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Let's Play Pretend

Yugi woke up the next day. He couldn't remember how he got to his bed or when did he changed to his pajamas. All that was clear to him was crying his eyes out. "Why now?" he mumbled to himself. Yugi was already content with his life. He was already happy and had moved on but why do the Gods find it amusing to play with his feelings? He could feel the tears threatening to fall. No Yugi, he thought, let these tears fall and you'll admit defeat. No more crying yourself to sleep. That was the past, this is the present. It was too late to convince himself to be strong, the tears were already falling from his eyes. "I wish I did have amnesia," he said as he sat up, swinging his legs so they were dangling on the edge. "If I really had amnesia, then I wouldn't feel this heartache when I saw him again." Then he stood up, deciding that doing his morning routine will clear his head of Yami. Besides, there is no chance that their paths will cross again, is there?

Meanwhile, downstairs where their studio is set up, Rebecca unlocked the door and changed the sign to open with a mug of coffee in her hands. It was a rainy morning for Domino today and that means business was slow and not much costumers will come by just to get their pictures taken. Rebecca preferred this kind of weather. She smiled as she walked behind the table and look over the list of people who hired them the next week, taking a sip of her coffee to warm herself up. Then she frowned when she remembered what the rain reminds of his tri-colored haired friend. Painful memories that make him weep.

Rebecca shook that thought off and plastered a smile when she heard the door open. She was not ready to see the two people who came through the door. In front of her were Joey and Mai, who looked equally shocked to see her as well. She dropped the mug in her hands and it hit the floor with a loud thud.

Joey looked at the child genius in front of him. Well, she was no longer a child. The freckles on her face were gone and she also grew taller. Though she was still a little flat-chested, she was pretty. Joey's train of thoughts were interrupted when he heard a loud thud and quickly picked up the fallen item. "Hey Rebecca!" he said breaking the silence and noticed that Rebecca looked at him with panic visible on her expression. "So, you own this place?"

"No," Rebecca said, a little weary. "I- I just help around. A good friend of mine owns it."

"Rebecca," another voice was heard. Ryou entered the reception area. He was looking over his camera that he didn't saw two familiar faces. "What's the commotion a…bout?" Ryou trailed off once he looked up to see what was going on. "Joey? Mai?"

"RYOU!" Joey shouted with glee and caught the albino in a head lock. "HEY BUDDY! LONG TIME NO SEE!"

Ryou giggled as he tried to get out of Joey's death grip. "JOEY! Let go. My camera might get damaged," he said that made the blonde release him and stand next to Mai. "So what are you two doing here?"

"Yeah, what's so important that you have to charge in here on this kind of weather?" Rebecca said, sitting on the chair behind the table. "That's very unintelligible. Well, that is expected of you since you have a brain the size of a peanut," she added that she earned a glared from Joey.

Joey and Mai looked at each other with grins on their faces before looking back at the two confused friends. "Well, we heard that you guys take wonderful pictures," Mai was the one to speak up. "You covered a friend's party and she recommended you to be the photographers of our wedding."

"YOU TWO ARE GETTING MARRIED?" Ryou and Rebecca shouted in unison. The couple laughed but nodded to confirm that they weren't hearing things.

"Wow," Ryou said with a weak smile, running his hand through his hair. "I can't believe how much we've missed."

"So, will you do it Ryou?" Joey asked, assuming Ryou as the one who owns the photography studio.

Ryou scratched the back of him head, laughing nervously. "You have to talk to our boss here, Joey" the albino replied. All he got from the two were confused looks. He smiled at them before adding, "Though I'm sure he'll say yes. Let me go get him." Ryou walked through the black door with the words "Authorized personnel only" written in gold letters on it.

After a few minutes, Ryou came back with Yugi leading him. "Who is so important Ryou that you have to-" Yugi wasn't able to continue what he was saying when his eyes landed on Joey and Mai, who stood up and gaped at him like he has risen from the dead. Really now? Joey? You have to make me meet up with Joey as well? Yugi was now sure that the Gods hated him. Sending his best friend to trigger his conscience so that he'll regret the lie he told Yami?

On the other hand, Joey was about to hug his best friend but remembered what Yami told him. Yugi has amnesia and can't remember them. So, he took the amethyst eyed man's hand, who flinched but didn't pull his hand away, then shook it with a friendly smile. "Hi, I'm Joey Wheeler," Yugi returned the smile that pleased him before letting go.

"I'm Mai Valentine," the blonde woman did the same but felt awkward. Pretending not to personally know one of the persons who greatly influenced her life felt weird.

"Nice meeting you," Yugi said as soon as Mai released his hand. He didn't know what to say. Yami has told them about what happened in the grocery store and now they believe he does have amnesia. It was a reunion that he didn't expect to happen so soon. Not to mention, he has to pretend he doesn't know one of the person whom he treated as a brother. He already started this game, he might as well play. "I'm-"

"Yugi Mutou," both said in unison.

