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Albus had rarely gone to Scorpius' house, but it was easy to find due to the fact that it was right above Flourish and Blots. But by the time he had made it to Diagon Alley, gone through the Leaky Caldron and found the shop he was soaked through and through and water dripped from his dark hair as he made his way towards the side door which let one into the Malfoy household. He knocked once with the snake shaped knocker, and waited for a while, the rain still falling on his body. After a minute or so he heard a loud pop and the black door was opened up by a sleepy looking House-Elf. He spoke before the small creature could.

"I'm looking for Scorpius please. Could you get him?" His body was shaking from a mix of coldness and adrenalin, and the House-Elf took in his bedraggled state before nodding shortly and disappearing to find Scorpius. When the boy in question finally arrived he was wearing a dressing gown, and his hair was messed up in contrast to its normally impeccable state. It took a moment for Scorpius to recognise who was at his door, with the wet hair and darkness.

"Albus?" He questioned.

"Scorpius, I need your help." The boy fixed him with a questioning gaze, and Albus garbled on. "I just ran away from home and I need somewhere to stay. Just until I can get some money out of Gringott's and then I can get a room at the Leaky Caldron. I would have gone to Augustus' bu-"

"But they're searching it?"

"Yes. And I do-"

"Albus. Calm down. You can stay for as long as you want, just don't make too much noise, my parents are already in bed." Scorpius pulled open the door slightly more, and Albus took a step inside, grateful to be out of the rain. "Bitsy," he called, and the House-Elf reappeared. "Take this cloak and give it a wash, and hang it up at the bottom of the stairs once you're done." He said after Albus had taken off his cloak, and Scorpius handed the soaking garment to the House-Elf. Briefly Albus took in his surroundings, before they marched up the dark staircase, towards the landing. The wooden boards creaked underneath their feet with ever step they took, and so it was no surprise that Draco Malfoy appeared out one of the rooms, he too was wearing a dressing grown, and he gave a curious look to Scorpius before he realised that Albus was there too.

"What is he doing here?" He asked, a slight sneer visible on his lips.

"Albus is going to be staying with me for a little while."


"He got into some trouble at home." Scorpius said, without explanation.

"We don't need his family sniffing around here." Draco practically hissed, anger clearly visible in his grey eyes, the two glared at each other for a moment, before Albus interrupted.

"I won't be here for long. I just need a place to stay before I can get my money from the bank, I'll be gone by Monday." Considering that the day was Saturday Draco's reaction was actually a mild one, the man screwed his face up for a moment, but then relented.

"Fine. What did you do anyway?"

"Nothing. My brother accused me of being a Death-Eater, I reacted badly." A snort escaped his friend's mouth and he continued. "I admit that it was a slight over reaction, but I couldn't stop myself. I may have simplified it slightly as well." Scorpius' father looked slightly surprised at the reason for Albus being in his hallway, half-soaked, at midnight, but accepted it and turned to his son.

"He can stay in the other guest room, your Grandfather is staying in the normal one." Scorpius gave a curt nod, and the pair bid Draco goodnight before going up the stairs.


For a moment, when Albus awoke, he was unsure of his surroundings, but quickly remembered the events of the night before sitting up in the small bed. The room he was in was plain, the shelves bare and the floor uncarpeted, it was obvious to Albus that the Malfoy's rarely had guests. Quickly he pulled himself out of bed, and looked into his trunk which he had unshrunk, he pulled out some clothes and got dressed hastily before making his way downstairs. Tears welled up slightly in his eyes as he trotted down the stairs, the thought of what he'd done the night before hitting him. There was no going back now, his pride would not allow it. The kitchen was just beside the elder Malfoy's bedroom, and he glanced nervously inside. There was an old man with long blond hair sitting at the table, with a mug of tea in his hand and the Daily Prophet covering much of his face. On the front page there was a story about the muggle village that had been attacked, and a picture of a moving snake projected onto the clouds above a burning house. He moved as quietly as he could and tried to check if Scorpius was sat inside the room. But there was no one else seated around the round wooden table, he tried to exit, but clearly he had not been quiet enough and the blond man folded down the newspaper and fixed him with an unmoving stair.

"Ah," he said in a well-spoken accent, "Draco told me that we had guests." Albus gave an almost comical gulp, noting sadly how low he had now sunk as he was now seemingly associating with Voldemort's right hand man. "Mr Potter I assume?" He asked and then his expression darkened, "Well don't just stand there, you can sit down." Slowly he moved towards the empty chair and sat down, not sure what to do. "Bitsy!" He called out, and the House-Elf appeared with a pop. "What do you want then?" Mr Malfoy said after a moment of silence. When Albus spoke, he had to stop his voice shaking slightly from fear.

"Um, some tea would be great." He said addressing the small House-Elf, "And some, er, toast?"

"Would you like any jam on that?"

"Yeah, er, strawberry and butter." The House-Elf nodded, and moved towards the toaster at the side of the kitchen.

"So why are you here? My son was not forthcoming on the details." The Malfoy Patriarch asked.

"I needed a place to stay."

"And why is that?"

"I ran away from home." He replied simply, but Mr Malfoy waited for him to elaborate. "My brother called me a Death Eater." Seeing Mr Malfoy's bemused expression, he paused for a moment and then continued, "I know that sounds like a pretty petty reason for leaving my home, but it was just a culmination of things." Albus had relaxed slightly, and leaned further back into his chair.

