Before starting, here are several decisions that were made before the beginning of the story.

Dragon Age: Origins-

Jowan betrayed
Harrowmont made king
Anvil destroyed
Redcliffe saved
Tower restored
Both Isolde and Connor saved
Neutral path for Brecilian Forest
Warden's Keep completed (sided with Avernus)
All party members recruited
All personal quests completed
No one hardened
Anora made queen
Loghain executed
Alistair remains Grey Warden
Dark ritual completed
Alistair romanced

Dragon Age: Awakening-
All parties recruited
Vigil fully upgraded
Vigilance made
Rylock killed
All personal quests completed
Amaranthine saved

Dragon Age II-
All parties recruited
Bethany made Warden
Anders romanced
Legacy completed
Mark of the Assassin completed
All personal quests completed
Aveline married
Anders kept alive
Sided with mages


-This work is currently in revision. The current word count is approximately 110,000 on my file, but as they are not continuous they are not all uploaded.

-Val Royeaux is roughly modelled after Paris in 12th century (minus all the slop and filth).

-Chantry is loosely based on the Roman Catholic Church.

-Antiva is based on the Duchy of Tuscany. I decided against Kingdom of Castile because the language sounds Italian rather than Spanish.

-Rivain is the equivalent of Granada, due to the lack of established Chantry influence.

-Ferelden is based on the British Isles around the time of Edward III. This is due to the end of a direct French influence by Henry III and the murder of Edward II.

-Free Marches is based on Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire post 1489. Due to the name Ansburg, they are heavily influenced by the Rhenish branch, not Swabian.

-Tevinter Imperium is based on the Roman Empire, sometime between 558 and 1204. The language is based on vulgate Latin.

-Anderfels is based on the Holy Roman Empire under the House of Luxembourg.

-The Kossith are very roughly based on the Mongol Empire.

-The laws and systems governing the Grey Wardens is based on the Teutonic Knights. This is because they were more focused on establishing hospitals and the small numbers. The First Warden would be the Grandmaster, who also held a political position.

-Lastly, I am not a historian, so some leniency would be appreciated!