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Warning(s)/Notes: Eh…shounen ai to peeks of yaoi? Out of character? Oddity? I don't know what this even is… Also, this is the slightly edited version. The other one is at my LJ and makes even less sense to me than this one. At least the nightmare/dream angle in this seems a little more…plausible?
Rating: Light M
For Saku's Drabble Wars prompt:"Yami Bakura/Yugi Motou – Locked in the game shop over night"

"Shattered Glass"

By Yo, at 267 words
Written 3/21/12 & Posted/Edited 4/10/12

Swift and light as a shadow, Bakura danced through the darkness of the game shop Yugi Moutou's family owned. Danced like shattered glass was beneath his feet at every turn. Anxiety had him high strung, jerking toward every noise he thought he heard, and his frustration at being trapped in this damn place was quickly bleeding to rage. He didn't have a clue about how to get out or even why he was locked in here in the first place…

Flashes of flushed cheeks, of dry lips wetted by the tip of a pink tongue, of other sensuous things...appeared in his mind. Bakura paused in his strange dance, becoming completely still and cocking his head a little to the side. His black eyes filling with an emotion he rarely felt—confusion. Suddenly the images were accompanied with soft moans and quiet keening cries that left him with an ache, a slow burn building up in his stomach. Why on earth would such things appear in his mind?


The silver haired thief jumped and turned to glare at the person who made him do so. But he was floored by the sight. One Yugi Moutou was leaning against the door frame stark naked.

"What the hell?" Bakura didn't bother keeping that to himself.

"Come to bed with me already and stop running. I've been tracking you for hours."

This has to be some kind of strange nightmare, Bakura thought staring at the boy, not even realizing his feet were slowly taking him toward Yugi.

That his feet were still moving like they were walking across shattered glass…