"So you're not just here to spy on us then?"


"My son thought that that was why you were here. After the attacks and everything."

"Spying for whom?" Malfoy smirked.

"That is the question isn't it." Albus cursed his family name, of course his friends' families would think that.

"It would have to be a pretty extended spying mission, starting with me getting into Slytherin five years ago."

"You never know." A bark of laughter escaped Albus' mouth, and turned to the plate of toast that had been laid in front of him and he spread the jam and butter across his toast with careful precision, before cutting it into two halves and making it into a sandwich. Bitsy had also placed an empty mug in front of him and he took the milk from the centre of the table and poured a small amount in, before pouring the tea from the pot. The tea filled it up almost to the brim, and milk swirled around for a moment, but he took a tea spoon and stirred it. The room had descended into silence, and once he had finished preparing his breakfast there was nothing to distract from that. Then Mr Malfoy resumed the interrogation.

"But why here? By all accounts you're not such good friends with my grandson." Slightly put off by how much knowledge the man had about him, Albus took a moment to respond.

"I did not think that the Notts would much appreciate me staying with them at the moment." The blond man made a noise, and Albus hoped he would accept his explanation without much more questioning.

"I suppose."


Sunday passed quickly, and soon enough it was Monday, and Albus headed towards Gringott's to withdraw all of his money from the bank, before his father or mother could stop him. Luckily he had been entrusted the key to his account a few years ago, and at six-thirty in the morning he was the only the figure making his way down Diagon Alley. He passed through the doors to the bank at exactly seven o'clock, and went to one of the goblins on duty. The small creature peered at Albus through its glasses as he asked to withdraw the entire contents of his account, but accepted the key, and passed him a bag to store his gold in.

The account he had did not have much gold in it, but it was enough to allow him to live comfortably, and he shovelled the gold into the bottomless-bag, and before he knew it he was riding on the cart back to the top of the bank. He strode through the doors and out of the bank and down Diagon Alley, to the tavern at the end of the street. His heart was pounding, and adrenalin rushed through him. For a moment he thought that his mother or father had already sent the letter to the bank, or that they would come into the place whilst he was there. At the Leaky Caldron he asked the barkeeper for the cheapest room, and the room he was given was certainly the cheapest.

It was bare, there was a four-poster bed in the middle which looked like it would collapse in the middle of the night, and there was a wooden desk at the end. Other than a small fire-place in the corner those were the two features of the room. Sighing he un-shrunk his trunk, muttered a quick prayer that underage magic wouldn't be detected in the tavern and waved his wand again. The objects in his trunk floated out, and arranged themselves into the right positions, or so he hoped, although he'd probably be finding socks in his toiletries or something like that. He grimaced and moved towards the bed in the centre of the room and lay down on it and thought.


When he saw Augustus on the train on the way back to school he was greeted with a worried expression. This really wasn't what he needed, he had already been accosted by his father and mother at the station who had pleaded with him to come back home, while James stood by them and glared at him, and he now had a headache. He leant against one of the armrests and beckoned the boy to come closer to him.

"Let's just cut the crap and you tell me what has happened." The boy stared at him slightly shocked, but then spoke.

"You know how you lent me that book?"


"It was confiscated by the aurors." Albus' heart beat slightly faster at the news, he hoped it hadn't been traced back to him.

"What did you tell them?"

"Nothing. My entire house was full of it, and it wasn't in my room anyway," Albus rose an eyebrow at this, but let Augustus continue, "I'm sorry." Relived that that was all that happened he gave a shrug.

"As long as it's not traced back to me, then I am fine. It's okay anyway, I got some new books over the holidays." Augustus gave him a questioning look and then spoke.

"Did your parents give you some freedom then?"

"I ran away. It's a long story."

"There's plenty of time."

"Just leave it, I'll tell it another time. I didn't tell you before because I knew that they'd probably be intercepting your communication, and no offence mate, but I really can't afford to be caught up in all of your family's crap. What happened with all of that anyway?" Augustus' expression turned to one of sadness for a moment, but it quickly blanked over.

"My father's probably being sent to prison for the stuff that was found in his house. They couldn't pin the other stuff on him, but the books and objects are enough for at least a five year sentence."

"Was the Minister not able to be persuaded?"

"It doesn't work like that anymore."

"I'm sorry by the way."

"Don't worry, he had it coming." Perturbed by the events which had taken place, Albus remained silent, the wizarding world was clearly becoming less corrupt.

"Wait, there was nothing in the Prophet about their trials."

"They haven't happened yet, but my mother managed to keep it all out of the papers for now." Their conversation lulled, and soon enough Albus found himself falling asleep.


The Death Eaters rise again?

The trials of Nott and Avery begin in ernest after a backlog in trials over the summer. The two men stand accused of keeping objects and books of the Dark Arts in their houses. Their names are well known because they were implicated as being Death Eaters after the Second Wizarding War, but it seems as if they did not learn from their ways, and both men stand to have five years at least in prison. 'There are claims that they were involved in the attacks in the summer, in fact most people at the Ministry believe the orchestrated the whole attack, but no one is talking, so this is what we have to get them on.' A source at the Ministry said to-day, leading some to question whether we are returning back to the days where some families could by the Minister off.


