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We followed him through the camp to a ring of tents on the far edge up against a mountain base. There were several tents already set up for us, and Peeta rushed over to the tent farthest away and claimed it as ours by throwing his stuff inside. I felt eyes on me and turned around to see Finnick staring at me. He gave me a wink before turning to shake hands with Gale. I sat down at one of the camp chairs that were set up around a fire, unsure what exactly we were all doing here. It looked more like a camping trip than an army ready to attack a district.

Peeta walked over to Finnick and the two of them hit it off right away, so I settled onto one of the four logs circling a small fire. Gale came and sat beside me, stretching his long legs out in front of him and letting out a sigh. I turned to face him and he raised his eyebrows at me, not quite smiling before looking at the fire. We sat quietly side by side just watching the fire and observing everyone around us, I knew he was getting himself adjusted to our surroundings the way we would when we'd hunt in unfamiliar sections of the forest.

Finnick let out a loud laugh, slapping Peeta's shoulder as they both grinned widely. Gale's head snapped up and he glared over at them.

"Don't you own any shirts?" He asked.

I looked over and let myself get a good look at Finnick for the first time. He had a swimmer's build, strong wide shoulders and chest. Freckles ran across the bridge of his nose and he winked at me when he caught me eyeing him up.

"Don't have much use for them right now do I?" He said, resting his arms against the back of his seat so that I had a full view of him.

Gale frowned and kicked a log into the fire. Peeta laughed but then followed my gaze and frowned slightly as well.

"What exactly do they plan to have us do here?" Peeta asked.

"You are all just pretty faces, they won't expect much from us other than to film us triumphantly walking in front of the ruins after the real soldiers do all the work for us. At least that's what they've had me do all this time." He looked over our suits as he talked.

"So we're not even real soldiers?" Gale asked, standing up.

Before anyone could answer him, he stormed off toward the group of officials that Haymitch was talking to. I looked over at Peeta and Finnick who both looked amused.

"We do have watch schedules, two or three people stay up each night to watch out for an attack while everyone else gets to sleep. You're both in luck, you showed up on my night to keep watch and I'm volunteering you two to stay up with me."

We gathered some food and began to cook dinner. Peeta surprised me by showing us how to bake bread on the open fire while I made a small pot of stew. It was nice having the choice to eat something other than the carefully portioned food of District 13. It grew dark early at the camp, the cold mountains stealing the light from the sun and casting long shadows upon us as the sky turned a brilliant pink. Finnick stared off into the sky, seemingly miles away from where we were. I knew he was from District 4 but I didn't know much more than that aside from his reputation as a lady's man. I could certainly see why they all liked him so much; he was quite beautiful up close.

"You're from the mountains so this can't feel as strange to you as it is to me." He said quietly when he noticed me watching him.

"No, this place is a lot different from home. Our mountains don't look much like this." Peeta said, looking at the harsh landscape surrounding us.

"Well, it couldn't be much more opposite from my home. I hate any place I can't see the ocean from. Seeing palm trees touch the sky, sand beneath my feet, the sound of the waves against the shore. That's what I want to wake up to see each day of my life. Not this." Finnick sighed.

"I thought you spent most of your time in the Capitol."

"No, I spend a great deal of time there, but every chance I get I return home." He glanced around the camp carefully before continuing. "I have something very precious to me that I need to check up on back home."

"Something? Or someone?" Peeta asked, making sure to keep his voice low as a group of soldiers walked past.

Finnick considered us a moment, several expressions crossing his face. He leaned in close to us, his voice low and his face grave.

"Yes, you're right, it is a someone. My girl. She waits for me at the water. It's a big part of why we need to win this war. I want to be free to spend my life with her alone, free from the grasp of the Capitol."

We all sat in silence after his words. The sun had long since gone down, the black sky now filled with stars and still Gale hadn't come back. I could see dozens of little fires along the base of the mountain, laughter and voices of the other camps floating through the still night air. I let this fill my mind and just sat there for what felt like hours, taking everything in as Peeta and Finnick talked.

One by one soldiers came back and went to their tents, the fires dying down as everyone but those of us keeping watch went to sleep. I leaned against Peeta's shoulder, stealing heat from his body which felt nice against my cheek. He bent down and kissed the top of my head as he talked. I squeezed his knee before slowly rubbing my hand up and down his thigh. It was dark enough even with the firelight that I knew Finnick couldn't see anything other than our faces. As my hand slowly moved up near his hips Peeta adjusted in his seat, causing my hand to glide over the growing bulge in his pants. His eyes closed as I pressed my hand down, before snapping back open and flying over to Finnick and then to me.

A large piece of wood cracked from inside the fire, drawing my attention, and I slowly stood up and stretched.

'I'm going to gather some extra wood for the fire."

Peeta nodded and stood up as well. "I'll come with you; we can carry more back that way."

Finnick nodded at both of us, a hint of a smirk on his lips. "Take your time."

I raised an eyebrow at him but headed off toward a group of bushes instead of responding. As soon as we were safely away from the camp Peeta pounced on me, picking me up in his arms and pulling my lips into a fierce kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist, returning his kiss eagerly. I could feel him growing harder against me, and as his lips found my neck I let out a moan before I could stop myself.

Peeta grinned up at me, sucking on my collarbone and causing me to moan again. He lay me down gently on the ground and took no time pulling his shirt off. I peeled mine off as well, and feeling emboldened by the darkness, freed myself of my suit entirely. The sky above us was so filled with stars that for a moment I just gazed up at Peeta surrounded by them, losing myself in the view as he took his suit off and stood before me completely naked.

