Okay, strange as this may seem, I just got a sudden idea one day and began to write this story. It's a crossover between Card Captors and Gundam Wing, with Duo as a Card Captor. Why Duo? Because out of the five G-boys he is the one with the most street smarts, along with a little clever thought to help him in capturing cards. Not to mention he can be most creative when it comes to using cards. Duo could cause OZ a lot of trouble. He is also strong in a mental and emotional sense. Duo Maxwell would probably get along with Kero.

If you don't know much about CCS, it doesn't matter because the important stuff would be explained and Kinomoto Sakura, unfortunately, would not be a main part of this story. It is focused mainly on Duo Maxwell. Might become shounen-ai; depends.

I don't own Gundam Wing, I don't own CCS either. I own this story.

Chapter I - The Newest Card Captor

He was the first back from the mission. That, was unusual. Duo didn't see any of the others as he flew back, but from the reports that were given he knew that the other pilots were alright. Of course, it seemed strange that the large mansion of a safehouse Quatre had provided was quiet. Sighing, Duo trampled into the house after trudging from where he hid his Gundam.

After dropping off the disc he had to get, the pilot of Deathscythe zipped straight to the bathroom for a shower, relishing the steamy heat and relaxing. By the time he had toweled himself dry and changed his clothes as well as blown his hair dry, it was well over one hour since he came back. He frowned as he stared at the alarm clock perched on top of a stack of mangas. Its glowing green letters stated that the time was 1900hrs. Just then a phone beeped. Duo scowled deeply and looked around the room. Which of his seventeen phones were ringing? And where was it? It took eight long rings before Duo finally popped out of the mess of socks he had and crowed, "Found it!"

Promptly Duo pressed the button after the ninth ring. "Hello?"

"Hello, Duo? This is Quatre."

"Yeah, I know, I can recognize your voice. Where are you guys?"

"We're taking temporary residence in a nearby town. A squadron of Leos attacked after you got off with the disc. We managed to destroy a large number before retreating to treat some minor injuries." Duo could hear the little blonde huff on the other end of the phone. "Ha. Like a broken arm is 'minor'."

"Broken arm???"

Quatre sensed the worry in the other's tone. "Uh, Duo, nothing too serious. Oops-dinner's ready. You're going to have to stay the night yourself at the mansion, Duo. We're not going to be back until noon tomorrow. We need to get some supplies. Bye!"

And he hung up. Duo stared at the phone in disbelief. One night. That was easy, right? Not if it was a four hundred acre house with three floors and a swimming pool. That was absolutely boring. And boring was one of the few things in the entire world Duo Maxwell, Shinigami, was afraid of. Not to mention that any loud noises tended to echo creepily in the mansion. He stared outside down the long hall. "It's just silence, right?"

There was no answer.

"YAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" This yell was done purely out of amusement and curiosity. Duo blinked as he listened to the calls ringing back to him. Sighing, the pilot turned the other way to walk downstairs.


Whirling around, Duo dropped into a fighting stance. He glanced around the empty corridor. No one was there. Frowning, Duo straightened and looked down the hallway, trying to see further. Shrugging, he turned around and headed towards the stairs again.


The slight sloshing sound did not go unnoticed by Duo's unusually attuned ears. He spun his heel around, gun out and aimed. "Whoever you are, come out right now!" Yet there was no one there.

Advancing slowly, Duo crept past his room and absently shut the door in the process. He stalked to the door of Heero's room and opened it, trying to locate the origin of the noise. There was nothing but a neatly made bed and a clear desk, with a closed laptop sitting on the surface, of course. Scowling, Duo tucked his gun back into the holster and closed the door, wondering if he should dye all of Heero's spandex pink.....

As he continued to scan all the rooms, Duo thought he felt oddly.....strange. Like he was experiencing something new. It wasn't exactly a bad feeling.......Sighing impatiently, Duo's hand reached for the knob of the last door in the hallway. As he twisted it, Duo was prepared. He peeked inside.

