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Day 9

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Disclaimer:Don't own the Star Trek 2009 movie, and I'm not making money off this drabble. It's just made out of pure love, and there's no currency in the world that can compare to that. ^_^

A/Ns edited 4/10/12:This is also written for my lovely siehn. I'd had the idea in my idea for a couple of months, and it wouldn't go away. And though I'm rather new to Star Trek, I love Spock/Kirk with all my heart, and I feel I haven't done them justice...but that's beside the point...

Warnings edited 4/10/12: Some spoilers for the Star Trek: 2009 movie. Very, very light guyxguy love, if even that. Not much else. I would also say this drabble is rated a very light T. Perhaps me being so new to the ST fandom too…

"These Inbetweens: A Captain's Reflection"
By Yo, on 1/13/12, at 341 words
Posted at ff dot net 4/10/12

He ran a shaky hand through sandy locks, sitting on the edge of his bed. It had been a long few days for him. This moment was the first he'd really had to himself in all of the chaos. Watching the genocide of an entire planet. Getting marooned on Delta Vega. Getting a Vulcan to admit emotional compromise. Taking down Nero. Going from cadet to captain of a Federation starship. He'd never say it out loud, but it was almost toomuch.

Jim wasn't sure how, but he survived. Now letting the ordeal sink in? Jim hadn't done that yet. He hadn't reflected or, hell, he had hardly even rested since those events took place barely seventy-two hours ago.

I'm definitely exhausted, Jim thought.

He laid back on the bed, moving under navy blue sheets as he went. Jim stared up at the ceiling in the darkness of his room, a feeling of emptiness washing over him.

Great. Now I can't go to sleep, no matter how tired I am.

It was just him and his thoughts now, and for some reason, his mind catapulted back to the events on Delta Vega. His mind filled with flashes of images from the meld with the older Spock.

Stumbling away, his throat choking with raw emotion, he remembered saying to the Vulcan, "So you do feel."

He learned something crucial that day. About his Spock. Or more accurately, how he felt towards his Spock. Or perhaps it was a premonition of what he could feel for the Vulcan. A spark of something like love was ignited in Jim. It was made of fragile beginnings and the whispered promises of endings in the darkness. A circular thread kissed with flame.

Maybe I'll never tell him, but I think he will mean something to me one day. Something precious. Something I think I won't be able to live without.

He was able to fall asleep after all, a quiet smile adorning his lips, softened by the warmth of peace flowing from that inner flame.

(Sorry habit from being in anime fandoms so long…)