen on grass. There was a load of grass everywhere. In fact the whole ground was covered in grass. Well no sign of anything hard and metallic here! Wait a minute… I've been lying on grass? Wasn't I fighting with Rin in the living room a while ago? I bet she's dumped me in the garden and locked the door so I can't get back in; although if that is the case then why is it daylight? Don't tell me I've been unconscious the whole night! I glanced around to find loads of trees that appeared to be quite tall. There were some young trees and some very old ones. A small canopy of branches and leaves were gathered together above me. The shadows of the branches and leaves were reflected onto the ground from the sun's rays shining through the canopy. All I could see gathered around me were loads of trees and grass. Well I guess it's safe to say this is definitely not the garden… Just as I was about to get up, I glanced down and noticed I was wearing something green. I carefully stood up and glanced down at myself confused. I was wearing brown boots and a green tunic. Why does this outfit seem familiar? I could hear the sound of running water behind me. I swirled around to find a large river gracefully flowing in front of me. I slowly walked towards it and stared down at my reflection on the water's surface. I was wearing a green tunic and a long green Phrygian cap. A sword handle was sticking up slightly from behind my shoulder. My blonde hair and blue eyes were still the same. Hang on… Green cap, green tunic, brown boots, sword, forest… I look like Link from the Legend of Zelda! Why am I dressed like Link? And where the hell am I?

"Link, are you ignoring me again?"

I jumped in fright and swirled around only to find the green thing flapping about right in front of my eyes. Now that it was up close I could see what it was. It looked like a small fairy with teal hair put up in two pigtails. Wait, teal hair and two pigtails! Isn't that…

"Miku, is that you?" I asked the small green fairy like creature.

"No! I'm not Miku you idiot! My name's Navi! Don't tell me you got amnesia while you were sleeping!"

Navi…? Isn't that the fairy that travelled around with Link in Ocarina of Time? Oh I know where I am now! I must be dreaming this. I might still be unconscious from when I hit my head off the arm chair. I'm Link and Miku is Navi the fairy. Now I get it!

"Link, stop daydreaming! We don't have time for this!"

The Miku fairy began clicking her tiny fingers in front of my face. I blinked quickly.

"Why don't we have time?" I questioned, confused.

The Miku fairy slapped her tiny palm to her tiny forehead.

"We've got to rescue Zelda that's why! Ganondorf has kidnapped her and locked her in the castle at the other end of Hyrule Town! He's waiting for you to challenge him! We need to go now!"

The Miku fairy began tugging as hard as she could at my green tunic. I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she was struggling to move me. This just seemed to annoy her even more and out of fury the Miku fairy kicked my left eye.

"Ouch!" I cried, stumbling back a bit.

"Well "Hero of Time", are you going to save the princess or not?" She questioned, impatiently.

Now I know how Link feels when Navi keeps bugging him… I sighed, annoyed.

"All right I get it! Let's go then!"

With the Miku fairy leading the way, I dashed through the forest.