It was one of those private libraries, the ones with an ellipsoid oak table sitting in the center of a plush dark green rug. The polished surface was gleaming brightly from the rays of sunset streaming from an open Monticello window. The matching green drapes that hung by the window were parted, and mahogany bookcases lined the walls, filled from top to bottom with various books. But what intrigued him the most wasn't the expensive furnishings of the room.

Deliberately walking into the room, his soft steps muffed by the rug, Duo's hand reached for the book lying randomly on the center of the table. It was glowing; unless it had some kind of OZ bug in it, he was curious and wanted to see what exactly it was. Duo picked the book up.

And discovered it was pink.

Almost immediately he was tempted to drop it. If it was pink, it was probably one of the Peacecraft's possessions. But something in him told him to hold onto it, to open it.......The letters on the cover spelled out the name, "SAKURA", and he could see odd designs and a gold star with wings on the cover. The seal was a small white wing, and it seemed to have opened by itself. Duo blinked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He tipped open the cover. "Okay.....so this is strange."

He picked up was a pink and white card. It was somewhat longer than a playing card, with a faint resemblance to tarot cards. "I didn't know that Quatre kept tarot cards in a glowing book." Taking the card out, Duo balanced the book in one arm as he flipped the card over. "Okay.....The Firey. I find that very thrilling.....How the hell does one interpret these things?" He sweatdropped. "Gee, I just turned over a fire card.....That isn't bad, is it?"

While he was pondering the card, Duo shook his head. "What am I thinking? It's just cards, Duo, stop being an idiot." He chuckled to himself. You wish, he thought, placing the card on the table. He fished out the next card, noted the strange symbols of the circle on the back, and flipped over to read the name. "This one is the Shadow. Strange....oddly creepy yet cool at the same time. The picture looks like those evil men you see in fantasy movies........"

Tossing it to join the other card on the table, Duo proceeded to pick out a third card. He laughed when he saw the name. "The Flower? Man, I'd never interpret these things." He placed the one with the others and pulled out a bunch, setting the book down on the table to heft through the pile in his hands. "The Light, The Dark, The Maze, The Mist-god, what kind of cards are these? There's no sign of the regular tarot cards, like the Hermit or the Death."

Duo shuffled through the various cards, observing the pictures and names of the cards. "I don't understand these at all." The sun slipped beneath the horizon, bathing the world in a wonderful glow before vanishing slowly. Duo blinked, noticing the slightly darker surroundings. He turned to go to the light switch.

This, obviously, was where everything started to go wrong.

One, when he reached the light switch, the electricity just simply would not come on. He was contemplating whether or not there was a problem with the circuits.

Two, the cards on the table slowly gained light, shimmering faintly as one pile.

Three, the Monticello window was still open. This provided some chilly winds for the effect of what was about to happen next.

A huge column of roaring light blasted from the cards, unleashing differently colored beams in every direction. Duo whirled around, his fingers unconsciously gripping the glowing cards in his hands tighter. His violet eyes widened until his eyeballs were about to pop out.

Heero's gonna kill me! was his first discernible thought. This strange light was blinding and the book obviously wasn't normal. It had to be some kind of OZ thing. Cards began to whirl in a twisting tornado around the table, escaping the book as well. Duo blinked, and then his instincts came to life. He yelped and cards that were in his hand slipped as he dove for the table. Shoving what he could catch back into the book, he slammed it shut and locked it. Cards continued to fly haphazardly around the library and some burst out the window. The worst part was that they were still glowing.

"Quatre's not going to be happy about the mess I made of his library," Duo muttered. He gaped as cards disappeared through the ceiling, escaping the confinements of the room. "Oh man! What kind of sensors are these things? Has OZ developed some kind of new technology we don't know about???"