"Death Eater." Someone muttered as Augustus and Albus passed by them, the comment wasn't aimed at Albus, but the feeling of anger still overcame him when it was aimed at one of his friends. For a moment he thought of turning around and hitting the idiot who had said that, but Augustus laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get them back. It was probably only a Mudblood anyway." Albus winced at the term, but ignored it otherwise and gave silent nod.


A fist swung into his face and the force of it nearly pushed Albus into the wall behind him but he had pushed his hand back towards the wall, which averted a collision. Slowly he brought his hand up to his face and felt something wet, he inspected the hand and saw the red blood on it.

"So we're fighting like muggles then?" He addressed the question to the boys stood in front of him.

"What's wrong with muggles?" One of them asked, it was Molblaster, it was always fucking Molblaster, the boy was still going out with Rose which meant that it was slightly more difficult to maim or seriously injure him, since she'd probably go and tell his family and he'd get another howler.

"Nothing, it just seems slightly," he paused in mock thought, "uncivilised." The three boys in front of him tensed and he could see the fist coming towards him, thinking quickly he ducked which caused one of the other boys to plant their fist straight into the wall beside him. He was about to cast a spell but someone had beat him to it, and before he could say 'Levicorpus' the three boys were floating in the air, one clearly in pain from his hand. Augustus stood behind them with his wand pointed up into the air.

"Are they causing you trouble Albus?" Albus gave a chuckle and ran a hand through his sweaty hair.

"You came just in time there." He pushed himself up from the wall and walked towards his friend, the three other boys were struggling in the air above him. One tried to reach down and grab him from above, but before he could Albus launched a stinging hex towards him and the boy recoiled his hand in pain.

"Did your boyfriend have to come and save you Potter?" Molblaster asked from the air, clearly not seeing that he had lost in this fight.

"I don't think you're particularly in the position to taunt me right now." Molblaster remained silent but the another boy, who had tried to grab him, spoke up.

"You're a traitor to your family. Rose told us how you ran away. Typical cowardly Slytherin." Green eyes focus on that particular boy, and he finally recognised him as a muggle-born Gryffindor who was in his year. Anger coursed through Albus' veins and he tried to stop himself saying something which would incriminate him, or worse do something that would incriminate him. However, Nott beat him to it.

"I'd hardly say that Albus is a traitor." A smirk slid onto Nott's face as he waited for the implications of what he had said hit the boys, but they didn't seem to realise, given the fact that they were scrunching up their faces in confusion, hoping to clear it up he spoke again. "But Molblaster, well he's a traitor." It hit Molblaster first, he began to splutter and look indignant.

"You are all fucked up. All of you." Albus ignored the comment from one of the boys and turned to his friend.

"What do you say, should we leave them there?" Augustus waited for a moment before replying in mock consideration.

"Well since they've been so horrible to us over the past few weeks, maybe we should."

"They did call you a Death Eater."

"And they have tried to beat us up quite a few times, but I'd prefer to give them some mercy. Then maybe they'd learn to respect us as they should." Albus gave a shrug and the other boy flicked his wand and they came crashing down onto the hard stone floor, one of them- Albus could not discern who- gave a loud groan and another muttered an expletive. Molblaster was the first who tried to get up and Albus quickly sent one of the hexes in his extensive knowledge towards him. As soon as it hit him it pushed him back towards the floor and his whole body glowed for a second with a bright light, causing a far amount of pain to course through the boy, he gave a yelp but remained on the floor. Quickly, Albus walked towards the people on the floor.

"Listen I want you to leave us alone, otherwise I can assure you that we won't be so kind next time one of you lot try to attack one of us. We've not done anything to any of you and I'll also make sure that you are expelled." The muggle-born boy who had tried to grab him earlier spoke.

"They'd never believe a bunch of Slytherin's over us."

"They'd never believe a random muggle-born over Harry Potter's son." Albus quickly retorted. "Now, get the fuck out of my life before I have to look at any of you anymore."


His birthday this year was a solemn and lonely occasion, although it did make the day when he could finally legally practise magic outside of school. This didn't make much of a difference since he had decided to stay in school for the Christmas holidays, half because he didn't want some awkward family re-union on the platform when he got off the train. He did get presents from his friends, and also from Lily who clearly still liked him for what ever reason. She said that James might be planning to do something to him at the beginning of the next term in her letter to him. One other present that arrived, that confused him slightly, was a sliver watch, the present had no letter with it, and the sender did not identify themselves. He had put the watch on his wrist, but he did want to find out who had sent it.

Maria had stayed at school, which meant that he didn't spend his birthday entirely alone, but for a moment he wished that he could be with his family like he usually was. He would go downstairs in the morning and see presents by the dying Christmas-tree and then there would be birthday cake and perhaps a trip to Diagon Alley. But then he remembered what a dick James usually was, and that ruined his nostalgia.


The snow fell on the night the day before the rest of the school was supposed to return for the holidays, and when he awoke the next morning, every outdoor surface had been coated with a covering of snow. But it was not the snow which made the day memorable, it was the day he finally had the confrontation with James. He sat in his usual seat at the Slytherin table, waiting for supper to finish before he could return to his dorm with Augustus and see whether the objects he had requested the previous term had been bought over the holidays. James had been glaring at him from across the room since the beginning of dinner, and he could feel James' eyes on his back and he left the dining hall, after becoming annoyed at the length of meal. Leaving early had meant that he was entirely alone, and he walked slowly down the stone halls. Suddenly he heard hurried footsteps behind him, and he was pretty sure as to who was making them, he stopped abruptly and spun around. He could make out the figure of James, with his ginger hair and tall body, immediately.

