I wouldn't mind having a summer like our last. I wouldn't mind spending the vacation just the way we were now… Together. And yes, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried about what Tara told me. At first I even thought she was ashamed of me, and of our relationship or something, but she was right, we had to tell them together, if we wanted this to work out.

It was for sure a great ending for a great day. Lying in the sand kissing the girl I loved, while the sun was hiding behind the sea. If I paid really good attention I could hear our friends, yelling in the other side of the beach. It sounded like a great party, but it wouldn't replace this moment.

When we let go off the kiss, I opened my eyes, to find a smiling Tara lying in my chest. I caressed her hair for a moment… Yeah, I was for sure enjoying this summer break.

- Do you want to go back now? – She whispered.

- Not really. – I smiled at her.

- Yeah, me neither, but… it would be rude for us to just stay here on our own while everyone else is there. – She said pointing where the rest of the crew was.

I nodded sadly and we got up from the sand, making our way back to the "party", holding hands. As we got there I could see some things had changed. They had made a fire, some kids were now drunk, and plenty of them were in the water, it was hard to tell how many, as it was getting dark and there were only a few lights in the sand. Sammy and Abgail were as always together and Ben was with them; they were all next to the fire with some marshmallows.

- I thought you guys had left. You disappeared. – Abigail said as we reached their side.

- No, I saw them walking down the beach... I think I saw them rolling in the sand too. – Sammy laughed.

- Guys come on I'm trying to eat here. – Ben said making a disgusted face.

We all laughed at him, and me and Tara sat next to them, taking some marshmallows to ourselves. We stood there talking for quite a while, about the Prix, about vacation, about Ben's lack of skills to cook his marshmallow and with time, everybody started to leave and jump in the water, until it was just me and Tara there, facing the fire.

- Do you want to join them? – She asked me.

- Let's just… stay here for a moment. – I said looking at her face lightened by the flames.

- Okay. – She rested her head on my shoulder while we both looked to the guys in the ocean – Wow; they look completely drunk in there. – She laughed at the bunch of people in the water falling over each other.

- Some of them are. – I laughed too.

- I will miss this when the year is over.

- Drunk people almost drowning in the sea?

- No! – She punched me lightly in the arm – Everybody, all of us together… I don't know, I just have this feeling that next year things won't be the same.

- Of course they won't. – I said looking at her again – It's not necessarily a bad thing.

- I know, but that worries me a little. When I first entered the Academy it was like a dream coming true. I never imagined getting to third year, it was all so surreal. And now it is just around the corner…

- You think it was surreal for you? I wasn't planning on staying two weeks, who would ever think I would last two years? – I laughed.

- It doesn't even look like that long, does it? - Tara continued to sound serious, although there was something nostalgic in her voice.

- I mean, sometimes. – She looked at me confused – Let's admit we have been through some bad times here, and yeah, sometimes it looks like we just entered yesterday, but if you think about it, our journey in the Academy has been a hell of a ride, it took us time to get to the point we are now.

- Yeah, I think that… I think that is what I'm really afraid of. – She said with her head down for a second, she was obviously worried. I put my arm around her shoulders bringing her closer to me, which made her look up again, the worries were still there but Tara tried to smile them off.

- What are you afraid of?

- Hum… You know… This "crazy ride" you were talking about… I was thinking that in first year, I was humiliated, I was the worst in every single class, I almost had to drop off and then everything turned upside down. Suddenly I got the scholarship, I danced Clara, I fell in love… Twice. – She gave me a weak smile, there had been a long time since she talked about the first guy she fell in love in the Academy, Ethan, but I dropped it and waited for her to continue, we were over that. – Then the second year came, we had got together in the summer, the classes started and suddenly unlike last year, there were lots to lose. Then there was Grace, Saskia, the injury in my back, The Prix and… - She stopped herself and looked at me a little uncertain if she should go back to that topic.

