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I kept my arms around Ren's waist as we got into the van. I could feel everyone's eyes on us especially Shay's. I could feel his dagger glare piercing my back. Ren hadn't said anything since after I told him everything; he simply closed his mouth and nodded. Apparently, Anika was wrong, only Shay's wolf side subsided, everyone else stayed the same. It was quite a relief knowing that I could still switch. Ansel, of course was restored to normal, thanks to Sabine, she gave up her wolf side and stayed with Ethan. Adne sat on the other side of Ren, her arms around Connor's waist her face buried in his chest. She didn't say anything other than 'you're alive' to Ren. They hugged and that was all. Me, I ran into his arms and never let go. I love Ren, maybe they were right, that he and I were meant together even though I loved Shay. I gave him a lot of things including my virginity and I don't regret it but now, my heart changed, I'm no longer in love with Shay like I did before. It was now Ren, like I thought it's be since I was born.

"Ren," I murmured into his chest. "I love you."

Ren stiffened then relaxed. I think he was surprised of what I just said.

"You seem surprised. I thought you already knew?" I mumbled, feeling a small smile coming to my lips.

"I did, but I wasn't sure. You love Shay…" He mumbled back. He tightened his arms around me.

"I did. I love you more…" I admitted, blushing. I was glad my face was buried against his chest, therefore, he couldn't see me turn bright red.

"You do?" He asked, a little stunned.

"I do."

"Since when?"

"Since now."

"You need me to die to realize you love me…"

I pulled away. "That's not true!" I exclaimed a little too loudly. Everyone's heads turned towards us. I blushed again.

"Is everything okay?" Shay muttered. He shot Ren daggers.

"Everything is fine! We just-uh-I misunderstood something" I laughed nervously. "Everything's fine."

The van suddenly stopped and the driver up front said we've arrived. Everyone got out except for me, Shay and Ren. We all sat there, Ren and Shay glaring at each other while I was trying to drag Ren out. I felt so squished. I wondered if Shay could deal with the rejection I'm about to give him…

"Shay, I'm so sorry but I can't be with you." I suddenly spoke up. "I'm really sorry, I love Ren, more than I ever loved you it just took me a while to realize that because I was too worried. I never considered loving Ren, I've always thought I'd be with him forcefully, then you came along. I liked you and everything but now I really considered my feelings towards you and towards Ren and He won that. Not you. I'm so sorry."

"WHAT?" Shay growled. "When did you exactly considered this? Because you know what? When we had sex, it certainly felt like you chose me and that was final."

"Shay! I'm sorry! I-I-I Just don't feel the same towards you! This is my choice! We had an agreement now you have to deal with it without killing Ren. If you hurt him you'll hurt me!" I shouted at him. Why was I so stupid? I should've thought about this. It's not fair to Shay.

I looked behind me and saw Ren frowning. He understood what I was feeling. I was torn between them. And he knows that.

"It's alright Calla. You don't need to do this. Take the time you need. I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself."

I stared at him. He's willing to back down… "No, He needs to understand I chose you. He needs to learn to let go." I turned towards Shay once more. "I'm sorry. I know it's doesn't fix anything but you need to know that I'm truly sorry for hurting you and for not considering this first before we did it. I'm sorry, but you should've known. I never gave up on him, you should've known there was a chance I loved him more than you."

"No, we'll talk about this later. Alone." Shay glanced at me once more then walked away.

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