"So you've finally decided to talk to me?" His heart pounded inside his ears, the ramifications of what he had done in the summer finally hitting him, as his brother moved towards him. James stopped about two metres away from him, clearly nervous as well.

"I don't want to talk to a traitor like you. I have to."

"You don't have to do anything." James stiffened slightly, and Albus could see that his comments were riling him up.

"You've torn our family apart."

"You're not my family. Frankly I couldn't care less about what happened to all of you." Of course this wasn't true, but it was for the better, soon they wouldn't want to be related to him.

"But Alb-" Albus cut him off before he could finish what he was saying.

"No. I don't have to listen to your crap anymore, yeah, so what I hang out with Notts and Malfoys, yes I was sorted into Slytherin. But really what was I supposed to do, I am a member of a house where, to be honest, the only friends you can make are in it. And do you know what, I am glad, they're my friends, they've helped me more that you ever have, they've been better to me than you ever have, and they are the kind of people that I want to associate with. I can do so if I bloody well wish to." Without waiting for James' reply Albus turned from his brother and continued down the long hall, ignoring the cries from his brother.


"Albus, do you really know where this bloody stone is?" Scorpius asked him as he tripped over a tree root.

"It should be here, it was a clearing, that's what it said in the books." Sighing briefly, he held out his wand, which was currently illuminating his surroundings. "Accio Resurrection Stone."

"Please tell me you are taking the piss, ther-" Scorpius stopped and turned to look behind him, something had just come out of the ground and hit him on the back of the head, Albus strolled over, and removed the floating ring from the air and smirked at his friend.

"Well, the Elder Wand should be easy enough to find."


It was incredible how easy it was to find the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone, using 'accio' was far too simple in his eyes, and he imagined having to go on some epic expedition, in a manner similar to his father, or at least having to cast a little more magic. But something was wrong, when Albus had tried to use the wand, it didn't respond correctly and he was confused as to why. He knew he was forgetting something, something important, and he sat in the Slytherin Common Room, in one of the arm chairs, pondering this question. He had gained the wand, but why did it still not belong to him?


When the Summer Term finally arrived, it was with great relief to all of the students. The previous two terms had been plagued by bad weather, but the arrival of Summer was, at last, imminent. However, there were a few exceptions to this rule, Albus worried about his inability to solve the case of the Elder Wand and the arrival of the Summer Term meant that his Seventh Year at Hogwarts was that much closer, and that was the year when he couldn't afford to be distracted by his other activities. He lay back into the grass outside the castle and nevertheless enjoyed the hot weather, there were a few clouds in the otherwise clear sky, and he watched them as they drifted past, making out the different shapes. Within a few moments his eyes had closed, and his peaceful day-dreaming was interrupted by an unnerving feeling that someone was watching him. He opened his eyes slowly, and jumped when he saw a figure standing over him.

"Fuck, Maria, you scared me," he exclaimed once he made out who it was.

"The great Albus Potter scared?"

"Piss off," he said, the laughter apparent in his voice. Albus pushed himself up onto his elbows, as Maria sat down next to him.

"What do you have next?"

"DADA, you?"

"Care of Magical Creatures." She was looking at him funnily, and Albus cocked his head to one side.

"What is it?"

"Well, I heard a pretty funny rumour about you from the Ravenclaw who sits next to me in transfiguration." Maria was almost laughing, and he game a sigh.


"She said you were gay," A bubble of laughter rose from his throat, and some of the people who were sitting near them looked at the pair curiously.

"Do they really have nothing better to do than make up stuff like that about me?" Albus said after their laughter died down.

"Look, I mean you've never had a girlfriend, and I am sure your older brother has plenty of time to make up rumours like that."

"That doesn't automatically make me gay, maybe I'm just not that bothered by dating at the moment."

"Yes, that brings me on to my other reason for coming here, what are you and Nott planning? I always see you two sitting in the Common Room discussing things." His heart beat slightly faster, whilst Maria was his friend, he wasn't prepared to let her in on what they were doing. The less people who knew the better, especially since Maria, for all her good qualities, could sometime let things slip. Realising that he had stayed silent for quite a while, Albus quickly tried to come up with a reason.

"Nothing." He said lamely, knowing that it was probably not going to convince her.


"Maybe he's my gay partner." Albus said, with a smile creeping back onto his face, and Maria smiled back too, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.


On the way back from school that year Albus found himself reading the story of the Deathly Hallows in the book he had taken out from the library for the first time in about a year, maybe there could be a clue about how to solve the wand drama, Augustus was sitting opposite him and noticed Albus' face as it went completely pale.

"What is it?" With a shaking voice Albus told Augustus the way that the book claimed one had to gain ownership of the wand.

"O-ownership of the w-wand only transfers when the current owner of the wand dies." He swallowed once and placed the book, still opened, down onto the table in front of him before continuing. "Albus Dumbledore, who got the wand from Grindlewald, was killed by Serverus Snape, thus transferring ownership of the wand to him, then Voldemort killed Snape, meaning that ownership transferred to the Dark Lord, and then, of course, my father killed the Dark Lord, transferrin-" Albus couldn't finish the sentence, confronted by the real possibility of patricide. Nott stared at him for a moment, realising that something couldn't be right, there was something that Albus had missed out.

