Alone in Darkness, Together in Death

The eternal eclipse acts as her only light,

The shining ring that torments her in her endless night.

Trapped at the bottom of a forgotten well,

Stuck in her own watery hell.

Her dark, wet hair covers her body in an unkempt mess,

The water ruining her once pretty, white dress.

Lost in her own mind, she wishes to get out,

Hoping that someone will here her shout.

Led by a rage so strong that no one can calm her,

Is the ghost of the little girl named Samara.

Hated since birth, Samara wishes for a mother,

Who will not try to drown or kill her, but just love her.

Banished to the barn by her father, Samara was alone by herself,

Her loft of a bedroom barely having room for a shelf.

The horses kept her up at night, loved by her parents more than she,

So, Samara drove the horses mad and they took a dive into the sea.

Put into a hospital, her doctors were not kind,

Too interested in controlling her mind.

But she fought back, making them fear her,

Forcing her doomed fate to occur.

Betrayed by the mother whom she would miss,

Samara was cast down into the dark abyss.

Now she alone she wallows, singing a tune of sorrow,

Hoping that her freedom will come tomorrow.

But she is not alone, there is another,

Lost everyone, her parents and her lover.

Trapped in her own prison, having shed countless tears,

Sadako Yamamura is the other's name, trapped for thirty years.

Born to a psychic mother and an unknown father, Sadako was born with a curse,

The power of nensha, which would make her life much worse.

Exposed to the press, her mother was labelled a freak,

Sadako could do nothing as her mother's madness began to peek.

After her mother took her own life, Sadako left with her step-father to begin anew,

But as she grew older, her powers grew too.

Sadako joined an acting troupe, where she fell in love,

With a man named Toyama, whose life she became a part of.

Her happiness was not to last, her powers becoming too strong,

And everything for Sadako went wrong.

In her uncontrollable rage, Sadako killed those who dared,

To dare to harm her, no one was spared.

Even Toyama met his end, forcing Sadako's step-father to take a stand,

And he cast his beloved daughter down a well, sealing it with his own hand.

Both girls tried to escape, unable to escape their doom,

But both failed, and the wells became their tomb.

Now alone they wait, lingering in darkness and water,

Hateful and angry, waiting to being the slaughter.

Perhaps someday, someone will free them,

And give them one last breath.

Sadako and Samara, alone in darkness.

But together in death.