Then, as abruptly as it started, all the light disappeared and the Deathscythe pilot was plunged into darkness. Duo tripped immediately, his fingers grasping the book with him. Groping around for a wall, he bumped into a bookcase and the back of his head struck a shelf. "K'so!" He cursed loudly as he stood up, wobbling unsteadily. Duo scowled deeply and traced the shelves back to where his sense of direction said the door was. His hand grabbed the knob and he stumbled out of the creepy room, nearly falling again with his clumsiness. Lucky for the American he managed to grab onto the edge of a sideboard and then had to fix a tipping Ming vase.

Wiping his brow, Duo hissed one last curse and swept down the hallway to his room, closing the door behind him. "I am really hating this one night alone thing. There is nobody to bother and now I've found some strange book and-Ahh!!!!" Dropping the said item, Duo backed away from it as the cover flipped open and a yellow ball emerged.

Looking closer, he realized that it was really a head......and then a body came out. Instead of reaching for it to rip it out, Duo demonstrated an unusual patience, eyes wide with shock at the anticipation of what apparently was a yellow teddy bear with wings.

It yawned.

It stretched.

And then it-


The unexpected greeting from a teddy bear, nevertheless, stunned Duo to the point where he nearly became stone. He stared fixedly at the small yellow beast that was now zooming around his messy room.

"I haven't been out for two thousand years!" The teddy bear was saying. "You know, my stomach is positively growling for food. I mean, if you were trapped in a book for two thousand years you would be hungry also....but lucky for me Sakura cast a special spell on the book to make me not hungry......"

Heero thinks I'm talkative? Wait till he meets the teddy bear.

"And I am soooo glad you let me out! Two millennia! I never quite expected it to be that long! But the last time Sakura had released all the cards except the Windy......." The bear turned a critical eye to the book......and yelled. That snapped Duo out of his reverie.

"WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Where are half the cards???!!! They're missing! The Firey, The Earthy, and The Windy-gone! Yue is going to kill me......We weren't supposed to let any cards escape this time! What am I going to do? What am I going to DO???"

Zipping around, the small animal nearly knocked into Duo, who had stood up and reached out to grab the book. He tipped all the contents out and examined it thoroughly, making sure that nothing of the book was mechanical. He frowned when he realized it was an ordinary book, and then turned to the agitated beast. "Who the hell are you?"

Stopping all motion, the teddy bear froze and slowly turned his head to the other occupant of the room. The expression on his face was blank. Then there was registered shock.

"You aren't the one who opened the book, were you?" asked the bear in hushed tones.

"So what?" snapped the irate boy. "I bet plenty of people shuffled through that tarot card book of yours! You're from OZ, aren't you? What the hell were you doing in that book? Ugh-you.....just.....came from it! It isn't even possible to fit something of your size into the thin cover of a book!"

"It is not just a book!" the yellow UFO shouted back, taking the conversation to a higher tone. If it was considered a conversation.

"Okay, OZ is getting dreadfully pathetic. Yellow teddy bears that yell at you? Sent to a Gundam pilot too? What kind of sick idea is this???"

"I have no idea what in the world you are talking about!!!" yelled the animal in response. "I have been in that book for two thousand years! How do I know what is going on about this OZ you are talking about? But my poor cards......They're dangerous!"

Duo stopped and stared at the bear, eyes narrowing perceptibly. "What do you mean those cards are dangerous?"

"That is one long story.....er, Mr......."

"I'm Duo Maxwell. And don't call me mister. Makes me feel old. Are you sure you're not with OZ?" Duo had a sudden urge to trust this little thing......almost as if a sixth sense knew that this bear was trustworthy.

"I have no clue to what you are talking about, Maxwell-san. You were the one that opened that book?" It looked at him with pleading eyes. "You did, didn't you?"

"Eh......no." Duo caught the hints of yet another wail and quickly added, "It kinda opened by itself!"

The bear had opened his mouth wide and was about to yell when he stopped. "It opened.....by itself?"