"Wait," he finally said, "Grindlewald was still alive for ages, he was kept in that prison, remember we got taught that in History of Magic, so it doesn't have to be transferred like that. Dumbledore and Grindlewald got into a fight, but then Dumbledore beat him, meaning that the wand changed allegiance. It's not killing which means that it changes allegiance, it's defeat which does."

"So that means that all I need to do to get full ownership, is to disarm my father?"

"Yes, pretty much."

"How the fuck do I do that?"


Dear Augustus,

I have an idea.



A child screamed in the corner of the small ice cream shop the two boys sat in, and Albus looked back at it irritably, but leaned into the person sitting opposite him.

"Anyway, here's my idea, my father is an auror, right?"


"Well, if say there was an attack on somewhere, or I don't know something big enough that would cause a guy who's high up in the Department to come to it, I could use the opportunity to attack him, disarm him, and get away from the place as soon as possible without him knowing." Augustus gave him a disbelieving look from across the table.

"That would be absolutely impossible, you'd have to duel one of the best duellers in the world and win, before you'd be able to do anything."

"It's our only option."

"And where are you going to find the event to be able to do this act then?" Albus' green eyes flickered with excitement and nervousness.

"Well, I know that your fathe-"

"Albus, he's been sent to gaol."

"I know, I know. But the organisation must still be around?" The baby had finally stopped wailing, and Augustus lowered his voice, so their conversation would not be overheard.

"I don't want to be involved in that Albus. It's probably teeming with spies, who would report back to the aurors that you had tried to join, and if you were caught, you would be sent straight to Azkaban without a chance of leaving school, and you wouldn't be able to perform magic for the rest of your life!" He finished his tirade, and Albus looked on thoughtfully.

"What about next year? What if we finished school, and then we tried to do it?"

"Not 'we', it's only going to be you joining." Darkness briefly flashed across Albus' eyes, and he pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking.

"How on earth am I ever going to co-" He paused, bit his lip for a moment, and started talking again. "What if I didn't actually join them? What if I just went to where the attack was going to be, and then disarmed my father, but they wouldn't be able to prove that I was part of the organisation?"

"It's risky."

"We're going to have to take risks."

"You sound like a Gryffindor." He shot Augustus a dirty look, before returning to his line of thought.

"One of us has to join, I don't know, maybe Scorpius. Then he can tell us when an attack is happening, I'll go there, Scorpius can rat out the entire thing afterwards and escape from a life time of servitude."

"There's no way he'll join. You're grasping at straws." The two boys stopped talking for a moment, and Albus took a sip of the water that was in front of him.

"I'll figure it out."


Felix Felcius, he repeated the name in his head over and over again, that's what he needed to complete his quest for the hallows. But where could one find the semi-illegal potion for a cheap price. Although he was not terrible at potions, it would be unlikely that he would be able to make the potion himself, at least not without making a mixture that would probably poison him, or give him terribly bad luck, or something like that. He repeated the word one more time, this time out loud, and spud the coin in his hands on the desk in front of him. Some how he'd get his hands on that potion.


The Summer Holidays ended, without Albus being able to gain the potion, and he decided- with Scorpius and Augustus- to let the plan lie for the year, since they needed to gain some decent qualifications. And it was a relief really, for Albus, to not have James there, constantly hovering over him, reporting back his actions to his parents. But the question of the potion played on his mind, and he wondered whether his plans would ever come to fruition.


"Hey Mary, would you like to come to Hogsmeade with me?" Mary Carrow, who was of distant relation to the Carrows who had terrorised Hogwarts in the war years, was a pretty Slytherin girl in his year, and perhaps it was his distance from his plans that made him realise that there was a certain element of his life which was lacking. It was because of this, that Albus found himself walking down the path to Hogsmeade with the pretty dark haired girl, talking about the latest bands.

"So how come you never dated anyone before?" She asked, dark eyes peeking up from her eyelashes.

"I don't really know. I guess I just wasn't bothered." He gave a shallow laugh, and she took his hand.

"Are we going anywhere for lunch?"

"Yeah, I don't know where. I didn't think that you'd like Madame Puddifoot's, or what ever it's called, but I'm sure I can get a table there if you want."

"Um, no, that's fine. I don't really mind where. Maybe we could go to the Hog's Head or somewhere." Albus looked at her curiously.

"Sure." He held out his arm, "Lead the way then." She gave a shy laugh and they walked down the path to Hogsmeade together.


The fires burnt around Hogsmeade, and Mary and Albus were running from them, much like the other students around them. Men- and women- in masks stood around, throwing curses, and attempting to battle off the aurors who had recently arrived.

"Mary!" He shouted over the din of the battle and she turned to him.

"Let's go and hide, we're just going to be killed running though this," Albus stopped and she looked at him fearfully.

"Or we're going to be burnt alive in one of the houses." He was about to reply when he saw his father, standing in the middle of the fighting, seemingly un-affected, only a couple of metres away. His heart beat in his ears louder than it had been before, this was his chance. Quickly he flicked his wand, and shot a disarming spell at his father, the spell shot across the battle, a white light in a haze of red, he mumbled a quick prayer that it would hit. And it did, the wand flew out of his father's hand, and straight into his. Green eyes met their match, and his father ran towards them, his untouchability broken.

"Albus, what are you doing here?" Mary stood beside Albus, slightly in shock, looking at him with questioning eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, I was trying to disarm someone else, t-they had a wand and they were pointing it towards you!" Albus all but shouted and his father stared at him for a moment more, before remembering where he was.

