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23 years later.

It was winter; the snow had formed a white blanket on the fields and forest. The sun shone brightly and almost blinded the man. He knew the way to his destination like the back of his hand, so it didn't really matter.

Puffs of vapour enveloped Thomas, coming from Elanor, who was steaming after the long ride. They were close now...it was just a matter of minutes before he would see Imladris again. The last time he had been there was seven years ago, to pick up some herbs for Meagan.

A pain shoot through his heart when he thought of his grandmother. She had died last year, after becoming sick yet again. No herbs could have helped her. No herbs could have helped his grandfather either after that.

Brendil had been devastated by her death, and although it is said the Race of Men can't die purely from grief, his death was prove against that statement. Last summer, he drew breath for the last time, with the name of his wife on his lips.

Thomas had seen his death coming; the bond between his grandparents had still been strong after 66 years of marriage. His bond with Meagan and Brendil had also strengthened in the past years. Sometimes an awkward silence had fallen, but it was already more then the half elven man had hoped for.

A twig hit him in the face as Thomas forgot to duck for the low hanging branch that had been there for some time now. He pulled himself out of his darkening thoughts and looked up.

Elanor gave a small nicker when she picked up the familiar smell of the Rivendell stables.

A few seconds later they rounded a corner and laid eyes on the place they would now call 'home'. It had not changed a bit from the time he had first seen it, Thomas himself had not changed in a appearance either; still looking like a twenty-year old man.

His horse trudged along the path that was cleared from snow. No footsteps could be seen, but Thomas knew his presence was noticed and already made known to the lord of the valley. It didn't bother him, he kind of looked forward to meeting the elflord and his sons again...not to mention Glorfindel.

The golden-haired man had given lengthy thought to what he should say to the elf. He had played and replayed different scenarios in his head, but not one of them seemed right.

"I'll just see what happens." He mumbled to the silent world around him as he crossed the last bridge that led to the main gate. Giving a big sigh, he prepared himself for what was to come...still not knowing what to say.

As expected, he was waited upon. Thomas dismounted and was nearly thrown of his feet by a big hug. He gave a cry of surprise when Elrohir squeezed him hard.

"You are finally back, young one! I am happy to see you again."

Elladan was a bit more gentle with his hug...that is, he did not knock the golden haired man over, but held him just a tight.

"Forgive my silly brother, he is prone be a hazard to those around him." He said, which earned him a snowball in his collar. The elf gave Thomas a look that said 'I told you so', before giving Elrohir a taste of his own medicine.

Lord Elrond just gave the twins a hopeless look, before shaking his head and approaching the just arrived man.

"Thomas, I welcome you to Imladris. My thoughts go out to your grandparents and I am sorry I couldn't help them either."

"Thank you, sir Elrond. They have lived a long life and I hope they are together again." A lump formed in his throat and he had to work hard in order to get it away again.

Elrond lay a supportive hand on his shoulder, then stepped back to make way for someone else. Glorfindel came up to Thomas and embraced him immediately.

"I am glad you are finally here, my son. Though it saddens me that the loss of two persons made this happen."

"I know."

Both were quiet, until Thomas looked in Glorfindel's eyes and said softly:

"Na vedui adar. Im bâr."

Drawing a proud grin from Elrohir and an utterly surprised expression from Glorfindel.

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