Duo nodded fervently. "I....didn't do anything wrong, right?" Mentally he slapped himself.

Baka! You do everything wrong!


"Hello?" The American peered into the bear's face.

"You let the cards out......that means you have magic......"

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second! What the HELL are you talking about? Magic? Man, I've finally gone nuts!" Duo shook his head. "This is crazy! I'm like opening a book, releasing some teddy bear monster, and now I've just been told I have magic? No way! That stuff does NOT exist! Nuh uh!"

As Duo ranted on the teddy bear was staring vacantly. This......delusional freak was going to be his next master? He swept the thought away. He couldn't judge people before he knew them!


The American stopped in mid-rant and looked questionably at the yellow bear, who coughed.

".......As you probably already know, I am Keroberos, Guardian beast of the Sakura Book."

Duo sweatdropped. He did NOT mention his name.

"You have opened the book, Duo Maxwell, and released some of the cards. You're going to have to get them back."


"Duo, you released potentially dangerous and consequently hazardous cards that are wreaking havoc as we speak. If you're not going to take care of it, that fine! Let the world come crashing down on you! Let them turn Earth into hell!"

"Dude, Earth is already hell."

"My name is KEROBEROS, not dude!"

He acts a lot like Wufei, Duo mused. "So why do I have to do the job? Find someone else!"

"Because," shouted Keroberos, "you're the one who opened the book! It's your responsibility!"

"Says who?" Duo fired back.

"It's your destiny!" snapped the irritated bear. "You have to be responsible for the destruction that you caused! You have to become a Card Captor and bring those cards back!"

"I can't become a Card Captor!" Duo glared.

"Why not?" Keroberos asked in an accusing tone. For equal measure he added, "And don't tell me you're too young."

".......Because I'm a Gundam pilot!" yelled the American. "Missions come anytime and I can't capture your stupid cards!" Never thought one day I would be glad for the missions.

"So? You can do both!"

Duo face faulted. He popped up again. "I don't know how to capture cards!" He threw his hands up in exasperation. "How can I help you when I don't know how?"

"You'll know when time comes. Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease-" Keroberos put on the dish-sized watery eyes.

I hate that look. It's the look that Quatre always gives people when he wants something......

Groaning, Duo slapped a hand over his eyes. "Okay! I'll help! Sheesh!" He snatched a pillow from his bed and covered his head with it. "Just leave me alone!"

Why didn't I ever leave Wufei alone? Oh yeah.....because it was fun to pester him.

"Sugoi!" Keroberos now zipped around the room, cheering. He stopped in midair as a manga flew towards him and knocked him into the wall. "Hey!"

"Shut up," came Duo's muffed voice. He sat up in bed, pushing off some of the magazines. "What the hell am I supposed to do as a Card Captor anyway? I warned you that I wouldn't know how."

"It's going to be a piece of cake." Kero grinned. Then his stomach growled. Sweatdrops. "Is there anything to eat?"

"You're in luck," Duo grumbled. "Quatre's fridge is stocked to the point where it'll burst. If we're not careful." He sighed and stood up, brushing off different items of clothing and mangas.

Keroberos stared, and for once took a good look around the room. "Not the neatest person, are you?"

Duo pulled a sock off his shoulder and flung it under the bed. "Nope," he replied cheerfully. "Got a problem with that?" Keroberos looked distastefully at the mess. Correct that: messes.

"Last time I roomed in a drawer, not a sock pile," mumbled Kero.

"We're going to be moving around a lot, so don't get settled," Duo called over his shoulder as he approached the stairwell. "All the drawers in the bureau are empty. You have a deluxe house right there. Wanna eat first?"

"Wait for me!"


"Oh, that was good....." Kero burped. He tipped over backward, the large weight in his stomach keeping him down.

Duo sighed as he dumped the last dish in the dishwasher. Two empty ice cream cartons entered the garbage, along with six cups of vanilla pudding and also a box of French delicacies that Duo *happened* to find......