"Get out of here Albus!" He said before pushing them away, Albus dropped the wand on the floor before he ran, all ideas of hiding in a house forgot. In the midst of adrenalin and fear he felt a silent satisfaction, the Elder Wand was his.


"Albus," he looked over to his girlfriend, and smiled before walking over to her.

"What do you want?" He said smiling, "I'm a busy person."

"I just want to spend some time with my boyfriend." Mary gave a shy smile and he leant down to kiss her chastely on the lips.

"Well I am afraid I have to go, I have some business to attend to." She nodded and he gave a small wave as he exited the Common Room and walked down the stairs towards the boys dorms. Scorpius and Augustus sat inside waiting, and their expressions changed as soon as he walked in. He explained what had happened a few weeks ago in Hogsmeade, and Scorpius tilted his head to the side.

"How did that even happen?"

"Good luck I suppose."

"But I just don't understand... It was that simple. Have you tried to combine them yet?"

"Yes, but it didn't work. I held them all in my hands and nothing happened." Augustus pushed himself of the bed he was sitting on, and moved towards Albus.

"Where are they?" Albus silently pointed to the trunk at the bottom of the bed. The other boy walked towards it and lifted up the top and searched inside for the items, once he found them he held them in his hands, the silky material of the Invisibility Cloak, the smooth surface of the Resurrection Stone, and the brittle wood of the Elder Wand.

"Give them to me." Augustus handed the three objects to him, and he held them in his hands. He could feel the power in them, just waiting to be unlocked. But he knew he had to wait. "There might be a ritual, I'll research it." They all looked at the objects with fascination. How a bunch of Seventh Years had managed to do what they had done he didn't know.


"I know what you're doing." Avery told Albus simply when he was sitting in the dorm alone one day.


"You, Malfoy, and Nott. I know what you're doing." Albus felt his heart beat faster in his chest and he tried to keep cool as he turned to Avery with a smirk.

"And what would that be?"

"Trying to do what my father go put in prison for!" He all but shouted.

"Hardly." Avery and him had probably not had a conversation this long for months, and it felt odd to be talking to his former-friend.

"You'll end up just like them, Potter. Mark my words."

"Don't fucking presume what you don't know." Anger rose up through him, and clenched his fists into tight balls.

"I don't want to see that happen to you. What would your family think of you?"

"I couldn't care less." He paused. "And when it comes to it they're on the wrong side."


He had seen the red haired girl coming towards him before she had realised, and he was tempted to run away, but soon he realised that he needed to talk to his sister at some point. Slowly he placed his pen down onto the wooden table in front of him, and looked up again.

"Albus." She said simply.

"Yes." Her eyes looked wide and green, so similar to his, and he could see a sheen to them.

"Please come home. I hate you not being there."

"I can't Lily. I'm sorry," guilt washed though him, and he was momentarily unable to speak, "I-I wish I could, but there's too much going on for me."

"You just walked out! You just left me there!" She was almost shouting now, it was incredible how she could move from sadness to anger so quickly really.

"Lily-" he started.

"Don't Lily me! You should probably call me Potter, considering that you don't feel like you're part of the family anymore. Since you clearly wish you were a Malfoy or a Nott." He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Just listen to me Lily." He said in a calm voice, and she briefly looked at him with wide eyes for a moment before closing her mouth. "I wish I could. Honestly I do, but I can't. Ever since I was sorted into Slytherin, I feel as if there was a growing gap between me and the rest of you, I don't fit in." A tear fell from her eye, and she rose a hand up to wipe it away. "Don't cry. I'll be there when you need me. But I can't go back. I'm sorry." Wordlessly she nodded, and she walked away, and he felt as if something had broken inside him, that was his last chance. All could have been forgiven, he supposed. Now he was truly on his own.


His fist slammed into the wall with frustration. How he had managed to get to this point he was not sure, but his fucking DADA practical had screwed him over. The examiner had fucking disarmed him. How had that happened? It was going to completely mess up all of his plans, and now he was back to square one. He stood in the empty dungeon and thought. How was he going to sort this out? He walked out of the stone dungeon and up the stairs, he needed a cigarette. As he walked across to the entrance of the school he heard a particularly obnoxious voice boasting that he had managed to disarm the DADA examiner, he turned and followed the sound of the voice, and there stood Anthony Molblaster. A grimace passed over his face, of course it would be him who now had the ownership of the most powerful wand in the world.


It was odd really, he thought as he sat on the last Hogwarts Express he would ever take, it was over. School was over. He would never have to sit in a lesson again, or hand in homework, it was all over. And now he was out in the world. It left him with a dilemma, where was he going to live, how was he going to live? But also, how the fuck was he supposed to get the wand off the idiot that was Molblaster? He supposed he was just going to have to wait.


He wondered how long he was going to have to keep on doing this, researching to find out how on earth he was supposed to bind the hallows together to become Master of Death, so far he had spent at least a month reading over books from the public library on the Deathly Hallows, but his search was proving fruitless. A sign escaped his mouth and he closed the book he was looking at, it all seemed so pointless, it was probably just a myth anyway. Perhaps these years of planning were all for nothing.


His eyes were drawn to an inked in symbol on the inside of the latest book he had taken out from the library, it was a triangle, with a line, and a circle inside it. The symbol of the Deathly Hallows, but perhaps it was also something else, and finally, he had an idea.


