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Isabella Swan was a gorgeous twenty-three year old woman. She had light skin with a slight tan, smooth skin, brown eyes, her usual dark brown hair was dyed to a blondish-reddish color that went a little passed her shoulders. She was thin and had curves in all the desired places. Her finger nails were perfectly manicured. Her pearly-white smile was beautiful. In short, Isabella Swan was the definition of beauty.

Bella lived in Forks Washington with her 4 month old daughter in a beautiful house that she had inherited. Her husband left and Bella was forced to do everything on her own. Her father Charlie would try to do everything he could but he knows little to nothing about babies and didn't have much time. He was helping support them.

Bella wanted to wait until her daughter was a little older before she got a babysitter for her so that she could go to work. She still felt it was a little early but she didn't want to lean on Charlie anymore. Of course, Charlie didn't say not complain once.

Bella put up ads, looking for babysitters. She thought about how long it would take because she would have to do a background check and everything. She received quite a few replies. Some of them were from older men and she felt horrible that she had to refuse. She felt that it was wrong to dismiss all males but she wasn't willing to take the gamble when it came to her daughter. Her daughter was her whole life and she would do anything to protect and provide a good life for her.

Bella packed some necessities for her daughter and got her daughter in her car seat. She drove her and her daughter to the market and was currently looking through the produce section. Bella put a variety of vegetables and fruits in the cart.

"That is such a cute baby!" A voice said. Bella turned and saw a beautiful woman with long blond hair, golden eyes, pale smooth skin. She was with three other women and a good-looking man. Two other women were blond but the other was a brunette. They were the Denalis'. They all looked down at Bella's daughter.

Bella smiled, "Thank you."

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