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This story takes place during the 6th book, "Twilight", when Suze traveled to the past, to save the love of her life from being strangled or barbequed by Diego.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and this story is based on the books written by the one and only, Meg Cabot.

Chapter 1

This must be a hallucination. It has to be. Or a really great and realistic dream. Perhaps hallucinating was a side effect of time traveling. I mean look at Paul's grandfather; the poor guy was almost a vegetable. No offense to him.

But what in the world was Jesse doing, sitting on a chair placed next to my bed, looking very much alive, and his younger sisters, ogling at me curiously as if I was an exotic species. This must be all wrong. Because last night, I traveled back to the future, holding Jesse and landing in my backyard. His body that was in some sort of coma, was at the hospital right now, or was supposed to. What was he doing here, staring at Suze, appearing to be nothing, but concerned?

Suze sat up a little too fast, which she realized was definitely a mistake when her head felt like it had been split open. But she didn't care. Something was definitely wrong.

"Hector, the girl you saved is not dead anymore," said a little girl with a strong Spanish accent. She must be Jesse's little sister. Same beautiful dark eyes and hair, with golden skin.

Jesse chuckles. "She never died, hermanita. She was unconscious for the past three days."

This couldn't be real at all. What the heck? And he why did he say that Suze was in a coma?

Impossible. Unreal. What was she still doing here, around 1850 or something, sitting in someone else's bed, in her own bedroom, which looked quite different right now.

"Wha-". Her voice was too coarse for her to finish her question. Rubbing her face, she felt like crying. The huge lump in her throat and the loops and hole in her memory were just signs of her exploding any minute.

Jesse, who must've noticed that Suze was having trouble accepting what had happened to her, shooed his sisters out of the room.

"Susannah. Are you alright?"

She looked up at him from her hands and starts laughing hysterically. Even now, after everything, he still calls her by her full name. He must have thought that she was crazy, but Suze couldn't tell because she was too busy switching from laughing like a madwoman to sobbing.

The doctor wanna-be that he is, he didn't freak out at her behavior and sat next to her on the bed, trying to comfort her. He even held the glass of water for her, while she greedily gulped down.

"It is natural for you to be scared like this, Susannah, but I'll explain everything to you." Oh, an explanation would be really great right now, considering that I am on the verge of my sanity.

It turns out that once the fire broke out, threatening to swallow Suze in, Jesse had rescued her, as she vaguely remembers, but she did not travel back to the future with him. No. Apparently he managed to get out with her safely, whilst coward Paul disappeared.

The worst part is that she had lost consciousness for some unexplainable reason and woke up after three days. It must have been the lack of oxygen back in the burning barn and the time traveling.

The best part?

She was probably going to get really sick, or weak, which she already was. Brain wiped clean of all brain cells and if she was lucky, alive. And that-that nasty Paul who had left her here, stranded and literally impossibly far away from her family and Jesse. Swearing under her breath shamelessly, she cursed him to the deepest depths in hell, with various diseases and a life time of loneliness.

Jesse, Alive Jesse, completely oblivious to the meaning of pretty much all the swearwords she kept on muttering, suggested that she should come downstairs to eat.

And for some reason, fact that she would never see or know of Jesse de Silva was something she had to accept seemed even worse to her right now.

Looking around, she realized that she was sitting in his bedroom. Well, her bedroom in the future. Or not, if she wasn't going back again.

Then it hit her. If she was in the condition to travel back to the future, what could hold her back? Yes, she would probably be spending her life in a wheel chair, but at least she was back with her family, where she belonged. Staying here in the nineteen hundred's century would possibly mess things up more than it already was. She had to regain her strength, even if it meant that she'd be spending some more time sleeping and eating.

Plus, she was hungry enough to eat fifty pies right now.

Feelings aside, she decided to put her time that she would be spending here into plotting her way back to the future.

The boarding house was pretty quiet, considering that at least more than nine people, including Jesse and his family, lived around here. She decided to stay inside the room to avoid more attention and trouble.

After taking a shower, which mainly consisted of a bucket and cold water, she changed into a dress, something that looked like the innocent and bright version of Maria's dresses.

On the little table near the window, Suze found a tray filled with bread, fruits and water. Considering how hungry she was though, she didn't feel like it would satisfy her, but she went ahead and stuffed the food in her mouth, keeping in mind that she'd ask Jesse, or Hector as they call him here, for more food.

"Susannah?" Jesse peered out from behind the door and allowed himself into his own room. Or my room-to-be. Suze patted the empty spot beside her, willing him to come and sit next to her. There were too many questions and too much to talk about. And since she had lost so much and was going to lose more, she decided to tell him the truth about everything.

"I have some confessions to make, Jes-I mean Hector. Since this is probably the last time I'll ever be seeing you or your ghost, I might as well tell you the truth. And everything that happened from the day I had first met your ghost."

A little guarded, he nodded bravely, as if he knew the truth was going to be difficult to handle. Suze didn't blame the poor guy. Hearing stories about your ghost who roams around in the future and makes friends with a mediator could be a little difficult to take in, right?

So she began with when they had met in her bedroom. Then the many times that he had saved her from psycho teenage ghosts and weirdoes who tricked their brothers into believing that they were vampires. And then how she fell in love with him.

"It's okay if you don't feel that way about me," assured Suze to guilty and confused-looking Jesse. Again, it must've been pretty hard to accept a story of your ghost falling in love in the future with a live person who could see and touch ghosts.

"No, it is believable, yet troubling to register. I had never imagined that I would ever come to feel that way about a girl. My future had been set with Maria." He had said his ex-fiancé's name with so much disgust, that it made Suze want to dance with joy. She always hated that she-devil.

Jesse continued listening patiently and quietly, never interrupting her, while she was telling him about the complications of the relationship. Eating her food at the same time, she must've appeared very lady-like. But this was important. It perhaps served as a closure to both of them. Although she possibly wouldn't remember him in the future (if she was ever going to make it back), it made her feel better right now.

Plus, considering that she came out of nowhere to save his life, he deserved a more thorough and truthful explanation of the reason behind their present situation. The idea of being stuck in the past still freaked her out though. She'd rather be battling ghosts right now, or even better, go back to living her life the way she had with her ghostly boyfriend by her side. God, how pathetic that sounded.

"I have to go back soon, Jesse. And I will not remember you anymore." The thought always hit her with so much sadness and emotion. A small tear managed to escape from her eye and Jesse leaned in, catching it with his index finger before it had a chance to roll down her cheek.

"Hector! Maria está aqui!" Jesse's youngest sister must've sprinted up the stairs because she was gasping for air while yelling something in Spanish at Jesse, after barging in on them.

Startled, Suze jumped away from him. It probably wouldn't end well if people had the wrong (or right) impression about them.

Suze heard the name "Maria". No need to know Spanish to know that trouble has arrived at the door step of the boarding house in the form of Jesse's dreadful ex-fiancé.

Groaning, Jesse got up and made his way downstairs. Had his sister not charged into the room like that, Suze might have received a kiss on forehead, which she had assumed she'd be receiving due to the caring and affectionate look on his face. What? She'd take what she could get. Even a simple kiss on the forehead.

Sneaking out of the room towards the staircase, Suze decided to eavesdrop, which was a pretty stupid idea considering that she didn't speak Spanish.

Luckily, his little sister stuck around, admiring Suze's "pretty" hair, which was probably going to turn into an afro, thanks to the lack of conditioner and the frizz that kept on building up on her head unstoppably.

"Could you translate what they are saying, please?"

Rosa, which turned out to be her name, after they had exchanged their names, was more than thrilled to do something for the pretty girl who rose from the dead.

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