"Albus, how long is this going to go on for? We've had so many-"

"Patience, that's all we need. I'll find a way to get the wand back." Augustus stood inside the small shop Albus owned on Knockturn Alley, it sold all manner of things, things that were perhaps not strictly legal, but business was good, and it gave him an opportunity to travel as well.

"It's gone on long enough! Every moment we waste, every time we decide to wait another day, is another day we could get caught." His hand ran through his dark hair, and Albus leaned onto the counter in front of him.

"Well, I can't bloody well go up to him and challenge him to a duel for no reason can I?" Albus flicked his wand and the sign proclaiming that the shop was open flipped around to saying that the shop was closed. Briefly Albus looked at one of the skulls that rested on the display, and did not say anything.

"Just kill him!"

"I may hate him, but I am not doing anything as stupid as that. I think he's engaged to my cousin anyway, and they're one of the most powerful families in the Wizarding World, I don't want to risk their wrath."

"What if you had a legitimate reason to duel him?"

"Like what?" Augustus' eyes lit up for a moment, and Albus found himself smiling. Finally, after weeks of nothing, they may be getting through the block.


"Fuck I feel like an idiot." A blonde woman said, as Albus linked hands with her.

"It's all for the cause Augustus. All for the cause."

"Fuck you." Albus gave a laugh, and the pair walked down the cobbled street together. The woman became unstable briefly, and cursed. "How women even walk in these things, I don't know." The dark haired man kept the woman stable, and paused for a moment to light up a cigarette, and inhaled deeply.

"So how long do we have?"

"Around an hour. The witch who sold this to me said two, but I am sure that's a lie."

"And you think he will be here?"

"Scorpius flooed me before we went and said he was already inside." The two stopped in front of small house, which had the word 'Orion's' over it in a neon sign, and Albus could hear the dance music from it inside.

"Okay. Do your best Augustus." He threw the cigarette to the pavement and walked inside nightclub.


"You hit on my girlfriend!" Albus shouted at Molblaster, hoping that he was giving a good enough show.

"I didn't, what are you talking about!"

"Well, why don't we settle this like men then." He was doing his best to act drunk, but internally cringed at the sentence had just said. Albus struggled to hear the answer above the blaring music, but was given one, when he saw Molblaster head for an exit. Smirking, he followed him through the crowd. Hopefully Molblaster was drunk, because for all his faults, the guy was pretty good at duelling, he headed through the door that the man had and he was greeted by the cold outdoors. They were standing at the back entrance in an alley, and the Molblaster peeled off the top layer of his dress robes, and Albus followed him.

"You don't know how long I have wanted to kick your ass now Potter, now there are none of your Death Eater friend around." Anger bubbled within Albus at that comment and before he could stop himself he sent a curse flying at the other man. He wasn't even sure what curse it was, but Molblaster gave a yelp of pain as it hit, and sunk to the ground briefly. Albus should have just disarmed him then and there, but he couldn't stop himself. This was the first time had had been in a duel for months, and bloodlust was signing though his veins. His usually bright green eyes clouded over with fury, and he sent another curse at the man, which he managed to block. "Not playing fair Potter. I would expect that." A curse came flying at Albus and he quickly dodged it, but he was not prepared for the second one which quickly followed, and he hissed as it cut into his robes. Swiftly he lifted his wand up and sent a volley of stinging hexes, intertwined with darker singeing and smashing curses towards Molblaster, but he already had a shield up. But that couldn't stop the curse that was coming next, "crucio!" He bellowed and the red curse flew out his wand, and smashed through the shield, Molblaster fell to the ground screaming, and it interrupted the strange feeling which had descended on Albus. Quickly he stopped the curse, and he felt a jolt of fear run through him, he disarmed the man and ran off, how had that just happened?


"I crucio-ed him Scorpius." He sat in a chair in the Malfoy's Living Room, and looked around at the portraits on the wall, they all looked at him back curiously. Their eyes looked as if they were inspecting him, looking into his very soul at the sins he had committed. Nervously, he looked back at the Malfoy heir.


"I don't know! I didn't mean to, this, this feeling came over me, and I wasn't quite aware of what I was really doing. It was just instinct."

"You're an idiot. He's going to tell the aurors."

"I know!"

"There's nothing any of us can do." Albus's teeth began to chatter, and he felt fear, real fear jolt though him.

"If they search my things, do you think they-" Scorpius cut into him, knowing what he was going to say.

"Where are they?"

"Back at my flat," he paused. "I'll send them over to you, keep them safe."

"I can't take any of the books."

"I understand."

"Albus," he called as the dark hair man got to the door, "my grandfather may know some people in the Ministry, who can get your sentence shortened." Albus turned, and gave a nod of thanks before he exited the room.


That night, when he went to sleep, Albus felt a strange kind of calm descend upon him, he was going to be arrested the next day. Even so, it took him a while to get to sleep, he tossed and turned in his small bed for at least an hour, smoking at intervals. His world was crashing down around him, and there was nothing he could do.


The knock at the door came at mid-day, he had sent the Hallows to Scorpius, given some of the books to Nott, but there were some things he couldn't give away, some things that not even Nott would take. He walked across his run down room, and towards the front door, grabbing a glass of firewhiskey on the way. The drink burnt in his throat, and although he still felt calm, his heart beat slightly faster as he opened the door. Four men in red robes stood at the door, aurors, the one at the front spoke.