"You bet. Heero and Quatre are going to kill me. And you were the one that ate four of the six puddings."

"Who is this *hero* you keep on talking about?" asked Kero curiously. Duo winked and closed the dishwasher, turning it on.

"Heero Yuy. Double the e in Heero. A really scary suicidal Japanese Gundam pilot that happens to be awfully hot."

"What's a Gundam pilot?" Kero turned over on his side, swishing his tail lazily. "You keep on saying that you're one."

"I'll explain that later. Right now I want you to tell me who exactly you are, what I am supposed to do, and what does this book thingy have to do with me." Duo put on his best commanding voice and imitated Heero's glare.

"It is not a book thingy," Keroberos shot back, an annoyed expression etched in his face. "It was formerly the Clow Book, created and sealed by Clow Reed the great magician himself."

"Who's that?" Duo cast a worried glance at the dishwasher, checking the controls to make sure he set it right. Last time.....it wasn't a pleasant memory. Especially when it involved one psychotic Zero-System Quatre.

"Clow Reed was a great magician that lived years ago," Kero replied. He frowned slightly at the expression on Duo's face. Yue wasn't going to be pleased to find out his new master is going to be a clueless baka.

"Okay........but that's about all I know about him, except that he 'created' the Clow Book. So why does the book say Sakura?"

"I'm getting to that, baka!" The yellow beast snapped irritably. "Clow Reed isn't immortal you know, so he had to pass the book onto someone else. That someone else was Kinomoto Sakura, my previous master," said Kero proudly. "She was one of the most powerful sorceresses of her time. Sakura captured the cards and transformed them into Sakura Cards."

"You speak of her as if she was a saint." Duo frowned. "So where is she now?"

"She sealed me in the book two thousand years ago."

"Oh." That means the obvious. She's DEAD.

While the slight rumble of the dishwasher vibrated for a second in the silence of the kitchen, Duo scratched his chin. "And what does all this business have to do with me?"

"Simple. Clow Reed had ruled that each person who opens the seal and releases the cards will become Card Captor. That person would have to capture all the cards in order to keep them under control." Kero sat up and looked at Duo square in the eyes, as the American had sat down at the table resting his chin on top of his overlapped hands. "The cards are very dangerous, Duo. They are capable of mass destruction using the magical powers that Clow Reed had stored in them. Cards like the Elementals-The Firey, The Windy, The Earthy, and The Watery-they are powerful and can wreak even more havoc than any of the other cards. If you don't capture them, they'll run loose."

"Whoa." He sat up, shifting uneasily in his chair. "You make it sound like a really horrible thing."


"Okay, okay, I get your point." Duo sighed. "But how do we even find these things? You yourself said they escaped. It's a huge world out there, you know." He leaned back and propped his legs up on the table, tucking his hands behind his head. "I'll have to scour the world to find those things."

"You don't need to find them," Keroberos snapped, annoyed. "They'll come around. You'll be able to sense them when they're here."

In response the American sighed. "I don't know HOW, dude. How do I capture cards?"

"Not dude, baka. Even Kero is better than 'dude'. It's embarrassing to be called that."

"All right then, Kero, how do I capture cards? Using my Gundam?"

"No," the beast replied flatly. "I don't know what gun damn you're talking about, but you use the staff."

"Gun-DAM, not gun damn." Twiddling with the end of his braid, Duo blinked. "What staff?"

"Ugh!!!" Kero slapped himself on the head. "I totally forgot! Get up and stand by the dishwasher."


"If you want to get your job over with, then do it!" Kero grit his teeth. "That's the only way you can get the staff."

"Okay......" Duo pushed his chair back. "You know, being a Gundam pilot makes us five cautious, so we usually like to know what is going on."

"Five?" Kero raised an eyebrow. "There are five of you?"

"No. Five Gundam pilots. We each pilot a Gundam."