- Me and Kat. – I completed trying to seem cool with.

- Yeah. – She sounded embarrassed – This year was nothing I had expected it to be, it was so amazingly good and bad in so many different ways. I think what I'm trying to say is that… After all the experiences I had over these two years, I'm afraid of what might come in the next one.

- Don't be. I don't have a pretty good track record either, but I assure you that there is nothing they can throw on us that we can't take anymore. Come on, it is going to be our last year, so don't worry about it, just relax and enjoy, cause now it is gonna be our turn to rule the Academy.

- Wow! – She laughed – "Rule" the Academy. – Tara said in a sarcastic tone.

- Make fun of it as much as you like, but didn't you think the seniors were the coolest guys on school when you were a freshman? – She looked at me with a smile like "you are not really asking me that" and then the penny dropped… Ethan. I laughed at her look – Okay, don't answer that one.

She laughed at me back, it was good to be comfortable to talk about those kinds of things, things as me and Kat, Ethan and even Ben, we found a way of working it all out, as impossible as it may have seemed sometimes.

- Hey Christian. – Tara said breaking the silence. I looked down at her and she was starring into my eyes – Can I ask you one last thing? Then I swear we will be done with this therapy section.

- Sure, anything. – I smiled at her.

- Remember last summer, when we promised we wouldn't let anything get in between us?

- Yeah, why? – I said confuse.

- Despite the bumps in the road, you know… We actually managed to keep that promise, it is almost the end of the year, and we are together.

- You're right. I mean, we didn't go through the entire year together, but as we are now, so we did a pretty good job. – I pecked her lips – But what was that you wanted to ask me?

- This is gonna sound really stupid, and it probably is, but as we are here and together now… And just so you know, you don't need to do it if you don't want to, because as I said it is really stupid and…

- Tara – I interrupted her – The point…

- Yeah, sorry. This is gonna sound really, really stupid, but I would like to kind of renew that promise. I know nothing about what next year is going to be like, but I would love to have something certain in my life, especially if that is something as important to me… as you.

I looked at her in silence for a while, straight to her eyes, trying not to laugh as I realized she was blushing. After a few seconds she looked aside and laughed.

- Sorry, I told you so. That was probably the lamest thing I said this year. I really didn't mean to… - I interrupted her once again, but this time, I kissed her. She looked so surprised at first she didn't react, but then I could feel she start to deepen in the kiss.

When we let go she had a wide smile, her hands were in my chest and she was looking down, it took her a few time to look back up at me with her red cheeks popping in her face.

- So…

- Yes, Tara. Promise, vow, whatever that was, it's for sure still on. – I answered smiling and she kissed me once again.

While we kissed I could feel her lips forming a smile, it was an amazing feeling but as usual there is something to interrupt one of those moments. I felt cold water dropping in my skin, and I'm pretty sure Tara did too, because we both let go of the kiss at the same time, looking surprised to each other and then looking up. Standing next to us was a completely wet Ben smiling with his arms wide open. Sammy and Abgail were coming right from behind him.

- Group hug! – Ben yelled excited as the three of them jumped on me and Tara.

We all fell in the sand, completely dirty by now. It only took a second for us to decide jumping in the sea too. Tara and I were the last walking towards it. We held hands until we hit the water. As we reached it, I felt the cold water on my feet and looked at her; smiling amazed by the picture we were in. If I was to define that moment with one word, it would probably be happiness, but love would love would fit just as well.

In the Academy we are always searching for perfection, but not one of us is perfect, no questions asked. We all have our mistakes and we all have our defects, the important part though, is that we all have our qualities. So yes, we are always searching for perfection, and no, none of us can do it alone. That is why we learn to do it together, put we all as one and we will be just as perfect as our imperfections let us be. We will be the best we can be, because we bring the best out of each other. I see that now, through the glances of my friends, or if you like, my family, lost in between the sea and the sky in this bright perfect night.

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