"We have a warrant to search this house." Albus nodded mutely, he inspected the man for a moment, he had greying hair, a turned down mouth and a scar that ran all the way down his face. "Are you Albus Potter?" He recognised the man from when he was younger, when he would go and visit his father at work.


"You're under arrest, for the use of an Unforgivable." Not caring, he dropped the glass of firewhiskey he had been holding, letting it smash into the ground and turned his back to the aurors. One cast a spell, and he felt his wrists being bound, and then he was being led out of the door and down the stairs to Knockturn Alley.


The people in the alley stared at him, as two of the aurors escorted him down the street. He remembered that he hadn't told Mary what was going to happen to him, and in a way he was glad, she did not need to be brought into all of this. They walked slowly up to Diagon Alley, clearly the aurors wanted to parade him around, and this gave him time to hear the whispers.

"Is that Harry Potter's son?"

"I never thought I'd see a sight like that." A person took a picture on a camera they were holding, he looked up at the sky, it was a grey day, and the clouds were threatening to rain. Not a bad day to get arrested, by now they had reached the top of Knockturn Alley, one of the aurors grabbed his arm and suddenly his world was metaphorically and literally turned upside down.


"You know what I don't understand," one of the red robed aurors questioned as Albus was thrown into the gaol cell, "you had it all, family, money, friends, and you chose to throw it all away on this." A smile found itself onto Albus' face, and he stared at the woman.

"Maybe I wanted more."


"You are found guilty of possessing three illegal books, the use of four Level One Dark Curses, and one Unforgivable. How do you plead?" The courtroom was filled, his family was there, some of his friends, and others all sat in the circular room. The judge wore a white wig over hair, and he stared at it for a moment. "Well, how do you plead?" The dark haired man, with the green eyes, gave a sardonic smile, and gazed around the courtroom, catching the eye of his cousin Rose, his father, his mother, his brother as it moved across it.

"Guilty, of course." A murmur went across the room, and he wanted to stand up and tell them all to stop being so bloody melodramatic, but he couldn't, his arms were shackled to the chair he sat in.

"The maximum sentence for these crimes is twenty-five years, but due to your," the judge paused, thinking over his words, "youth and situation, I sentence you to twelve years in Azkaban Prison, with a chance for early parol." The courtroom descended into uproar, some clapping, some claiming corruption. Albus' smile remained on his face, he certainly was not going to be there that long. A flashbulb popped.


"Why Albus? That's what I don't understand." Albus gave a snort, the auror had said almost the same thing only a few days before.

"Because I wanted to." His voice came out as vicious snarl. "I'm not you. I don't want to do what's right, what's the most noble cause, I want to do what I want to do. I refuse to be a slave to this society any longer." Harry Potter looked down at his son with sadness, why did he get this way, how did he get this way? But he said no more, and left the small cell.


The cold air of the North Sea bit into him as they crossed in a small boat over to the prison that was Azkaban. It rose out of the rough grey sea like a shard, it's wall smooth and unassailable. Thank Merlin it did not still have dementors, the wraith-like creatures circling the building would have made him even more scared than he already was. The boat pitched and rolled, and he focused his efforts onto keeping himself warm, and not focusing on the building in front of him. Instead he looked at the man beside him, another prisoner, who had bright ginger hair and a rugged face, but looked away when he gave a threatening snarl. He moved his gaze down to his fingers, and looked down to the bottom of the boat.

After what felt like an age, they finally arrived at the entrance of the prison, two wooden doors rose high above them, the only entrance to the fortress. The guard knocked at the door, and the doors began to open, swinging aside slowly. Once they were open far enough to let the seven people standing at the entrance, he was prodded by the man behind him.

"Move." He obediently walked forwards, and stopped when told. They had moved into a small room, with a guard sitting at a desk. He had been reading a copy of the Daily Prophet and Albus looked at the headline, 'HARRY POTTER THE BWL'S SON SENT TO PRISON FOR DARK MAGIC', he glanced at the article, but all he read before the man placed the newspaper on the desk was the name of the journalist, and the sentence 'It was the day we never thought would come.' In the centre of the newspaper there was a picture of him being sentenced, but he did not have a chance to see anything else.

"Prisoner Name?" The guard asked him, and he rose an eyebrow, surely he could recognise him.

"Albus Serverus Potter."

"Number?" The guard had turned to the auror stood next to him.

"1491." He looked down and a list, and evidently found the number.

"He's in cell number 15, High Security." Two of the red robed aurors move themselves towards him, and grabbed him by the arm, before practically dragging him to the left, and up some stone stairs. As he walked into the main cell block, he glanced nervously at the people in the cells around him. These were Death Eaters! Why was he being put here?

"Is that Harry Potter?" One asked.

"Finally done him in."

"No, that's not Harry Potter, too young." Another voice called out. He was about to reply, when one of the aurors who were with him shouted,

"QUIET!" And the accusations stopped. The walked for a few more moments between stopping outside what was presumably cell number fifteen, one took a key and unlocked the door, before throwing him in. He held his hands out to stop his fall, but it was useless and he remained sprawled on the floor when he heard one of the guards speak to him through the bars.

"Don't expect any special treatment because of who you are, Potter. You're just as bad as the rest of them." He had turned around to face the guard, although he was still sitting. In response he spat at the ground, but it was too late. The guards had gone. And now he was alone, with only the prisoner opposite's questions and cold stone of his cell for company.



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