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This isn't supposed to get any worse, thought Suze horrified.

"Paul is dead?" She cried, despite her dizziness that wasn't entirely from the speed the doctor, her family and friends were pushing the stretcher down the hall. What was their hurry anyways?

"No, hun. He's fine," assured her mother, who was starting to run out of breath from keeping up with the rest of them.

"Oh, thank God!" Relief flooded through her instantly.

"I thought you hate him." Suze hadn't even noticed her little step brother, which was a surprise, what with the orange hair and all.

"I do. But I don't won't him dead," she exclaimed. Looking up at Jesse, she asked, "Then who died?"

Suze never found the answer out though because everything was happening so fast.


"Oh no, we're gonna cr-…"


The last thing Suze remembered before everything went black was that they somehow collided with a stretcher coming from the opposite direction.


It was nice to see that her porch that was usually abundant in decorations her mother had put up, looked exactly the way Suze had left it before she shifted to Jesse's time. Speaking of which…

"And? How does it feel to be alive again?"

Jesse, well and alive, took her hand in his. "Being with you? Worth living." And gave her one of his heart melting smiles. Life definitely was worth living.

Turned out that the stretcher they had collided with was the one with Jesse's body. According to the doctors, Jesse had a Near-Death Experience after they had revived him.

Basically, when they collided, Jesse's ghost came in contact with his actual body and somehow managed to return into it. When they picked his 'dead' body up, the doctor was told by the other doctor that 'this man' could still be revived if they'd get him to the emergency room on time.

As impossible as it had all seemed, Suze now knew that they truly were meant to be. With her boyfriend who underwent what was considered an NDE and back in her life, again, she felt that she no longer had to worry about any more relationship complications.

"I'll miss Rosa and the rest of them." Suze sighed sadly.

She had known life differently during that time. Although it had all been a bit difficult sometimes, what with the lack of showers and proper hair products, it had been a rewarding experience. She got to know Jesse in so many different ways, through his family and himself.

"Me too, Querida. But after everything that happened, I feel as if I had a chance to be with them again for a while."

That's right. Jesse was able to remember everything, and was quite amused as to how they met for the 'first time' several times.

"Hey guys!" CeeCee waved excitedly from afar, holding Adam's hand. The two of them had visited her while she was in the hospital, but now that she was able to hug them properly, Suze was determined to tackle them to the ground.


"Woah, easy there." Adam patted Suze's shoulder, while CeeCee hugged her tight enough to squeeze the life out of her. Of course, Suze did the same, knowing that she had to cherish any moment she'd get with her family and friends.

"Do you guys want to hang out at the coffee shop down the street for a while before watching a movie? I'd kill for a Frappuccino right now." CeeCee's her eyes glowing with excitement.

Suze looked up at Jesse questioningly. "Are you up for it?"

"Of course, Querida."

More blissful than ever, the crew of four headed to the closest coffee shop. Sunny and hot out, Suze's mood was more elevated by the minute and for a moment while holding Jesse's hand, she felt that her life had just begun. It didn't just end here because she had found the perfect guy. No. This was just the beginning, and they both had a chance to start building their lives and explore this world. Together.


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