"Once this is over you'll have to inform me of the changes throughout the two millennia." The yellow animal took a deep breath, floating down to the head of the Sakura Book.

"Key to the seal," he began, and the surroundings shifted, changing into a dark, shadowy area. Duo looked down at the floor. There was a large glowing circle, with crisscrossing designs that overlapped around a star that was flanked by a sun and a moon. It looks like those astrology things.

"You have chosen this boy, Duo, to carry out the sacred promise," Kero continued, oblivious to the look that Duo shot him when he mentioned the 'boy' part. "I command you to empower him with the language of the staff." From the seal of the book a small glowing circle emerged, floating out between the two of them. The book was hovering on its own, no longer on the table, which had disappeared. "Release the power!"

Blinding light blasted from the glowing globe, making Duo shield his eyes. He refocused and now saw that the glowing ball had become something that resembled a short scepter topped with a gold star encircled by a pink circle and wings.

"Take it!" Kero shouted over the roar of wind. When Duo hesitated he waved his arms frantically. "What's wrong?"

"It's PINK!" Duo yelled back.

The guardian beast sweatdropped. "So what? Just take the staff!"

Dubiously Duo pushed forward, fighting to walk with his strength. And I thought blizzards were bad, he thought. With the final step he nearly lost balance, and managed to snag the staff with his right hand. The winds blew even harder, though this time they whirled in an unseen hurricane around him. Kero cheered in triumph.

"I, Keroberos, Guardian Beast of the Clow Book, name Duo Card Captor!"

All the currents and the shadowy area vanished. Duo glanced around, and then looked down at the pink staff, which he now grasped in both hands. "I'm supposed to capture cards with this thing?"

"Yep. It's not just a thing. You can use it to channel your powers to summon cards and seal them as well. You'll know how to use it. It's like intuition."

"But I thought only women had intuition." Duo tossed the staff up in the air in a spin and caught it by the red stone on the bottom. "It just comes? Like that?" he asked, snapping his fingers.

"All you have to do is shout an incantation to release the staff from the key," Kero stated proudly.

"Key?" Duo questioned.

"Yeah. You can't go about carrying a staff all the time when the cards pop up, you know. They can come out any time. You have to be ready at all times, so you'll have to carry the staff around as a pendant key." Kero glared. "And you do not hate it because it is pink. It is your only way to capture cards, whether you like it or not."

"You are turning out to be a really picky little thing," Duo stated, toying with the staff some more.

"Don't forget to keep a pen in your pocket at all times." Kero ignored the snide remark. "You have to sign your name on a card whenever you capture one because that is the only way it would stay sealed. Otherwise the card would escape again."

For once Duo thanked himself for his job. Otherwise he would have taken a lot longer to absorb all the information he was being fed. Kero seemed to come on with an endless amount of rules for the cards alone. How often does a person get told that they have magic? He never even believed in this stuff until he saw it with his own eyes. To Heero this stuff was merely legend and fantasy. Wufei would think he was crazy. Unless he could find something about this card capturing thing worth doing he wouldn't do it.

Duo peered out the kitchen window and frowned. The night was cool for spring, and the skies were clear and filled with stars. But something didn't seemed right. Looking closer, he noticed a small round pink ball bouncing around outside, getting nearer to the house with each bounce. "Uh, Kero, would any card happen to look like a jumpy pink ball?" His expression changed to a blank one when he heard a loud cry from above. "And maybe another card that happens to caw like a chicken?"

"The Jump and Fly cards," Kero answered immediately. "Well, what are you standing for? Go out and get them!"

"That's real nice," responded Duo sarcastically. "You're coming out with me." He snatched the guardian beast from the air and opened the back kitchen door, stepping out into the cold air of fresh spring.

"Of course," the animal sputtered. "It's not like you know what to do." Kero squirmed out of Duo's grasp and looked up. "You know, it seems strange that two Sakura cards would attack at the same time. And this is your first outing too. You're not one much for luck, ne?"

