Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, nor am I making money from writing this drabble.

Warnings/Notes/Summary/Rating: K+ I guess. Shounen ai. There's an out-of-nowhere kiss. A little Riku/Sora-ness, but more Axel/Riku-ness. Don't suppose this thing takes part of any true Kingdom Hearts storyline (call this thing AU-ish?). Christmastime at Organization XIII's castle. Axel's caught up in the Christmas cheer bug and annoying everyone, except Riku because he's missing Sora's Christmas cheer. I don't intend to add anymore to this drabble. I don't like it, but whatever…

Saku's prompt: Axel/Riku- Axel was insufferable when Christmas came along within the organization. Strangely enough dealing with Sora made Riku the perfect person to deal with the over-decorations and the hours of caroling

The Kingdom of My Heart Drabble Box Collection
Drabble 13: Riku 5
By Yo; Written 12/10/15; about 170 words; Posted to ffdotnet 3/2/16

An amused smirk lit up Riku's face, even with the black strip of cloth hiding his eyes.

While the other Organization members grumbled and screamed at Axel to shut up and calm down, Riku couldn't help feeling like he was home—back at Destiny Islands at Christmas time when Sora would be his usual over-exuberant self with ridiculous Christmas cheer as he raced around to put up gaudy decorations and sang annoying carols for hours on end (Seriously, there's nothing like listening to someone who can't sing belt out Jingle Bell Rock over and over; it's enough to make you want to bash your head through a wall).

Whereas Riku hated it then, he loved hearing it now from Axel—the man's antics made him miss those times when he should've appreciated it with Sora.

The smile left Riku's lips as he curled into himself on the window sill.

"Wassup?" Axel asked, out of nowhere.

Startled, Riku gasped, but wasn't able to answer the man because Axel suddenly covered Riku's lips with his own.