Peeta stared back down at me, an expression of love on his face as he lay down on his side next to me. His hands brought my face to his, his tongue tracing my bottom lip before forcing its way into my mouth. I climbed on top of Peeta, resting my hands on his shoulders as I leaned down and deepened the kiss. He grabbed my waist, moving me down so that our hips were aligned. He was so hard he came up right between my legs, and I moved against him, feeling him slide between my lips. Peeta's head fell back into the grass; eyes closed as he let out a groan and tightened his grip on me. I moved again, loving the feeling of the head rubbing against me over and over again.

Peeta opened his eyes, watching me, and raised a hand up to hold my breasts in his large hands. A bead of precum slid out of the tip of the head, and I could see in the starlight a flush growing across Peeta's face and chest. A fire was building deep inside me, and I loved the way Peeta looked below me, so filled with want.

I very carefully sat up, wrapping my hand around him and then very slowly lowering myself onto him. Peeta sucked in a breath as I inched my way down, and when he completely filled me I leaned over and gave a tiny peck to his forehead. He grabbed my head and pulled me down against him, kissing me so strongly my head became dizzy. We gazed at each other for a moment before his hips bucked up, making me bounce up with the motion. The sensation filled my body with a pleasant fuzziness that ran straight to my toes, and I curled them into the grass. As he did it again I let my head fall back, my long hair tickling his thighs.

I lifted myself up, building a rhythm quickly. Our breathing was even in unison as I rode him, his fingernails digging deeply into my skin and leaving trails down my back. I couldn't help but let out a long moan as he found my neck with his lips, biting down on my skin and leaving a mark. His thrusts up into me became harder, more forceful, and I could feel my entire body filling with a strong sensation. He brought his hand down and rubbed me with each thrust, and suddenly something burst inside of me and I saw white as my entire body was filled with pleasure. As I came down from the feeling I could hear Peeta call out my name, pulling me close to him and kissing my face over and over again.

We lay together breathing heavily, Peeta still buried inside of me, for what seemed like ages.

"I love you Katniss." He said, breaking the pleasant silence.

I looked down into his eyes, and became overwhelmed with the amount of love that was reflecting in his eyes. The realization that we were taking down the Capitol, that we could potentially live in a world free from the terror of the Games, a life where all I'd have to be was myself and spend my life loving my family rushed over me. A life where I could be a wife and mother and not worry. This boy beneath me was the only one I'd ever been able to contemplate such a life with, and the only person I'd ever want to.

"I love you too Peeta."

The biggest smile I had ever seen spread across his face, and a tear snuck from his eye at my words. He gathered me so close in his arms we were practically one person, and I noticed his body was trembling.

"We're going to win this thing you know, the rebellion. I can't wait to spend my life loving you." He whispered.

I stared at him before nodding, peppering his face with kisses. "There's nothing else I'd rather do than spend my life with you."

Footsteps crunched on the ground near the edge of the bushes, and we pulled apart, getting dressed quicker than I thought possible. We jumped up, grabbing some branches from the ground and rushed back to the fire. Finnick grinned toothily at both of us as we arrived, letting out a little chuckle as I sat down and placed a branch on the fire.

The rest of the night went by quickly, Gale and another soldier came just before dawn to take over watch for us. In the morning we were woken with the news that the rebels had successfully broken through District 2's final defenses and that they had surrendered to us, offering to help fight against the Capitol. We filmed some quick scenes in front of the new rebel soldiers before getting into hovercrafts headed for the Capitol. The original attack plan was to start at the outer areas of the city, but as we flew in we found no defense set up from the city against us. The streets seemed deserted as we flew over them, and I could hear several soldiers shout to the pilot to fly deeper into the city. As we got closer to the city center we began seeing soldiers on the ground, but they waved us forward with their guns, not a single one fired or made a move to attack us. We were able to land right in the front yard of the President's home, and as we climbed out a great white flag was raised up on the roof of the building.

President Snow stood waiting for us on the front steps, looking tired and defeated as he looked out at the hundreds of soldiers climbing out onto the front lawn. He quickly surrendered to us without a fight, saying that he knew as soon as District 2 joined the Rebel Army that there would be little chance to suppress such an uprising.

This war, which had been expected to take so many lives in vicious battles, had ended before it really began. Most of us stood around in shock after he surrendered, after all the time and energy that had been spent on this we had never even gotten to do anything to help. Once we took over control of the Capitol the rebels held a trial for President Snow, finding him guilty and sentencing him to the rest of his life in prison. President Coin was also tried for plotting to use the other districts to gain power and take over where President Snow had left off, and was stripped of her position in her district. There had been hostility growing among the other districts as they sent soldier after soldier out to the field for battle and saw no help from District 13 in any of the uprisings.

We were flown back to District 12, where all the other residents were moved back in and waiting to greet us. Fortunately all of the battles had taken place in Districts closer to the Capitol, our district remained intact and life was easily picked up where it had been left off after our wedding. Prim made sure to voice her disappointment in not getting to help out at all in the war, mentioning over and over again how she had planned on helping all of the injured victims of the war. One of the first things that aired on the tv after everything calmed down was the wedding of Finnick and a very sweet looking girl, both looking so happy as they said their vows right on the edge of the sea. I noticed that both were barefoot during the ceremony, and thought back on his comment about feeling the sand beneath his feet. They both looked so happy, the way she looked up at him throughout the ceremony showed how much love she held for him. He was free from the hands of the Capitol, he no longer had to charm the residents there or follow the orders and wishes of President Snow. He was free, as we all finally were.

Peeta and I readjusted to life in our home in the Victor's Village; he planted beautiful flowers for me in the yard along with a garden so that we would never have to worry about food again. True to the words we said to each other under the stars that night, we were lucky enough to get the chance to spend our lives loving each other.