He plastered a confused look and asked "How did you know who I was?"

"You are the king of games, honey" Mai said, crossing her arms. "Everyone knows you."

Yugi scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Sorry," he said while he gave them his innocent look. "I'm kind of not used to it yet." Rebecca and Ryou gave looks at each other before giving Yugi their 'you-have-got-to-be-kidding' stares. The boy caught this stare and looked back at Joey and Mai. "Should we continue this in my office?" The two nodded and followed Yugi to another room.

"We are screwed." Ryou said as soon as the three were out of the reception area. Rebecca nodded in agreement before continuing to sort the files on her table.


"How can I be of service?" Yugi asked as soon as the two were seated in front of him on the other side of his table.

Mai and Joey looked at each other again like they were asking the other one to talk. Joey grinned before turning back to Yugi. "Well," he started. "We are gonna get married two months from now and we are hoping that maybe you could be the one to cover that special event of our lives."

Yugi broke into a smile. He wanted to tackle the blonde man and tell him how happy he was for him. At the same time, he felt horrible that he wasn't there to see how Joey and Mai got together, how his best friend proposed to the blonde girl. He was sure it wasn't a typical proposal. Knowing Joey, he did something special.

He reminded himself that he couldn't show these two what he felt. He doesn't know them. He wasn't reminded of them when he recovered. "Congratulations," he said, the smile never leaving his features. "And it would be my honor to be the one to capture that special day on film." Then at the same time he was hurting. Memories that he buried long ago came back to mind.

Joey returned the smile. "Who would have thought the king of games would end up becoming a photographer?" Joey knew that Yugi has a passion for games. He predicted that the young man would look for a profession that would involve around what he loved. A photographer? He couldn't convince himself that this Yugi Motou in front of him was a photographer.

"Well," Yugi started. "Photography is precious for me. It's like helping people keep a part of them through pictures. A reminder of special moments that should never be forgotten. Pictures are like memories except you can share them with others." Yugi gave them a beaming smile as soon as he finished his sentence.

"Is your amnesia the reason why you took photography?" Mai asked. She noticed that Yugi frowned at the mention of his condition. Maybe is as wrong of her to ask? It was a possibility that the reason why the former duelist did take the course that wasn't expected of him.

Before Yugi could answer the question, Joey stood up and helped Mai on her feet as well. "We should go," he said to Yugi. "We still have a lot to do for the wedding." With that said the couple left with Yugi escorting them to them out of the office and to the front door. The two gave a quick goodbye to the three before leaving the studio hand in hand.

Yugi sighed in relief before throwing himself on the couch where Ryou was sitting and drinking a cup of tea. "It's so nice to know that Joey and Mai are getting married. That's the only good thing about this whole thing."

"But let's not forget," Rebecca said while inspecting the crack on her mug. "Joey is friends with Yami."

"He might come here any day once Joey tells him here you are," Ryou added as he set the cup on the coffee table in front of him. Yugi's eyes widen at the realization that Joey might tell but then he remembered: does Yami even care to waste his time coming there? He didn't even bother looking for him the last four years.


Yami sat on the living room couch scanning through the phonebooks and a laptop on in front of him. He was ready to give up on looking for Yugi's address. He knows Yugi as in Domino but where was he? He was looking through the web and twenty phonebooks, not to mention he hasn't gotten any sleep to look for Yugi's whereabouts.

Dropping the thick book on the floor, he fell back on the couch with an exasperated sigh and closed his eyes hoping to get some sleep.

Then, before he could even fall into deep slumber, the song "Bang It" by KP played and his eyes snapped open. He glared at the source of the music. It was Joey's ringtone and he is going to kill the blonde if he called for no good reason. He picked it up and answered the call. "You better have a good reason why you called, Joey," he said threateningly.

"Nyeh? Were you busy?" his friend from the other line said. Yami raised an eyebrow at the tone of Joey's voice. He sounded… excited.

"Actually, I was about to sleep."

"Well, you won't be able to sleep once you hear what I'm about to say, Yams," he was more curios now. "I just met Yugi a while ago and I know where he's staying."

Yami's heart skipped a beat. His search was over. He was so happy that he wanted to go outside and dance in the rain. "Re-really? You're not joking right?" He wanted to confirm that this wasn't a prank from the blonde. That it was real. That he have a chance to see his aibou again and undo the mistake he made four years ago.

"No joke, man" Joey said. By then, he can feel tears trickling the corners of his eyes. "You can come with us tomorrow. Tristan, Kaiba, Duke and I are going to go to his place."

Yami didn't have second thoughts and agreed. With that arranged, both hanged up their phones. The ruby-eyed teen looked at his phone, not believing the fact that he was given another chance but little did he know about Yugi's little secret that will result to one hell of a reunion between the two of them.

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