The Everlasting Light of the Moon.

The wind flowed through the long reeds and grass as the moon bathed the marshes in a muted glow. Time had never ruled here. He had conceded defeat to Mother Nature at the very beginning, and so looking upon the uneven terrain and inhaling deeply the damp fecund scent emitting from all around her Jessica felt for the first time in years something akin to peace…resignation. Acceptance.

Turning once to peer over her shoulder through the dark veil of her hair at the dull glow of the lanterns swinging from the waiting carriage, she smiled softly as the first feelings of contentment in almost three years began to enfold her soul.

Raising her arms and face to greet the moon, she began to slowly make her way into the soggy expanse that lay before her. No longer aware of her surroundings and much less the cry of alarm floating through the darkness from the carriage, she closed her eyes and surrendered to the inevitable peace she so craved.

As the mud and rotting vegetation reached her naval she saw in her mind the man she had loved and who had loved her in return…but not enough to live for her as she had lived for him. As she recalled the tangible pain she'd felt when first informed of his attempted suicide her throat had burned with bile and stomach churned along with her mind.

All the years of portraying herself in a respectable and strong light, all the years of mourning for her love; for an event that could occur at any time of day or night without warning had worn her down. To the point where, on the return journey from yet another draining conversation with Adam's doctor; she had asked the driver to stop a while on the causeway that ran through the marshes.

The comforting thought that it would probably not be long until she was reunited with Adam again caused the corners of her mouth to curl upwards in a rare genuine smile. 'Yes, the Adam I used to know. The Adam I first fell in love with…' she thought as with a sigh she finally surrendered to the cold darkness that had entombed her from her jaw downwards in the everlasting light of the moon.

A/N: I just rediscovered this. It was my first attempt at writing an original piece when I was young and angsty so any constructive reviews and comments would be greatly appreciated. I like to think that I have improved over the years but you may check out my more recent work and think that I'm just as bad/ worse!