"I don't count on luck," murmured the Deathscythe pilot. "Okay, I think I know which one is Fly and which one is Jump. So now what?"

"The best thing you can do is to use one card to defeat them both." Kero handed Duo the stack of cards he retrieved earlier. "What cards do you have now?"

As he shuffled through the deck Duo noted the odd pictures and names representing the cards. Before he could finish, however, he blinked as he sensed incoming danger. A huge white bird was swooping down on them.

"YAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" He dove for the ground, clenching the cards tightly in his fingers. It passed overhead, sweeping up again in a glide. "Deathscythe would definitely help in this case," he grumbled, popping up and running away from the house. That bird was going to ruin it if he didn't get away. Duo ducked as the pink ball jumped over him. Roughly the pilot slammed into the ground and groaned. "Okay, Kero, you're the brains. You better come up with something fast. Or else we're both toast."

Spinning around in an attempt to find the pink ball of Jump, he found out his disability very quickly. "The Jump card is way to fast for me to even see, much less say catch."

"Use the Wood card!" Kero yelled. The Fly was coming down again, and the Jump card wasn't helping diddly. Both cards seemed to be intent of wrecking Duo's life.

"Wood? Gotcha!" Duo just drew a card, as if by instinct, and knew it was the Wood. Tucking the rest of his deck into his boot, he waited until the Fly card was directly overhead before timing it right and throwing the card up. "Wood Card! Bind the Fly Card and trap the Jump! Release!" He raised the staff brought it in connection to the Wood, unconsciously unleashing his power.

As wanted, the Wood card leapt out just as Fly passed. The time couldn't have been more perfect as strong vines wrapped themselves around the large white bird's wings, extensively growing like shooting sprouts. Green covered Duo's vision, and extra vines had burst together in a bunch and streaked out to cage in the bouncing pink ball. Helplessly Jump pushed against the vines, but they held.

"Now, Duo!"

"Fly and Jump, return to your cards confined! Sakura Cards!"

One lone glowing rectangle materialized at the top of the staff, right in front of the golden five-pointed star. The wings burst and stretched just slightly; wind nipped at his hair, braid twisting behind him. It whipped about in the currents, thumping him on the back. Both of his hands grasped the staff even firmer. He watched as the large bird and pink ball disintegrated into ribbons of color, swallowed by the power of his magic and into the cards where they belongs. The glowing rectangle floated down to him. He caught it with his left hand, spreading it out into three cards. Wood, Jump, and Fly.

"That was crazy," Duo found himself saying. He slumped his shoulders, the knots refusing to leave. "I am wayyyyy past my limits. But," he added, "that was awesome. However crazy it is, I still think I'm not capable of being a Card Captor. You should have asked Heero. He set his own broken leg. I can't even handle a punch in the stomach."

"That's not point, Duo, you need to have magic for this job." Kero's eyebrows furrowed together. "Did you just say your comrade set his own leg?"

"It's typical Heero," the American explained. He groaned, falling on his rear end. "And I'm exhausted. I just took a shower and my clothes are all soiled again, not to mention sweat pouring down my back and I have just about had it with my hair. And I hit the ground when Fly came sweeping down. Now I have a very sore shoulder. I have to go back and take a bath. I have to wash my hair. I have to check out the disc I had to steal. I don't have time for this."

"Ah, how about I show you something that will make you have time?"

"What?" snapped Duo. He wasn't quite in his normally cheerful mood, especially not after facing down what was apparently a huge bird that was non-existent in the 'real' world. It was another one of those specific tasks that Duo knew deep down inside that he couldn't avoid. Besides, he had seen the damage that one card could do. He was sure that the Jump would have jumped at the chance to break all of Quatre's windows if he hadn't moved away from the mansion.

Kero's eyes twinkled. "Call up the Fly or Jump card, your pick."

"What's gonna happen?"

"You'll see."