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Chapter One: The Enemy of my Enemy...

Chicago, Illinois, Apartment Complex, Apartment 5C, 1700 hours

Sosa and Face were hoping they'd never ever have to work with each other again, but fate really didn't play their cards to their liking. It was either 'close enough' or 'I'm simply going to make your life a living hell'. Plus, they arugued a lot, seeming they had a background in the romance aspect of their relationship-if you even wanted to call it that.

Conrad had about enough of it.

"SHUT UP!" Conrad screamed, her eyes rolling with an anger they'd seen for a lot of the time. "While you two are bickering, my daughter is suffering! Now shut up and use your brilliant minds to the test and don't you dare make me regret bringing you two into this."

Hannibal, who was taking a long drag on his cigar, smirked and kept looking through files. The six memembers of the team were looking at information given to them by General Michaels about possible leads on the Morrigans. So far it had been hacker, mercenary, and bad repped militia that weren't even worth looking at.

"Is he even gonna give us anything? I mean, look at this guy! Scrawny, weak! He don't even look like he can hold a whole chicken wing!" cried B.A., slamming some weird invention onto the table.

Murdock nodded.

"Yeah, these guys don't even look like they can pass basic training without falling off the ropes!" he said as he drew. Murdock's hands worked furiously at a white piece of paper, shades of blues, reds, greens, and peaches running around the paper in elegant swirls. No one had really paid attention to what he drew, although he said it was important.

The group began to talk amongst themselves, but Hannibal drowned them out as he skimmed through file after file. His eyes would roll everytime something came up that was of looking at, but then ended up being worth nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

He flipped through about another five of the already fifty he'd been through, when something came up. The name: 'William(Bill) 'Shadow' Conrad', and a picture of a young man with shoulder length ginger hair.

"Hey, Moria, do you know where Bill is?" asked Hannibal, taking another long drag of his cigar. The curioustiy in his voice caused Conrad to look up from her stack of files and cast a glance at her old friend.

"No, why?" she asked, her voice concerned. "Is he ok?"

"Looks like it, but he's working with a guy named Giovanni Petrenila. The Giovanni man is supossedly linked with Morrigan." replied Hannibal. his eyebrows shotting up in surprise. "You don't think-"

"He said he was on a top secret mission somewhere, trying to take down a 'most-wanted' from the inside. This must be his case, because Morrigan is a most wanted. Giovanni, however, isn't." She came over and looked over his shoulder. surveying the picture. "This is defintely Bill."

Murdock, recognizing the name, came over to them and looked over Hannibal's other shoulder. "HEY! I know him! Bill Conrad, yeah! We trained together for a bit. And before I was put into the looney bin in Mexico, I flew the planes he jumped out of. Loved my flying, unlike B.A. over here. Sosa, you ever heard of him. Alota the stuff he did was intellegence."

"Yes, I do recognize the name. He went by 'Shadow' though, because of how amazingly gifted he was at stealth and assassinations. Usually, he was sent on the spying missions, putting him behind enemy lines. The last one, if I recall correctly, was to be placed under that Giovanni man. I was even there when he got the mission." she replied, shaking her long hair lightly.

Hannibal sucked in a breath.

"Well, it says here thatt we should contact him at...this number at...these times. Face, what time is it?"

Face looked at his watch drowsily while taking a sip of Scotch. "Hmm... four p.m."

"Perfect." said Hannibal, picking up a phone and dialing the number. Under the number was a code for 'Shadow' to know who was calling, and that it was military importance.

After a few rings and a sound of scuffling, someone picked up the phone.

"Hello?" asked the voice. It sounded stressed and tired.

"Good afternoon, Shadow, how have you been?" asked Hannibal, brushing the paper lightly with his fingers.

"Fine, really. How's the weather, old man?" replied the voice on the other end, a smirk evident.

"Good, but I like it more desert hot than anything." Hannibal read the sentence off the paper, reciting it with a steady voice and a calm demeaner.

A huge sigh came over the phone, more shuffling, and a slam of a door. "Captain William Conrad, how can I be of assistance?"

"Hello Bill, it's Hannibal. I've got something to ask."

"HANNIBAL! My man! Good to hear from yah, and sure, shoot. Not literally, though. I've gotta keep in shape or else my ass'll be whiped." said Bill, or shadow, in a enthusiastic tone. His voice was full of happiness and sadness all at once.

Hannibal, then, let out a sigh. "We were hoping you were still under Giovanni's domain."

"Psh! More like Morrigan's domain. Listen, they brought in Athena atleast three days ago, and she's been through hell. Trying to break out atleast twice a day, plus that stuck-up preppy bitch that's her step-mom doesn't really help much."

"Good. Would you mind, possibly, helping us?"


Grabbing the phone, Conrad(Moria), began to speak. "Wir müssen Blaze wieder raus zu kommen. Können Sie helfen?"

"Ja, mutter, kann ich helfen." A sigh. "Why in german, though, I hate the language!"

"Sorry, son, had to make sure it was you." replied Conrad, smirking a bit at her son's tone. They always had that playful tone towards each other, a motherly/son type of playful relationship. "But would you be willing to help us get her out?"

"Sure! But you'll have to do hell of a lot more than just call me. I'm not the big boss, the big lady does. I don't know who she is, though, but she is a she and is in this building. So I'm guessing it's probably one of Morrigan's whores...or something." replied Bill, a sigh emitting from his voice. "Oh, shit. Sorry mom, I'll call you back later, I gotta go!"

"Wait, Bill-" she began, but the line went dead. Conrad sighed.

For the past three weeks they'd been searching, but nothing was coming up. And when, finally, they had something, it had to go down the drain like that. Conrad sighed again and shook her head.

"So, is Bill willing to help us?" asked Hannibal, a curious look in his eyes.

She nodded.

"Yep, but we need to get in touch with his boos. He said it was a she." she replied, shaking her head.

Face looked confused. "So, what exactly does this mean?"

"It means, Face," said Hannibal, a solumn look on his face, "that we're going to Italy. I hope you brushed up on your italian."